Nanaue (King Shark)

King SharkFinally, time for the last character who appeared in last week’s episode of The Flash. At the very end of The Fury of Firestorm, our hero is attacked by a massive man-shark (the same Patty Spivot tried to prove the existence of) and easily overpowered…luckily enough, Harrison Wells from Earth-2 appears and saves the day. This cameo is certainly small, but tasty, since it introduces to live action a popular villain, King Shark, voiced in the show by David Hayter. In the episode, it’s assumed that King Shark is a metahuman with shark-like appearance, while in the comics it’s exactly the opposite, and the villain is actually an anthropomorphic shark. While hoping to see the monster again in the show (even if the CGI is a pretty difficult one), let’s see together who the original King Shark is.

Everything began in the Hawaii, when Chondrakha, the Shark God, mated with a human woman. The result of their union was Nanaue, a humanoid shark, who inherited the appearance of both his mother and father…but took his instinct entirely from the latter. Revered as the heir of the King of All Sharks, Nanaue was raised by his “extended family” (his mother’s relatives and the neighbors)…until the time came in which he was more than able to take care of himself, and most of all his natural instincts started urging him to hunt. Protected by the silence of the local community, Nanaue used the archipelago as his own hunting ground, and was responsible for the disappearance of many people, who ended up being his food. Some tourists and locals saw him from time to time, kingsharkcomics1but the authorities never believed the voices of a “man-shark” hunting both in the water and on land; with time, the legend of King Shark was born, and people lived with a mix of fear and excitement the idea of such a monster living in Hawaii. Nanaue believed he could have lived like this forever, killing and eating people from time, protected by the same aura of legend his sightings had created…until a local officer, Sam Makoa, decided to investigate on the mysterious serial killer that had been murdering so many people in his archipelago. Along with his team, Makoa eventually hunted down the hunter, cornering King Shark and confronting him: during the resulting fight, Nanaue nearly killed Makoa, and slaughtered many of the men on his team, but he was eventually defeated and arrested thanks to a mix of pure luck and heavy weaponry, and charged with all the homicides he had committed in the previous years. Makoa, as a reward, was promoted and became a federal agent, while Nanaue, for the first time, was treated like a common criminal (even a human, considering that Makoa and the others believed him to be a metahuman) rather than a demigod.

A cage, however, was no place for King Shark, and soon he was freed by a local criminal cartel, the Silicon Dragons, who wanted to hire him in response of Superboy‘s arrival to Hawaii. Nanaue, however, was not interested nor grateful, and slained his liberators, heading to his mother’s house. The woman offered her own arm for him to feed, and her house for protection and hiding, but Makoa knew where King Shark’s family was, and he tracked him down along with Superboy. Despite Nanaue put up a fierce fight, Superboy was able to defeat him with a concentrated blast of heat vision, arresting him once again. In prison, King Shark was approached by yet another employer, a more dangerous one: Amanda Waller, who was about to send her Suicide Squad, along with Makoa kingsharkcomics2and Superboy, to the Silicon Dragons’ hideout on the bottom of the sea to put an end to their criminal activity. Since Hawaiian waters were King Shark’s natural element, the woman forced him to join, obtaining his cooperation by putting an explosive belt to his waist: the bombs would have detonated if King Shark tried to remove them, if he became too distant from Makoa, or if the latter died. Nanaue joined his former enemies for the mission, and he proved to be more than a valuable asset, slaughtering dozens of Silicon Dragons with no effort…and enjoying it pretty much. He even killed the traitor Sidearm, who tried to abandon his teammates DeadshotCaptain Boomerang and Knockout to their destiny. The mission was a success, but Knockout used King Shark as an unwilling kamikaze to complete it: she threw the monster in the base’s reactor, crushing his belt and causing it to explode; as a result, the Silicon Dragons were annihilated, and King Shark lost his life…apparently. Nanaue, in fact, was much tougher than that, and he survived the explosion, now free even from Waller’s control: soon, the legend of King Shark would have come back to haunt Hawaii…

Nanaue is a fierce predator, a natural born killer who gets a lot of fun in doing what he does best: slaughtering and eating people. Oddly light-hearted in his brutality, he dives into carnage with pleasure and a cheerful sense of humor. As King Shark, he possesses a monstrous strength, able to overpower even Superboy, and a nearly infinite stamina, especially when frenzied by the presence of blood; he’s extremely durable, and possesses nearly indestructible claws and fangs; he’s also able to live indiscriminately under water or on land. An unprecedented threat for Hawaii, King Shark is a pure killing machine, a monster who never stops until he has obtained what he wants…eating.



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