Eduardo Flamingo

FlamingoNo new character this week in Gotham, but the next we’ll meet yet another villain, and quite a creepy one. In the trailer for A Bitter Pill to Swallow, we see Jim Gordon fighting with a man wearing a pink jacket in an elevator, and then pointing his gun directly into the man’s mouth, shouting. The man in question is Eduardo Flamingo, portrayed by Raul Castillo…and he’ll clearly push Jim to his limits. In the show, he’ll be a hitman hired by Theo Galavan, an assassin who considers killing a form of art, and who has quite an unhealthy taste for flesh. In the comics, he’s pretty much the same, even if he’s surely more flashy in his tastes for clothes. Let’s see together.

Apparently, Eduardo Flamingo was once a normal man, a regular guy with a loving wife and some kids. At a certain point, he entered in conflict with a criminal organization simply known as The Mob. Honest and upright, Flamingo refused to accept compromises with the criminals, and he stood up against them. As a result, The Mob had him kidnapped, and kept him segregated for weeks, continuously torturing him, brainwashing him into a man that would have been more useful to them than the uncorruptible one he was before. The reprogramming was a success, and Flamingo emerged as a psychothic killer, a killing machine who only wore pink (following the literal meaning of his surname) and who had quite a fantasy for murder. As an act of loyalty, he first massacred his family, and he ate the faces of his wife and kids after slaughtering them. After that, he was deemed to be reliable for The Mob, and used as flamingocomics1a contract killer, a lethal hitman at disposal of the country’s crimelords. Traveling with his motorcycle around the entire country, Flamingo made quite a reputation for himself, and despite the herratic behavior caused by the mind-games and partial lobotomization he’d been subjected to, he never collected a single failure. His fame arrived also to Gotham City, famous for its powerful and colourful criminals, but also for its relentless and unerring vigilantes. In particular, the Penitente Cartel was having quite some trouble with the city’s heroes, in particular with the most brutal crime-fighter around, Red Hood. As a last resort, the Cartel’s leader Gabriel Santo hired Eduardo Flamingo to get rid of his enemies, sure the hitman’s skills were enough to deal with Red Hood and his gang. The killer, on his side, was eager to prove him right, and rushed to Gotham to collect his next contract…and to eat his next face.

When Flamingo arrived in town, Red Hood and Scarlet had already learnt of his arrival during their last raid on the Penitente Cartel, and they had prepared a welcome party…but it was all in vain. Flamingo shot Red Hood directly in the face, thus shattering his helmet and knocking him out; when he tried to finish him off, Scarlet intervened, but the killer easily overpowered her and started chocking her with his whip. When Red Hood tried to stop him, he shot him twice, taking away one of his ears and a kneecap. Before Flamingo could kill either Red Hood or Scarlet, however, the second Batman and the fourth Robin intervened, engaging him in combat and protecting their friends. The assassin proved to be too much to handle even for the new Dynamic Duo, and he eventually managed to throw flamingocomics2Batman off an edge, while he shot Robin five bullets in the back, paralyzing him from the waist down. In the meanwhile, however, the other two vigilantes had had time to recover, and Scarlet attacked Flamingo from behind, slashing his face with one of her blades. Red Hood had collected a bulldozer from a nearby construction site, and crashed Flamingo under the debris it was carrying, apparently killing him. While the four vigilantes came back to their respective hideouts to treat their wounds, GCPD arrived on the scene, but they could only report that no body could be found under the debris. Flamingo, in fact, had survived his encounter with the Bat-Family, and was just waiting for his wounds to heal to make another move against the heroes: he had never failed a contract before, and he would have not failed this one either. He only needed time…

Eduardo Flamingo was once a honest and lovable guy, who took care of his family and tried his best to live a worthy life…now, he’s only a deranged psychopath, a cannibalistick killer with the insane fetish of eating the faces of the ones he kills. Brainwashed and partially lobotomized by the Mob, Flamingo developed an erratic way of thinking, and even his “masterplans” are always improvised and incoherent. As one of the best hitmen in the world, he’s nearly infallible in the use of most firearms, but he’s also extremely skilled in the use of his trademark whip and in hand-to-hand combat. Robbed of his conscience and of his mental health, Flamingo is a lethal murderer, a merciless killer who never stops until his contract is terminated.


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