Nadine West

Nadine WestAt last, at the end of this week’s episode of The Flash we finally met a character mentioned more than once during the series, but never actually appeared. In the Flash of Two Worlds ending, in fact, Joe West is visited in the police central by his (ex?) wife, Francine, portrayed by Vanessa Williams. Some developments are forseen, as Joe doesn’t seem to be happy to see her at all. Just as her husband, also Francine received some changes from the comics, with her ethnicity and name modified from the original: in the comics she’s named Nadine, while the name “Francine” is probably a nod to the one who is the true biological mother of Iris WestFran Russell. Anyway, this remains to be seen. In the meanwhile, let’s see who the woman is in the comics…even if there’s not much to say about her.

Nadine’s early life is pretty much unknown, and not even her maiden name has ever been revealed. She was probably born in Central CityMissouri, but nothing is known about her family or her private life, before the day she met scientist Ira West, an absent-minded genius who had also won a Nobel Prize. Nadine and Ira couldn’t be more different one from the other, but they nevertheless liked each other, and they started dating. Surprisingly enough, Nadine ended up falling in love with Ira: in him, she didn’t just see the scientific genius, a little bit sociopathic, that everybody else saw, but she recognised in him the tenderness and the gentleness of a good man, a man she wanted to be with. The two eventually got married, and Nadine’s presence brought a whole new dimension in Ira’s life: in a matter of months, she turned him into a good family man…despite he still was just as distracted and absent-minded as he had always been. After some time nadinewestcomics1they were married, Nadine got pregnant, and gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte, who gave a fundumental contribution to Ira’s “evolution” into a family man. Life with Charlotte became even happier, and Nadine realised her husband could be also a great father. She even gave him a son, Robert, but unfortunately Ira reserved his affection to Charlotte only, being unable to relate to his second born. Nadine did her best to compensate for her husband’s lacks, but Ira’s distance influenced Robert’s personality until adulthood.

Nadine lived a family life, while Ira kept dividing his time between his neverending researches and his children and wife. One day, the woman realised she was pregnant for a third time, and she enjoyed seeing Ira becoming once again the caring and careful husband, and the thrilled father-to-be…unfortunately, something went wrong with the pregnancy, and the baby died in childbirth. Nadine was distraught and inconsolable, and not even Ira could do or say nothing to lessen her pain. Then, something impossible happen: a craddle with another baby appeared out of thin air, in a flash of light. Inside the craddle, with the baby girl, there was a note, which a couple from the future, Fran nadinewestcomics2and Eric Russell, entrusted their newborn to them with. Ira was quite perplexed, but Nadine saw in the baby a chance for her to be the mother her third deceased child would have never known, some sort of “compensation” from heaven. Ira and Nadine decided to keep the baby, and they raised her as their own: they named her Iris, and they introduced her to Charlotte and Robert as if she was their biological sister. Unable to explain what had exactly happened even to ourselves, the Wests also decided to keep Iris’ true origins hidden from her, never telling her they were not her real parents. Nadine believed it would have come the time in which she could have told her adoptive daughter the truth, but unfortunately she died of illness before Iris reached adulthood: it was now Ira’s assignment to tell Iris everything if and when she would have been ready.

Nadine West is a good woman, in love with her “weird” husband Ira, and deeply committed in taking care of her beloved children. Despite Iris is not her biological daughter, Nadine loves her just as much as her other children, Charlotte and Robert, and if she hides her past from her, it’s just for protecting her.



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