DwightSecond character introduced this week on The Walking Dead, and possibly one we’ll meet again soon: Dwight, portrayed by Austin Amelio. In Always Accountable, Dwight appears as one of the survivors met by Daryl Dixon, not an extremely friendly one as he robs him (twice!), even attempting to kill him believing he’s from the same group he and the others are desperately trying to run from. At the end of the episode, Dwight takes Daryl’s crossbow, and the comicbook readers know that that particular weapon is a trademark for the character. All the others, will have just to read the following bio to know!

Little is known about Dwight’s life prior to the Outbreak, not even his surname. He lived in the Washington D.C. area, and he served in the U.S. Army as a soldier. At a certain point, he met a girl, Sherry, and he fell in love with her: the two of them got married, and they lived together until the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, when they were forced to seek shelter around the country. Thanks to his military training and survival skills, Dwight was able to keep himself and Sherry alive, but they surely needed a bigger, more organised group to obtain true safety. The couple, however, wasn’t exactly lucky, as they ran into The Saviors, a violent group led by an intimidating psychopath named Negan. Thanks to Dwight’s proficiency with his crossbow, the man and his wife were allowed to join the Saviors, but the group was a true dictatorship, with Negan deciding over the life and death of his subordinates; in order to assure an easier life for herself and her husband, Sherry decided to join Negan’s harem of wives, thus sacrificing her marriage to survival. Being apart, however, proved to be more difficult than expected, and eventually Dwight wished to be with his wife again. One night they actually managed to sleep together, but Negan found out…and he was not a man who would tolerate infidelity. As a dwightcomics1punishment, he had Dwight have his face’s left side burned with a hot iron, disfiguring him and making him an example for everyone else who ever thought of “stealing his stuff”. From that moment, obviously, Dwight held quite a grudge against Negan, but he feared him too much to put himself openly against him, and for both his safety and Sherry’s one, he chose to obey him, and to serve him loyally as a member of the Saviors. Following Negan’s orders, Dwight raided many communities and groups, forcing them to accept the Saviors’ protection against zombies in exchange of tributes, and burning to the ground the ones who refused to the agreement. With his scar and his crossbow, Dwight became a nightmare for whoever crossed paths with the Saviors.

One day, the Saviors spotted yet another community, who had transformed a residential area into a fortified haven they called the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Of course, Negan sent his men to “invite” the newcomers to join them with the usual pact. The Alexandrians, however, were more organised and more heavy-weaponed than other groups, and they put up quite a fight when Dwight and the others arrived. During the battle, Dwight managed to kill one of the enemy’s best men, Abraham Ford, by piercing his skull with an arrow, and he took another man, Eugene Porter, as a prisoner to be used as a leverage in the following negotiations. When the battle ended, Dwight presented himself in front of the Safe-Zone’s gates, holding Eugene hostage and threatening to kill him if he wasn’t allowed in with his men. Unexpectedly, however, Eugene reacted, and bit the man’s groin to make his escape. With his crotch bleeding, under the fire of the Alexandrian guards, Dwight was forced to retreat. His wound, however, prevented him from running, and he was soon caught by the Safe-Zone’s guards. Brought back as a prisoner, Dwight was interrogated by the enemy leader, Rick Grimes, who wanted him to give informations about Negan and the Saviors. In response, dwightcomics2Dwight only mocked, cursed and threatened Rick, just to be punched in the face by his girlfriend Andrea. While many Alexandrians wanted him to be killed as a warning for the other Saviors, unexpectedly Rick decided to let Dwight go unharmed, even accepting his offer of “protection”. Dwight walked away safely from the Safe-Zone, but he didn’t know he had been followed by Paul Monroe, another survivor from Alexandria, and he realised it only the moment he was near The Sanctuary, an abandoned fundry that acted as the Saviors’ base. Dwight captured Paul, and understood that Rick didn’t intend to make any agreement with the Saviors at all, and that he would have put up quite a fight. Somewhere deep inside, he even realised that maybe he had found a group strong enough to oppose Negan, and to put an end to his reign of terror…a hope maybe too good to be true, but worth betting on.

Dwight is a hardened man, who forged himself through a life of deprivations and suffering. Apparently, he’s one of Negan’s most trusted and respected lieutenants, but he actually hates the tyrant who took his wife and his freedom (and half of his face), and only awaits for the right moment to take him down once and for all. Trained by the army, Dwight is an extremely skilled fighter, proficient in hand-to-hand combat and with firearms, and nearly infallible with his crossbow. Just as lethal as he looks menacing, Dwight is actually a good man, who found himself forced to do terrible things to survive, and to protect the ones he cares about.



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