Adam Morgan

Carter GrantFinally, Supergirl has been (officially) aired, and after the first episode a new trailer for the entire season has been released. In it, we briefly see a future recurring character, a young boy who comments on how cool Supergirl is, and who Kara teases a bit for having a crush on the heroine: he’s Carter Grant, portrayed by Levi Miller, and he’ll be the son of Cat Grant. In the show, Cat will “ask” Kara to be Carter’s babysitter, thus making the two of them bond more than the boy did with his workaholic mother. He briefly appeared in a photo in Smallville, living with his grandparents after his mother got a job in Metropolis. In the comics, Cat’s son is not named Carter, but Adam, and, at least at first, he carries the surname of his father rather than his mother’s one, Morgan…and he’s pretty famous for being the protagonist of one of the most shocking narrative twists of the early 1990s. Let’s see together.

Adam was born from the marriage between gossip columnist Cat Grant and media mogul Joe Morgan. His childhood wasn’t exactly a happy one, since during his first years of life the union between Joe and Cat deteriorated, leading them to a quick and harsh divorce; Joe’s psychological abuses towards Cat had led the woman to the bottle, so little Adam found himself without a dad he still adored and with a drunken mother who was trying her best to stay sober for him, often failing and coming back to old habits. Following his mother’s desire to start a brand new life, Adam moved with her to Metropolis, where the woman had gotten a new job in the Daily Planet, one of the most famous (and sold) newspapers in the country. Cat also legally changed her son’s name into Adam Grant, so that he wouldn’t have been linked to his father anymore. Adam’s life with a mother who had now replaced her addiction to alcohol with an addiction to work wasn’t, again, a happy one, and he spent adammorgancomics1
most of his time either alone or with the many babysitters Cat found for him. Unlike most of his peers, Adam didn’t like the local hero, Superman, remarking everytime how stupid he looked and how boring he was (just a way to differentiate himself from all the other children); on the opposite, he was a fan of the new flying hero in town, Superboy, to the point that he started dressing like him even in daily life, knowing that his mother wouldn’t have denied it to him (as anything else, actually, a trait that made him grow up pretty spoiled). From time to time, Adam still visited his father Joe, his only true hero, but despite the brief visits only made him miss his dad even more, he still loved his mother, and everytime he came back to her.

The first true conflict between Adam and Cat started when the journalist, during a self-imposed competition with colleagues Clark Kent and (especially) Lois Lane, tried to infiltrate the criminal cartel Intergang to prove to everybody that she was just as good a reporter as everyone else in the Planet. During her brief adventure, she was helped by Jose Delgado, the masked vigilante Gangbuster, whom she fell in love with. Adam, who still worshipped his father, tried his best to boicot their relationship, refusing to accept anybody in his or his mother’s life other than Joe. Even if Jose, who now worked as Cat’s bodyguard, did his best to relate to Adam, he never allowed him to get close, and eventually Cat chose her son over her boyfriend, breaking up with him. After this episode, Adam grew up with his mother alone, and he even matured into a selfless teenager, who took inspiration from his hero not only in the way he dressed, but even in the attitude. This proved to be his end. When the Toyman went on a rampage (it was later revealed that it was actually one of Toyman’s lookalike robots who had developed a killer personality due to a bug) and kidnapped many children from Metropolis, Adam turned out to be among them. In the adammorgancomics2villain’s lair, the boy soon took the lead of all the prisoners, and tried to lead them to safety. When Toyman realised the children were trying to escape, he began to chase them, and Adam stayed behind to slow him down. After kicking the villain down he tried to escape in turn, but the Toyman grabbed his leg, and told him he couldn’t let anybody leave, otherwise everybody would have known the “game” he was playing. Then, he mercilessly slit Adam Grant’s throath, killing him.

Adam Morgan (or Adam Grant) is a normal boy, who developed some issues coming from a broken family. He loves both his mother and his father, but he put up with the fact they’ll never be together again. Growing up with Superboy as a role model, he changed from being a spoiled, whimsical child into a selfless and brave pre-teen, a natural leader with the making of a hero.



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