Tulip O’Hare

Tulip O'HareSecond character appeared in the Preacher trailer, and another protagonist: Tulip O’Hare, who’ll be portrayed by Ruth Negga. In the show, she’ll be one of Jesse Custer‘s companions in his search for God, and she’s described as an unrepentant criminal, a force of nature capable of building a bazooka with coffee cans and corn shine. Well, that surely fits the description of her comicbook counterpart, as, despite not having Custer’s powers, she proves during the series to be just as dangerous as he is. The greatest change has apparently been made on the character’s look, who’s not a blondie anymore, but considering Negga’s talent that’s nothing to be disappointed by. Anyway, before meeting the tv version of the character, let’s take a look at the original Tulip.

Tulip O’Hare wasn’t meant to be a girl…at least, this is what her father, Jake, thought. Jake, in fact, was sure the baby his wife was carrying was a boy, and he had already planned his perfect father & son relationship with the newborn, who he would have called John William Grady. “Unfortunately”, the baby turned out to be a girl, and moreover the mother died in childbirth. Shocked and alone, Jake eventually resolved to raise his daughter by himself, despite not knowing how to do it, and he named her “Tulip”, knowing how much his wife used to love flowers. Jake, of course, had really no idea how to raise a girl, so Tulip was raised as a boy, and her father told her war stories, taught her how to shoot and how to fight, made her a true patriot, he even introduced her to cigarettes before she was in elementary school…but he also fought many battles for her, demanding her to be considered for her tulipoharecomics1abilities rather than for her gender, something that Tulip would have always loved him for. Some years later, Jake died in a hunting accident, and Tulip was sent to boarding school: now an orphan, she nearly surrendered to pain for her father’s loss, but she eventually overcome it, throwing herself into study and imposing herself as one of the most brilliant students of her school. In there she met Amy Grinderbinder, a rich girl that she surprisingly became friends with. One year, for Christmas, Amy even invited Tulip to her house, at a party during which the girl had her first meeting with very rich and powerful men, from businessmen to politicians…a bunch of people she didn’t care of, and who failed to impress her. That same night, Amy was nearly gang-raped by some of the guests, and only Tulip’s intervention saved her: shooting anywhere in the room, Tulip nearly killed the assailants, and brought to safety her friend. From that night, the two of them became inseparable, and when Amy’s father died and she inherited a fortune, they decided to travel the country together, and they took a car and started moving, without looking back. For the first time in their life, they were truly and totally free.

Traveling around, the two girls ended up in Texas, and in a bleak bar, Tulip set eyes on a guy who entered with another girl: she immediately knew he was the man of her life, and she started seducing him…by shoving his head in the toilet. The guy, Jesse Custer, left the other girl, and walked out the bar with Tulip, joining her and Amy in their travel. The trio started a life of crime, sex and booze, and Tulip and Jesse were more and more in love with each other; eventually, Amy came back home, and the two of them were left alone for what they believed would have been the rest of their life…then Jesse disappeared without an explanation, leaving Tulip in Phoenix. Broken-hearted and distraught, Tulip looked for a job, but couldn’t find anything, and she eventually gave herself to alcohol. She came back to Texas, and she nearly killed herself with drinking, until a man called MacAvoy lent her some money to enter tulipoharecomics2a clinic and detox. Once cleaned up, Tulip came back to MacAvoy, but she couldn’t pay him back: she didn’t want to be a prostitute for him, and he didn’t need a waitress or such, so she eventually offered him her only talent, marksmanship. MacAvoy hired Tulip for her first hit after seeing how good she was, and she was told to kill one of the man’s rivals. Unfortunately, she completely messed up, and barely wounded one of her target’s bodyguards: she escaped the scene trying to steal a truck from a shabby Irishman, but he wouldn’t give up his car…but he was willing to give her a lift. He introduced himself as Cassidy, and he took her away from the crime scene. The two traveled together for a while, taking turns driving, until they arrived in a small town, Annville: in here, they were caught off-guard by a huge explosion, and when they approached the site to check it out, Tulip was shocked to find in the midst of smoking debris Jesse Custer, the man she had loved. After the explosion, Jesse as well was wanted by the police (and many others), and he asked Tulip and Cassidy for help…and they granted it to him, taking him along. He would have had all the time in the world to explain the explosion and, more importantly, why he had abandoned Tulip in Phoenix…if the woman didn’t shoot him first, of course.

Tulip O’Hare is a strong woman, tough, independent and pretty violent, more than able to take care of herself, but also ready to trust the people she choses to have around. Raised as a boy by a loving yet clod father, Tulip is an excellent markswoman, nearly infallible, capable of using (and building…) any kind of firearm; she’s also an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter, educated not to let anybody, man or woman, step on her head. Desperately and passionately in love with Jesse Custer, she’s ready to follow him to the gates of Heaven and Hell to help him in his mission…and she’s just as crazy and dangerous as he is.



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