SherryNew episode of The Walking Dead, new characters to speak about, albeit only two among the seven who appear in Always Accountable come from the comics. As usual, ladies for first, so let’s meet Sherry, portrayed by Christine Evangelista. We don’t know much of this woman, apart from the fact that she used to be a babysitter before the apocalypse started. She’s among the women found by Daryl and the others, part of a group of traumatized survivors trying to get as far away as they can from another unseen group…and, from what we know from the comics, that’s no good news at all. Let’s see together.

Nothing is known about Sherry’s life prior to the Outbreak, apart from some details. She lived somewhere between Virginia or Washington D.C., but it’s unknown what kind of job she had, if she had any. At a certain point, she met a soldier, Dwight, and she fell in love with him. The two of them got married, and lived together for a while, until the dead started coming back and hunting for the flesh of the living. Sherry and Dwight started traveling the country in search of a safe shelter, or of a group big enough they would have been protected by. They weren’t lucky as others, and they ended up meeting The Saviors. The Saviors were surely a large group, a powerful and organised bunch of people with weapons and resources…but they were led with an iron fist by Negan, a dangerous psychopath who ruled with terror, and who completely subjugated the ones in his group, both psychologically and physically. When Sherry and her husband understood what kind of a man Negan was, it was too late: they were de facto prisoners of the Saviors. In order to ensure an “easy” life for herself and for Dwight as well, Sherry agreed to become the first of Negan’s wives, a harem that would have soon counted sherrycomics1many women selected from the groups joining the Saviors. As a wife, Sherry could protect Dwight right from Negan’s side, or at least, this was what she hoped. In exchange, she “only” had to endure the continuous humiliations and abuses Negan reserved to his wives. One thing Sherry didn’t forsee: the pain of being so close to her husband, and yet so far. One night, Dwight came to her, and they slept together behind Negan’s back. The leader of the Saviors, however, learnt of their “affair”, and punished Dwight in front of everybody: he had half of his face burned with a white-hot iron, disfiguring him permanently, while Sherry couldn’t do anything but watch. The Saviors learnt once again that nobody touched Negan’s “things”, unless they wanted to suffer the consequences.

From that moment, Sherry and Dwight kept a distance between them, and despite they still cared one for another, they didn’t even speak to each other to avoid Negan’s suspicions. In that time, Sherry also realised with pain that Dwight bore some resentment towards her, most likely because she didn’t react in any way when he was branded by Negan for fear of him. She however kept protecting him the best she could…and she did her best to survive herself, not an easy task living with a psycho like Negan. The tyrant, in the meanwhile, kept collecting wives among the new women joining the group: Sherry befriended a girl, Amber, and she convinced her to become one of Negan’s wives in order to keep her safe from all the other men. Amber followed her friend’s suggestion, but she fell in love nevertheless with Mark, another member of the Saviors. Of course, Negan found out: Sherry tried to stand up for the girl, telling her “husband” that transition was difficult for everybody at first, and that Amber had just made a mistake…but the rules were the rules, and the man mocked sherrycomics2Amber for cheating on him while he was torturing her beloved Mark, scarring him the same way he did with all who “stole” from him. In that occasion, Sherry was deeply saddened for what was happening, as it reminded her what had happened to her some time before. She tried to speak with Dwight, but her (now ex) husband angrily rushed away, refusing to be with her even for a little time, still fearing Negan’s possible responses. Sherry, along with all the other Saviors, was dragged by Negan into an all-out war with the residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a fortified area that the tyrant wanted to subjugate as he had done with many others, forcing the inhabitants to pay him a tribute in exchange of “protection”. This time, however, everything changed, as Negan was defeated: the Saviors were finally free of his influence, and his wives could start a brand new life. Albeit she still cared for Dwight, Sherry preferred to be with another man, since she wanted to start it all anew: maybe, she finally had a chance to forget months and months of nightmarish madness.

Sherry is a strong and resourceful woman, ready to do whatever is necessary for allowing her own survival and the one of her beloved ones. Sherry is able to endure any kind of humiliation and abuse, even from a monster like Negan, in exchange of the relative security that this could give her. Tough and resistant, she bears many scars, most of them inner ones, that just testify how many things she managed to survive to.



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