Elektra Natchios

ElektraDo you remember when, in DaredevilFoggy Nelson and Matt Murdock are speaking about a Greek girlfriend of the latter from the times of the college? In the series’ second season we’ll finally meet her: Elektra Natchios, who’ll be portrayed by Elodie Yung…and she’ll be a little nastier than Matt remembers, probably. The character was first portrayed by Jennifer Garner in the Daredevil movie, where she was Matt’s love interest, and a vengeful girl who wanted to avenge her father’s murder but ended up being killed by Bullseye. Garner reprised the role in the spin-off Elektra, where the female warrior was resurrected and trained by The Chaste, only to be kicked out and to become an assassin for hire…until the day she meets a girl, Abigail Millar, who needs to be protected from The Hand. The series’ version will hopefully be more faithful to the original than Garner’s one, which was kind of disappointing in many ways… Anyway, let’s meet Marvel’s most famous assassin.

Elektra was born in Greece, the daughter of businessman Hugo Natchios and his wife Christina. The woman died when Elektra was still a child, possibly killed by one of Hugo’s enemies, and Elektra grew up with her father only. When Hugo became the Greek ambassador in the United States of America, his enemies only grew in number, and when some men tried to kidnap the girl (only the intervention of Orestez, Elektra’s older brother, saved her), he forced his daughter to study martial arts, so that she could defend herself in case anyone targeted her. Elektra proved to be quite a skilled pupil, and as she followed Hugo in America, she was already a proficient fighter. In the States, Elektra was sent by her father to Columbia University, to study law. During her time in university, the girl met another law student, Matt Murdock, a blind young man she fell in love with: the two began a romantic elektracomics1and intense relation, and it was plain they would have stayed together…but being a diplomat’s daughter involved risks, and both Elektra and her father were kidnapped by terrorists. Matt, who secretly had superpowers that would have made him the superhero Daredevil in a matter of years, donned a black mask and tried to save his girlfriend and her father, but the rescue went horribly wrong, and Hugo was shot and killed. Having lost the one man she had lived her whole life with, Elektra lost her faith in humanity, she was left broken and shattered, and she decided to leave behind everything she had ever cared for…Matt included. She abandoned the States, and she started traveling the world, looking for an answer to the pain that was consuming her. Once in China, she met and befriended a blind old man, Stick, the leader of the mystic sect of The Chaste. Seeing potential in the girl, Stick welcomed her among his ninjas, he trained her and educated her in being a warrior of light…but he ultimately saw a great darkness within Elektra’s soul, and realised that her hatred for the world would have eventually destroyed everything The Chaste had been fighting for for millennia. In order to protect the cause of light, Elektra was sent away from The Chaste…but this rejection only widened her inner darkness.

Eager to prove her worth to Stick, Elektra infiltrated The Hand, the ninja sect fighting for the darkness, and tried to kill their leader. The Hand, however, knew of her presence, and tricked her into killing her former sensei, the one Hugo had hired to train her. Upon seeing who her victim really was, Elektra’s heart finally broke, and the woman became unable to feel anything but the hatred she had for the world. Carrying so much pain and anger, Elektra accepted The Hand’s offer, and she became one of their warriors, completing her training under the guidance of the world’s most dangerous ninjas. Corrupted by The Hand’s ways, Elektra was however still proud and strong, and she refused to be manipulated by her masters: eventually, she abandoned the sect and fled from Japan, reinventing herself as an assassin for hire, using the skills she had obtained with her years of training for her own profit. Her new job brought her back to the United States, where she accepted several contracts. During one of her assignments, when crimelord Eric Slaughter hired her to kill potential witness Alarich Wallenquist, Elektra clashed for the elektracomics2first time with the hero Daredevil: during the battle, the latter revealed himself to her as Matt Murdock, her beloved ex boyfriend. Elektra, however, had no place for love in her heart anymore, and despite allying with Daredevil once in a while, and even rekindling some aspects of their relation, she didn’t esitate for a moment when Kingpin hired her as his chief assassin, despite she knew perfectly well that this would have meant becoming enemies with Daredevil. The two, in fact, clashed more than once, the first time being when Elektra targeted reporter Ben Urich. Eventually, Kingpin gave her the order to kill Foggy Nelson, a lawyer who was messing with his business. Elektra reached her target, but when he recognised her as his best friend’s ex girlfriend, she realised she couldn’t kill him, and she spared his life. Bullseye, Kingpin’s former chief assassin, took the occasion to kill Elektra impaling her with her own sai, and the dying woman crawled to Murdock’s door to die in his arms. The Hand, however, wasn’t finished with her, and they resurrected her with her rituals…but Stone, from The Chaste, intervened, and completed the ritual with his own life force. Now, Elektra was free from The Hand’s darkness, but neither she had embraced The Chaste’s light: to be good or evil was now completely a choice of her own.

Elektra Natchios is a tormented woman, an iron-hearted assassin who trained herself not to feel anything but her overwhelming hatred towards a world that hurt her, as well as a deep pain and a just as deep anger. Having received training from the best masters in the world, Elektra is one of the most proficient martial artists on the planet, who mastered several styles and a variety of weapons, both modern and ancient (even if she mostly uses her Okinawan Sais); the mystic rituals of both Chaste and Hand also gave her limited psychic abilities, and she’s able to shield her mind from telepaths (even from mutants using Cerebro) and to see through other people’s eyes, as well as demonstrating limited precognition, telekinesis and telepathy. One of the most dangerous people on the planet, a woman who kills as easily as she breathes, Elektra is constantly walking on the thin line separating light from darkness, never truly embracing either damnation or redemption.



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