AnnieThere is still another character introduced in this week’s The Walking Dead episode First Time Again, and yes, it’s another secondary one (although it’s impossible to forsee the evolution of the characters in the series, considering they’re not following the same route as in the comics). When Heath comes back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, he introduces his team to a perplexed Eugene, and there’s only one woman there, Annie, portrayed by Beth Keener. As many other Alexandrians, she helps building the fences and keeping the zombie horde from reaching the community, and not much else is seen of her…so far. We’ll see later if she’ll be something more than a cameo in the show…in the meanwhile, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Nearly nothing is known about Annie’s past (or even present…), apart from the fact that she was likely born in Washington, D.C. or somewhere around that area. When the Outbreak began, she survived the first period of shock and uncertainty, and found a group to live with and some shelter to protect herself. It’s unclear if she managed to arrive to the Alexandria Safe-Zone when Douglas Monroe was still the man in charge, or if she arrived only after the brutal war that involved the Alexandrians, on one side, and The Saviors, on the other. Be it one way or the other, Annie was part of the community two years after the war, when the Safe-Zone’s leader, Rick Grimes, had transformed it into some sort of sanctuary in which he was trying to rebuild a civilization worthy of that name, without all the moral compromises he himself had embraced in the previous years. Annie lived in the Safe-Zone, and worked in the local farms (maybe hinting to a past life as a farmer of sort…even if that has never been confirmed in a way or another). She apparently became friends anniecomics1with Rick himself, and she didn’t only admire him as a leader, but she also cared about him as a person. One day, while she was going to the grand hall for a meeting by horse, she met Rick on the street: Rick was clearly having some difficulties walking, even with his cane (his leg had been badly broken by the leader of The Saviors, Negan, during the war, and it never healed properly), and she offered him a ride to their common destination. The man politely declined, telling her he needed to do some exercise for his leg, and she jockingly answered him to dress up, since they would have met each other for lunch. Unfortunately, both the peace in the Safe-Zone, and the friendship between Annie and Rick, were meant to be short-lived.

A new group of hostile survivors, The Whisperers (creepy guys who dressed themselves with walkers‘ skin so that they could conceal themselves among the undead not to get noticed either by them or by the living) targeted the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and before the Alexandrians even realised that the rumors of some “talking dead” were true, twelve members of the community got killed by them, and their reanimated heads were mounted on pikes for intimidation and display. The entire community, Annie included, demanded justice for the fallen comrades, but Rick, who was trying to avoid violence at any cost, surprisingly refused to wage war against The Whisperers, thus earning the disapprovation and the distrust of many Alexandrians. Annie, who trusted Rick’s judgment before, was among the ones who plainly objected to Rick’s decision, considering it a sign of cowardice more than an “act of civilization”. Things didn’t go better when Grimes decided to move only when his own son, Carl, was taken prisoner anniecomics2by the leader of The Whisperers, Alpha. Apparently, the leader of the community cared about his people only when his own family was involved, and that was something that the citizens, even the post-apocalypse ones, just couldn’t accept from him. The relationship between Annie and Rick became strained, and even if Alpha and his Whisperers were succesfully repelled, only time could tell if the young woman would have been able to regain her trust towards a man who had disappointed her (and the rest of the community) so much.

Annie is a bright and cheerful young woman, who truly enjoys the civilization reborn from the ashes of the apocalypse. She has quite a talent with animals, and she puts it at use in the community’s farms. Annie cares for the people of her community, and this means she’s always ready and willing to give a hand whenever it’s possible…and that’s she’s more than ready and willing to take revenge on whoever hurts someone from her group.


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