JemmCBS released a synopsis and the first images for the upcoming sixth episode of Supergirl, and we already have a glimpse of a new character. In Human for a Day, the heroine’s sister Alex Danvers will continue investigating on her boss Hank Henshaw, but she’ll eventually find herself locked up with him in the D.E.O. base…along with an alien who managed to escape his prison. The alien in question is Jemm, portrayed by Charles Halford. In the comics, Jemm actually acted only once as a villain (and he was brainwashed), but he mostly has been a true superhero…but it’s more likely that the show will use him as a bad guy just for this once, ignoring the comics’ evolution of the character, much like they did with Vartox. Anyway, we can still hope. Let’s see together who the Son of Saturn is in the comics.

In ancient times, Saturn was an uninhabited planet: everything changed the moment people from Ma’aleca’andra (planet Mars) colonized it, creating a race of clones that would have acted as workers in the mines, a race they named H’ronmeerca’s. The red and the white-skinned Saturnians were treated as equals by the Green Martians, but were seen only as slaves by the White Martians: the differences between them eventually led the Martians to a civil war, that ended with the Whites’ defeat. The Saturnians knew a period of peace and freedom, and they created their own society, led by wise King Jaxx. Jemm was born the son of Jaxx and of his wife, Jarlla: marked by a birthstone on his forhead, he was presented to the people as the savior prophetized by the Saturnian religion. The planet, albeit free from the Martians’ control, was still plagued by a civil war fueled by the White Martians, and was waiting for a Messiah. Jemm was raised with a strong sense of responsibility towards his people, and his teacher, a White Saturnian named Rahani, guided him in the discovery of his powerful psychic abilities. Jemm also knew love in the person of Syraa, who became his betrothed. The war, however, was excalating fast, and the White Martians were trying to regain their jemmcomics1control over Saturn moving the conflict directly to Bhok, the capital. When it was clear the destruction of the city would have been inevitable, many citizens escaped to other planets, Syraa included, but the royal family chose to stay. Bhok eventually crumbled under the enemy’s assaults, as well as most of the other cities on the planet; Jaxx was killed, but Jarlla and Rahani managed to save Jemm by hiding him in a cave, where he continued his education and became a wise leader and a fine warrior, ready to guide his people once the catastrophe was over. The White Martians, however, were on the prince’s trails, and they eventually found him: the queen and the teacher got killed, and only Jemm survived the attack. Seeing that Saturn was now a desolated and lifeless planet, destroyed by the war, he stole a ship and headed to Earth, a small and distant planet Syraa had chosen as her shelter. Following the last informations he had, Jemm arrived in HarlemNew York City.

Earth was an unknown world for Jemm, but he found a friend and a guide in a young orphan, Luther Mannkin, who helped him in his search for Syraa. His beloved wasn’t the only Saturnian on the planet: there was also Synn, a White Saturnian who still harbored hatred towards the Red Saturnians, and had allied herself with a human criminal, Claudius Tull, to wipe them out, creating a machine able to use the Reds as energy sources. Jemm and Luther battled Synn and Tull many times, until they were finally able to find Syraa. Happy he had finally found her alive and well, Jemm was now ready to take back his responsibilities as a prince: along with Syraa and Luther, he travelled to New Bohk, a Saturnian colony, ready to guide his people. Synn and Tull followed them on the colony, and they rekindled the ancient hatreds between Red and White Saturnians, starting another civil war. Knowing he had responsibilities over every Saturnian, being them White or Red, Jemm refused to pick a side, and even prevented the Reds from annihilating the Whites. Tull, who was now a being of pure energy, unleashed his power to force Jemm’s hand, bringing the conflict to a whole new scale. At the end of the war, when Tull was defeated and Synn was forced to surrender, most Whites had died despite Jemm’s efforts, and the jemmcomics2Reds didn’t trust their “king” anymore. Loathed by both sides because of his impartiality, Jemm decided to leave the throne and to come back to Earth with Luther and Syraa, looking for a new beginning on the planet that had welcomed him. Peace wasn’t at Jemm’s reach apparently, and Syraa disappeared once again soon after they reached Earth. Jemm looked for his beloved all over the planet, but ended up meeting the most dangerous man on Earth, Lex Luthor, who kidnapped him and brainwashed him to make him a psychic weapon against the Justice League of America. As part of the Injustice Gang, Jemm attacked the JLA both psychically and physically; as soon as the heroes realised he was under mind control, they tried to break Luthor’s influence over him, but Plastic Man‘s efforts failed one after the other. Only Martian Manhunter‘s psychic attack managed to free Jemm’s mind, but it also left him comatose. As Martians were responsible for Saturnians’ fate, now the Manhunter felt responsible for Jemm, and stayed by his side, helping him recover: soon, the Son of Saturn would have risen again, to be the king and the hero he was always meant to be.

Jemm is a noble and selfless man, committed to his people’s safety and ready to serve Saturnians by leading them towards a peace they’ve never known in their history. The gemstone on his forehead allows him to sense the emotions of the people around him, and to make others feel his own emotions, thus making him the ultimate empathic, a fundumental quality for a leader. His alien physiology also gives him superhuman abilities such as flight, incredible strength, speed, durability and stamina, and also psychic abilities such as telekinesis, psychokinesis and telepathy. A peace-seeking king for a war-mongering people, Jemm the Son of Saturn dedicates his life to create a better future for two races that only knew hatred and conflict, a true hero who never ceases his apparently hopeless quest.


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