Reiter (Baron Blitzkrieg)

Baron BlitzkriegLast episode of Arrow started with all the flashbacks again, and in The Candidate we see Oliver Queen coming back to Lian Yu following Amanda Waller‘s “polite invitation”. On the island, we find out that a warlord, Baron Reiter, portrayed by Jimmy Akingbola, has taken control of the area and is using the local population as slaves for his plantations. This is the first live action portrayal of Baron Blitzkrieg, an historical villain in the DC Universe, who’s originally a Nazi…well, it’s plain that, for both chronological and ethnical reasons, this Baron won’t be affiliated to Nazism at all, but he doesn’t seem any nicer because of it. Let’s see together who this new recurring villain is in the comics.

Reiter (first name unknown) was born in Prussia from an ancient, noble family. When Adolf Hitler took power in Germany, Reiter was among the many young people who got totally fascinated by his ideals, and he decided to follow him, entering the Hitler Youth Movement first, and then enlisting in the army, climbing ranks as fast as he could. He even had the chance to meet his hero, Hitler in person, and the dictator developed a certain sympathy for him, and thanks to this relationship Reiter got a lot more consideration from his superior officers as well. Soon enough, Reiter’s loyalty to the Third Reich was rewarded with an important assignment, as the young officer was chosen to be the commandant of a concentration camp in Polland, near Tozew. In here, he had the chance to let all his cruelty and his viciousness out, becoming a living nightmare for all the prisoners, who loathed him, feared him and hated him more than any other Nazi in or outside the camp. One day, however, Reiter suffered in first person the baronblitzkriegcomics1consequencies of his iron fist policy, as one of the prisoners managed to steal an acid vial from one of the camp’s labs, and to throw it into the Nazi’s face, scarring him and blinding him. Hitler saw in Reiter’s accident an opportunity, and convincing the loyal officer by telling him that he didn’t want to lose such a worthy soldier, he ordered some of his best scientists to experiment on Reiter’s body, in order to give him back his eyesight, and to turn him into the Übermensch the Reich had been dreaming since its beginning. Reiter suffered months and months of excruciating experimentations in the Nazi labs, but he gladly sustained the pain for the glory of the Reich: eventually, the experiments succeeded, and Reiter became the first man able to access the latent abilities that many humans possessed, but only a few could use (the scientists had actually discovered what would have been called years later the metagene).

As a normal human, Reiter was feared and hated, but as a superhuman, he became the embodiment of the Nazi ideals of racial supremacy, a terrifying war machine able to annihilate armies on his own. Reiter, in fact, was able to access several superhuman abilities, such as strength and flight, but only one at the time; the results were nevertheless remarkable, and Adolf Hitler himself renamed him “Baron Blitzkrieg”, announcing that, with him on the field, Germany would have won the war in a matter of days. Even the enemies of the Third Reich, however, had their own heroes, and Baron Blitzkrieg became the nemesis of the All-Star Squadron, being employed by Hitler to counter the superhuman threats coming to Europe from the United States of America. He even succesfully brainwashed one of the American heroes, Commander Steel, to kill Winston Churchill and baronblitzkriegcomics2Theodore Roosevelt, but the plan was thwarted by Wonder Woman and the other members of the All-Star Squadron. When the war was over and Hitler died, Blitzkrieg found himself without a country to serve, but he chose to remain loyal to his principles and ideals, still carrying the Nazi crest on his armor. In the following years, the Baron stayed in the shadows, and he founded the Shadowspire, a criminal organization bent on destabilizing the Western society, with connections to corrupted governments and drug cartels. From his base in South America, Blitzkrieg became one of the most wanted men on the planet (albeit known only as the mysterious Chief of Shadows), considered by authorities to be among the ten most dangerous people in the world. When the Baron allied himself with Vandal Savage and his Symbolix, another criminal organization specialised in illegal genetic experiments, Blitzkrieg’s dangerousness rose to unprecedented levels, and the governments from all over the planet returned to fear him as during the war. Soon, the now pacificated world would have known again the meaning of Nazism.

Baron Reiter is a vicious and cruel man, a blind follower of Nazi ideals who finds in the regime’s racism and megalomania an excuse to vent his innate sadism. As Baron Blitzkrieg, he can access to a variety of superhuman abilities, albeit he can use them only one per time: superhuman strength, invulnerability, flight, superhuman agility, energy projection (through heat vision) are the main powers he has at disposal, and these, added to his military training and to his tactical genius, make him an extremely dangerous foe. An enemy of peace and one of the last loyal followers of Nazism, Baron Blitzkrieg is an unstoppable menace who’ll never cease with his dream to see the world united under the swastika.


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