GorSupergirl goes on, and in the second episode, Stronger Together, we meet some other characters from the comics… a couple who apparently testifies that Kryptonians are not so extinct as it seems. When the Hellgrammite clumsily makes himself noticed by DEO, he’s approached by two menacing Kryptonians who scold him. The one speaking to him, and introducing him to General Astra, is Commander Gor, portrayed by Eric Steinberg. Not much is revealed about him, apart from the fact that he was a prisoner in Fort Rozz, and that he is a long-time subordinate of Astra. In the comics, he’s not exactly a good guy either. Let’s see together.

Gor was born in Kandor, one of the most populous and important cities on planet Krypton. He was a member of the Military Guild, and he rose in ranks serving in the Naval force, soon becoming a Commander. A seasoned soldier, Gor witnessed a threat like none Krypton had ever faced when an alien conqueror, Brainiac, attacked Kandor with the intention of adding it to his personal “collection” of civilizations. From Krypton City the Military Guild sent the most capable high-ranking officer, General Dru-Zod, to organize Kandor’s defense, and Gor served bravely under him, saving as many civilians as he could, and repelling many drones from gorcomics1Brainiac’s ships. Eventually, however, the superior technology of the invader overcame the Kryptonians, and Brainiac managed to envelop Kandor into a force field, reducing its side and transporting it on his spaceship. Gor was among the 600 soldiers trapped in the city, along with many other civilians; just before being taken away by Brainiac, the commander heard Zod swearing to come and save them as soon as possible, an oath he firmly believed in. Years passed, and nor Zod nor any other Kryptonian ever came to the rescue, until decades later Superman, a superhero who was actually the Kryptonian Kal-El, fought against Brainiac and won, rescuing the city of Kandor. At first, Superman kept Kandor into his Fortress of Solitude on Earth, then he finally managed to restore it to normal size, freeing the 100.000 people inside it. All the Kandorians agreed to follow Superman’s instructions to interact with Earthlings, and they even elected Zor-El and Alura as leaders… all decisions Gor strongly opposed to. Traveling his new homeplanet with his lieutenant Mur, Gor expressed his regret over Zod’s exile in the Phantom Zone, and refused to believe his general was a traitor… quite the opposite, he started to appreciate his idea of transforming Earth into a New Krypton. Gor didn’t trust Zor-El or Alura, considered too weak, nor he trusted his “savior” Superman, since he believed he had lost touch with his Kryptonian heritage. A new leadership for the last Kryptonians was needed, and Gor was more than sure a soldier was the only one fit for that role.

Back to Kandor, Gor found out that the city had been attacked by Doomsday, an old enemy of Superman. Firmly believing that the scientists had led Krypton to its destruction and that they would have done it again, Gor and Mur went to the Fortress of Solitude in search of the Phantom Zone projector, aiming to free Zod from his imprisonment, but they were intercepted and defeated by two other Kryptonian heroes, Nightwing and Flamebird. Alura, however, proved to be sensitive to Gor’s concerns, and she ordered to apprehend all the known enemies of Kal-El, considering gorcomics2them as potential threats to all Kryptonians: she formed different task forces and sent them to collect the villains, and Gor was the leader of one of them. First, he headed to Metropolis, where he demanded from the Science Police to be given Parasite: when they refused, Gor slaughtered them all, and took away the monster. Next on the list was the Toyman, held in Gotham City: after breaking in Arkham Asylum, Gor found Nightwing (a different one) and Robin waiting for him, but he and his men easily defeated the two heroes and abducted Toyman as well. At last, Gor and his entire team took on Superman’s deranged clone Bizarro and captured him as well. Back to Kandor, Gor reported the mission to Alura, telling her also of the many human casualties… a fact that the woman accepted as inevitable, thus earning the loyalty of the seasoned officer. He then captured two more villains, who easily surrendered, Reactron and Metallo… but this proved to be a trap, as the two were fully armed against Kryptonians. In the battle that ensued, an army of heroes joined the two villains against New Krypton, and Gor defeated John Stewart and Hal Jordan, two Green Lanterns, before facing Superman himself. Kal-El’s rage, combined with Zatanna‘s magic, was more than enough to subdue even a veteran like Gor, and he eventually lost the second battle of his life… but not all was lost. New Krypton was moved on another planet, where the Kryptonians were found by General Zod, finally free from his dimensional prison. Now, Gor was able to serve his one and true leader once again, ready to take his revenge on the traitor of his own people, Kal-El.

Commander Gor considers himself a patriot and a real soldier, ready to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his planet and his people… unfortunately, he’s also ready to sacrifice other planets and peoples for them. A violent and determined supremacist, Gor only sees a solution where strength is involved. As a high-ranking officer of the Military Guild, he’s an expert hand-to-hand combatant, a weapons’ specialist, a good tactician and strategist; as a Kryptonian exposed to the radiations of a yellow sun, he possesses a variety of powers: immense strength, speed and stamina, invulnerability, flight, superhuman senses, heat vision, freezing breath, x-ray vision, accelerated healing and more, powers that make his training all the more effective. Gor has a mission: to ensure Krypton’s survival… and nothing will make him fail his mission, not again.


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