Jefferson Jackson

Jay JacksonAnother character directly from The Flash: after seeing the failed candidate who tried to merge with Martin Stein in The Fury of Firestorm, let’s take a look at the successful one. At the beginning of the episode, we learn that the particle accelerator’s explosion ruined the life of a young athlete, Jax Jackson, portrayed by Franz Drameh, who had his knee injured and was forced to give up to both football and college, ending up being a mechanic. Jax changes his life once again proving to be the right match for Stein for being the new half of Firestorm, winning even over Caitlin Snow‘s resistance and mistrust. Waiting to see Jax again in Legends of Tomorrow, let’s take a look at him in the comics, even if there’s really not much to say about him (no, he never becomes Firestorm… even if he knows him).

Jefferson Jackson was born in New York City, and lived most of his early life in Manhattan. Not much is known about his time as a kid, but as a teenager he attended Bradley High School, where he became pretty popular for both his athletic skills and his good heart. A natural champion, Jackson was soon noticed by the school’s coach, and he entered the school’s basketball team, figuring among the most skilled athletes. In the team he met Ronnie Raymond, a boy his age he immediately bonded with, and who he became close friends with. Jefferson and Ronnie spent much time together, both in school and outside, and when Ronnie’s life started to become quite messy (Jefferson didn’t know it, but he had just become one half of the superhero Firestorm), Jackson stayed by his side and offered many times his help and support with problems he jeffersonjacksoncomics1didn’t even know the nature of. When Ronnie started a relationship with a girl from school, Doreen Day, Jackson was already dating another girl, Stella, but the two friends never stopped hanging out together, quite the opposite, they simply started double-dating, involving Doreen and Stella in their friendship. Jefferson was always there also in everything concerning Cliff Carmichael, the school’s bully who had targeted Ronnie: Cliff often played cruel pranks to Ronnie and tried to humiliate him and discredit him in front of the entire school, but Jackson always intervened to his friend’s side, helping him to manage the “normal” part of his complicated life in a way only a true friend could do.

One night, Jackson and Ronnie where hanging out with their respective girlfriends, and they decided to go watch a movie; the two boys immediately realized that Carmichael had followed them inside the cinema, but they didn’t pay him much attention and stayed with Stella and Doreen. Cliff, always the gentleman, slipped a lizard into Ronnie’s popcorn as a prank, but the one who picked the animal from the basket wasn’t Ronnie, it was Doreen, who got quite scared and disgusted by the poor beast. Ronnie, enraged, started a fight with Carmichael, and Jackson was immediately by his side… until Doreen interrupted them. Jefferson stayed at his friend’s side when he agreed with the bully to meet again next day in school to settle things, and he supported him to the last even in such a stupid feud. The next day, when the two met again, Ronnie finally punched Carmichael, and while Doreen intervened yet again to separate the boys, Jackson took care of Ronnie. The next day the two boys fought once again, and Jackson jeffersonjacksoncomics2brought Ronnie to Vanessa Tremont, the nurse of the school, hoping it would have been the last time he had to assist to Carmichael’s war with his friend… and in a certain sense it was, since a couple of days later Ronnie disappeared in thin air, without even his father Ed knowing where he was (Firestorm had been infected by Hyena and was turning into a were-hyena himself, so he was traveling around the world in search of a cure). This wasn’t the first time Ronnie disappeared for a while, and it wouldn’t have been the last one either… but for sure, wherever he would have gone, and whenever he would have come back, he would have found a loyal friend waiting for him.

Jefferson Jackson is a good-hearted boy, a loyal friend to Ronnie Raymond and a caring boyfriend for Stella. A natural athlete, he’s a basketball champ, but he’s also a humble and smart guy, always ready to give a helping hand to anybody needing it… and simply allergic to bullies like Cliff Carmichael.



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