Jesse Bell Chambers (Jesse Quick)

Jesse WellsIn Enter Zoom, this week’s episode of The Flash, we didn’t meet any new character, but one introduced in The Darkness and the Light has been named. Until this week we only new that Harrison Wells from Earth-2 had a daughter (portrayed by Violett Beane) who had been kidnapped by Zoom and used as a leverage to blackmail the scientist; now, we also know that she’s named Jesse Wells…and that her father, due to her cunning intelligence, nicknames her Jesse Quick. This name rings a bell for all the comics readers, as Jesse Quick is a well known character in The Flash mythology…and she’s a speedster as well. Maybe even the tv show Jesse will gain super speed due to Zoom’s experiments and/or tortures, we’ll see. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original.

Jesse Bell Chambers surely had her destiny running in her family (quite literally): she was the daughter of Golden Age superheroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Bell, and was raised by them both in QueensNew York, listening to their past adventures in crime-fighting. Johnny, in particular, wanted a successor able to bring his legacy into the new generation, and gave his daughter the same formula that had granted him access to the Speed Force. The formula worked on Jesse as well, but contrary to her father’s expectations, she preferred to continue her education rather than becoming a masked heroine, and she moved from New York to Gotham City to keep studying, far from Johnny Quick’s urges to start a crime-fighting career of her own. In Gotham University, she ended up being involved in the superheroic world nevertheless, as her studies all focused on masked heroes and villains from the jessequickcomics1past. Her work of thesis was titled The Impact of Superheroes on Society (later changed into Mystery-Men and Their Effect on Culture), and she started monitoring the activity of old and new heroes, using her speed to follow them into their adventures; especially, she got involved in the deeds of the returned Justice Society of America, the same super-group her parents used to work with back in the days. Knowing that Jesse had connection with the JSA, Johnny asked her to act as a connection between him and his old teammates, asking her from time to time to bring documents and files to them. This way, Jesse befriended the JSA, and she eventually accepted a honorary membership. In no time, she started cooperating with the team also in their missions, becoming a part-time heroine more than a messenger; she even got her own supername, “Jesse Quick”, a homage to her father. Finally, Johnny Quick had realised his dream of seeing his daughter follow his footsteps…and Jesse found out that she pretty much enjoyed that kind of life.

Some times later, all speedsters gathered in Keystone City to help the current FlashWally West, into fighting against Kobra and his terrorist organization. Flash had to plunge into the Speed Force, but fearing he might lose himself into it, he asked Jesse Quick to be his successor in case he died in the process; Jesse of course was honored by the offer, but she soon realised that Wally had actually asked that to her in order to make Bart “Impulse” Allen jealous, so that he took his role as a speedster more seriously and stepped in to take the mantle of The Flash for himself. Seeing through Wally’s plan, Jesse was quite enraged with him, but albeit she felt used, she was still a heroine, and she saved Flash’s life when he shielded his beloved Linda Park from a laser beam aimed at her by Kobra. While saving Wally, Jesse was badly wounded at her leg, and her days as a speedster seemed to be at an end; jessequickcomics2when Flash came back from the Speed Force, however, he was able to heal her, using his now direct connection with the source of every speedster’s strength. The animosity towards Wally West wasn’t soon to be forgotten, however, and when Jesse, as well as many other speedsters, suddenly lost her connection with the Speed Force, she blamed Flash for draining to much from that dimension. It turned out, however, that the responsible was Savitar, a villain who was severing the speedsters’ connection with the Speed Force. The Flash chose Jesse Quick to help him defeat Savitar, and the duo was soon reached by Johnny Quick in their battle against the villain. Unfortunately, Johnny sacrificed his only life to save his daughter’s one, and to allow her regain her powers: the battle was won, but Jesse Quick had lost her beloved father. After Johnny’s death, Jesse inherited his company, Quickstart Enterprises, and began a brand new life. Despite her mother’s complaints about superheroes following her husband’s death, Jesse also kept saving the day with her speed, and she eventually teamed up with the Teen Titans to foil a nuclear menace. When the team reformed, Wally West sponsored Jesse as a replacement for him, hoping to obtain her forgiveness. Old wounds, however, were hard to heal…

Jesse Chambers is a smart and cultured girl, a strong young woman determined to create her own destiny and to follow her own path. As Jesse Quick, she inherited her mother’s super strength and durability; thanks to her father’s formula, 3×2(9YZ)4A, she’s also able to access to the Speed Force, repeating it like a mantra and gaining in return a fair amount of super speed, that she can use to move extremely fast, to phase through solid objects, to run on vertical surfaces or even on water and thin air, to create residual images of herself, to increase her physical attributes and her healing, and much more. One of the fastest speedsters ever, Jesse Quick is a proud and stubborn heroine, who saw her life going an entirely different direction from what she had thought, but finding herself more than able to face any challenge fate had in store for her, from being a superheroine to becoming the CEO of a multinational enterprise.



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