Leslie Willis (Livewire)

LivewireIn the new promo images for the upcoming Supergirl episode Livewire we got our first look at…Livewire, the villain who gives her name to the episode, portrayed by Brit Morgan. In the show, she’ll be Leslie Willis, a self-confident and abrasive radio dj working for CatCo, who becomes superpowered after an accident and hunts down her former boss Cat Grant for unspecified reasons. Livewire already appeared in Smallville, in episode Injustice, portrayed by Anna Mae Routledge: she was one of the meteor freaks recruited by Tess Mercer to hunt down Doomsday, but she decides to quit the team after the first, disastrous clash with the monster. In response, Mercer has Parasite steal her powers, and then kills her with an explosive device. So sweet. Now, the original character was created for the tv animated series, but just like Harley Quinn she eventually became so popular that she was included in the DC Universe. Let’s see together.

Leslie Willis lived in Metropolis, and her abrasive character and her talent with words made her the perfect shock-jock for a famous radio station. Simply known as “Leslie” by her audience (which included a delighted Lex Luthor), Leslie loved to bash upon anybody in the city, including well-known and popular people, especially Superman. According to Leslie, Superman only saved people for showing-off, with no real interest in them. Her boss, Miguel, tried to make her change her policy towards the hero many times, especially considering that his wife had been saved by Superman, but Leslie had become popular because of her funny and insolent style, so she always refused. Being the “star” of the station, she looked down on all her colleagues, especially young Billy Batson, who was working as a livewirecomics1dj in her same building. One day, however, Miguel decided it was time for a change, so he turned his station into a country one: a radio show like Leslie’s wasn’t needed anymore, so he (gladly) fired her. Needless to say, the woman didn’t take this far too well, and she felt enraged, humiliated and disrespected…and, above all, she believed that all had happened to her was Superman’s fault, since Miguel was a fan of his, and she was not. There was one thing, however, that Leslie herself didn’t know: she was a metahuman, born with the ability to control electricity. While on the top of the station, where she was venting her anger, Leslie was struck by a lightning…but the hit didn’t kill her, quite the opposite: she absorbed all the electricity, becoming extremely powerful. As a counter effect, she even drastically changed her look, with her skin becoming white as chalk and her hair getting electric blue. Leslie believed her new look resembled quite well her new personality, and her new aim in life. Renaming herself Livewire, she was now powerful enough to exact her revenge on the one she deemed responsible for everything happened to her: Superman.

During Livewire’s first meeting with the Man of Steel, the latter was greatly weakeaned by his previous clash with the Queen of Fables, and was unable to sustain her attacks: Livewire proved to be superior to the Kryptonian, to the point that she easily overpowered him. Unable to beat her on a power ground, Superman outsmarted her, making her short out and forcing her to flee. From that moment on, Livewire kept planning her revenge on Superman…but she suddenly was forced to ally with him, as the Auctioneer, a cosmic thief who stole unique “items” from every galaxy and sold them to the highest bidder, abducted several metahumans from Earth, including Leslie and her nemesis. Thanks to her electricity-based powers, Livewire was able to open her cell, and she reluctantly opened even Superman’s one, knowing she would have needed his help. Along with the Man of Steel and livewirecomics2other heroes and villains (among those, Nightwing, whom she found herself attracted by), Livewire tried to escape the Auctioneer’s ship; thanks to Mister Terrific, Livewire used her powers to destroy a dampening field that prevented all heroes to use their powers, and even connected them to allow direct communication…as a counter, however, she even connected to any satellite nearby, unwillingly transmitting on every TV on Earth the metahumans’ struggle to escape. Eventually, Superman had Livewire connect to the Auctioneer’s database, and threatened the alien to transmit his secret database to every system around, thus ruining his business. The Auctioneer released heroes and villains, and promised never to bother Earth again. This was a chance for Leslie to change life and try to use her powers for something good, but soon after she was used by Starro to attack Superman again…and this, even after she was freed from the stellar conqueror’s mind control, sent her back to the starting point. Now, however, she had broader aims, and she wasn’t focused on Superman only anymore: next stop, Gotham City

Leslie Willis is a smart and ironic girl, who uses her abrasive humor to humiliate and attack the people she doesn’t like. With quite an ego and brash attitude, Leslie is extremely dangerous with her tongue…but not only with that. As Livewire, she is able to absorb a nearly infinite amount of electricity, and to project it in blasts of extremely high voltage; she’s also able to produce electricity on her own, and to turn herself into an energetic form that allows her to transmit herself through powerlines. More whimsical and mean than truly evil, Livewire alternates moments of villainy to ones of true heroism, depending on her mood…unfortunately, her mood isn’t exactly balanced.


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