HollyOk, I’m quite struggling to keep the pace of all the comicbook-based series in these days, so forgive me if I’m always late with the updates. Last episode of The Walking Dead introduced yet another character, albeit very briefly (she dies immediately…): Holly, the wounded woman portrayed by Laura Beamer. We see her only when she’s unconscious, stabbed by a member of The Wolves and brought to Denise Cloyd‘s hospital, only to die for internal bleeding moments after. While in the series she’s a shooting star, more mentioned than seen, in the comics she has a bigger role, and she accompanies the survivors for a longer time. Let’s see together.

As many of the other survivors, who Holly was before the Outbreak began is left mostly to guesswork. She most likely lived in or near Alexandria, and she possibly worked as an architect or an engineer (or even a surveyor or something like it). Being it in a way or the other, when the zombies started hunting for the living, she managed to join a group and to survive the first waves of the dead’s attacks. After some time, she ended up in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a residential area that had been transformed into a shelter for survivors by Douglas Monroe, a former politician. Holly was welcomed between the Alexandrians and, as everybody else, she was assigned a specific task to help the community grow and survive. She joined the construction crew along with Bruce, working under Tobin‘s orders and supervision. Apart from building new houses and taking care of the old ones, the construction crew soon received the task of expanding the Safe-Zone’s walls, so that it would have been possible for Douglas to welcome even hollycomics1more survivors in the community. Tobin was a good supervisor, and the works went smoothly for most of the time, until the accident that killed Barnes and Richards, two members of the crew who got killed by walkers because of Tobin’s cowardice (he essentially let them die, following the protocol to the letter and refusing to put at risk his own life or others’ one to save them). Barnes’ and Richards’ death obviously shocked Holly and the others, and it also put at risk the crew’s entire work, since they were now too few to continue their job. Luckily enough, the recruiter Aaron came back with another group of survivors, one big enough that Douglas assigned a member from it nearly to any work group in the Safe-Zone. The construction crew gained a new, strong and capable member, Abraham Ford, a former soldier who would have proved to be a pivotal part of Holly’s life.

During the first day the construction crew came back to work, an unusual amount of walkers forced them to retreat…unfortunately, Holly stayed behind, and she found herself completely surrounded by zombies. Tobin, again, used the protocol as an excuse for his cowardice, and forbid anybody to try and save the woman, leaving her to her destiny…luckily enough, Abraham had other ideas, and after pushing Tobin away, he single-handedly saved Holly and brought her to safety. Holly, angered at Tobin, kicked him in the groin when he tried to explain her his actions, and she angrily walked away from the construction site. Holly even wanted to leave the group, but as soon as she knew that Tobin had left the leadership to Abraham, she agreed to stay. Being saved by a knight in shining armor was quite a defining moment for Holly, and she grew closer to Abraham in the following days…until they started an affair, obviously without Rosita Espinosa (Abraham’s girlfriend) or anybody else knowing it. Holly kept working in the construction crew, happy to see that even Tobin had hollycomics2changed attitude: now that Abraham was in charge, he even helped killing the zombies that from time to time entered the site. Then, a homongous herd approached the Safe-Zone, and put the walls so much to a test that they crumbled down: Holly and the others ran back to Alexandria to warn the others, with only Tobin staying behind to buy some time (and to redeem himself for his previous acts of cowardice): when she came back with Abraham and the new Alexandrian leader Rick Grimes, Tobin had been killed already, and the herd was marching to the Safe-Zone. As most of the Alexandrians, Holly climbed a roof and watched in horror as the zombies destroyed the community…but seeing Rick and Michonne fighting with all their strength to keep the herd away from the hospital inspired her, and she eventually joined Abraham, Nicholas, Aaron, Rosita and the others to repel the invasion. Although exhausted, Holly managed to survive the battle: now, with the other living members of the Safe-Zone, she could rebuild the place she had learnt to call home.

Holly is a proud and smart woman, who gained strength by learning how to survive in a world inhabited by zombies…and by men. Impulsive and passionate, Holly is often overwhelmed by anger, a trait that distinguishes her among many of the Alexandrians (and that gave her quite a fame). Strong and independent, she easily gains the esteem and the admiration of men (and the envy and the hostility of women…), as well as imposing herself as one of the most reliable members of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.



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