MurIn last week’s episode of Supergirl there was still another villain introduced: in Stronger Together, the Hellgrammite is scolded by two Kryptonians before meeting Astra. One of them always stays silent, and only intervenes by threatening the insectoid with his heat vision: that one’s credited as Lt. Mur, portrayed by Rene Mousseux, another old acquaintance for the comics’ readers. In the show, he’s one of the prisoners escaped from Fort Rozz, a subordinate of General Astra who followed her in her uprising; in the comics, he never was exiled nor imprisoned, but he surely isn’t a good guy either. Let’s see together.

Mur was born and raised on Krypton, in the majestic city of Kandor. A warrior born, he entered the Military Guild, and rose to the rank of lieutenant of the Naval force in a matter of years. He used to serve under Commander Gor, another officer he found pretty similar to himself, and whom he got along with, to the point they became friends. One day, Kandor was targeted by the alien collector Brainiac, who wanted to miniaturize it in order to add it to his collection of cities in bottle. Mur was among the many soldiers called to the city’s defense, an army led by the heroic General Zod, who managed to evacuate as many citizens as possible before Brainiac won the battle and shrank Kandor. Mur was among the 600 soldiers trapped in Kandor as the city was put under a glass dome and kept, with millions of others, in Brainiac’s spaceship. The alien conqueror, decades later, arrived on Earth and tried to replicate his modus operandi on the blue planet, but he was challenged and defeated by its most powerful hero, Superman…who turned out to be a Kryptonian himself, Kal-El, murcomics1the son of renowned scientist Jor-El. Superman took Kandor from Brainiac’s ship, and after years of researches he managed to restore it to its regular size, finally freeing all its inhabitants. Mur and the others found themselves on a brand new planet, quite different from Krypton, and they all had immesurable powers coming from Earth’s sun. Superman, worried for the presence of 100.000 Kryptonians in the Arctic, acted as liason between them and the Earthlings, and supported the election of his own uncle Zor-El and his aunt Alura as Kandor’s leaders. Mur wasn’t quite happy for the decision, feeling Superman wasn’t a Kryptonian anymore, belonging more to Earth than to his homeplanet…and his feelings just grew the moment he finally had the chance to speak with his commanding officer, Gor, alone.

While scouting the new planet, Gor told Mur that, just before Kandor was stolen by Brainiac, he had heard Zod swearing he would have saved them, and he believed that he didn’t do it only because Jor-El and the others had banished him in the Phantom Zone unjustly labeling him a traitor. Mur agreed with him, and when the two came back to Kandor finding out that their people had been attacked by a monster known as Doomsday, the lieutenant decided he would have helped his commander to free Zod from the Phantom Zone. The two Kryptonians broke into the Fortress of Solitude, Superman’s base, to locate the projector able to open the Zone for them, but they met two Kryptonian superheroes, Nightwing and Flamebird, who engaged them in combat and defeated them, warning them never to attempt to free Zod again. The two soldiers returned to Kandor…only to find out that Alura shared their murcomics2concerns, and that, after Doomsday’s attack, she had ordered Kandor’s army to collect and imprison all Superman’s enemies, since they were potential threats to all Kryptonians. Mur was assigned to Gor’s team, and together they broke into Stryker’s Island Penitentiary in order to arrest Parasite…but they were confronted by Metropolis Science Police, who tried to stop them. The Kryptonians easily defeated the humans, and they killed most of them, taking the Parasite with them. After that, Mur participated to other “extraction” missions in Gotham City, in Metropolis and even in open space, until he finally arrested Reactron and Metallo, who surrendered peacefully. The last two villains proved to be trojan horses sent by General Sam Lane, as they were both fueled with Golden and Green Kryptonite, respectively: their attack decimated Kandor’s population, and when the Kryptonian army gathered to fight them, Superman, along with the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America, joined the battle against his own people. Eventually, Mur and the others were defeated, and Alura, to protect her people, moved the entire city, christened New Krypton, on another planet, on the opposite side of Earth. There, at least, Kryptonians could find a brand new beginning…but Mur and other soldiers were now looking for another way of establishing Krypton’s supremacy once again, and not a peaceful one.

Mur is a serious and upright man, a soldier used not to ask question and to execute any order. Loyal to a fault, he follows his superior officers in any mission without regard for his own life, putting himself at risk for the sake of his planet and people. Trained to be a perfect soldier, Mur masters all Kryptonian fighting styles and weapons; plus, under the radiations of a yellow sun, he has acquired a variety of powers: superhuman strength, stamina and speed, invulnerability, flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, freezing breath, accelerated healing and much more, so that he has become the ultimate soldier. Trusting his superiors in everything, Mur will follow Zod, Alura and Mur wherever they think the future of Krypton lies, without questioning the righteousness of actions that, for him, will always be inevitable.


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