Reva Connors

Reva ConnorsLet’s go directly to Jessica Jones second episode to meet another character, a huge part of another protagonist’s mythology. In AKA Crush Syndrome, we get a glimpse of what happened between Jessica Jones and Kilgrave, especially regarding the end of their “relationship”, and we see the mind-controlled heroine killing in cold blood another woman, portrayed by Parisa Fitz-Henley. That’s Reva Connors…and unfortunately she’s also Luke Cage‘s never forgotten wife, not exactly a good start for Jessica’s and Luke’s story. In the show she’s been dead for over an year, but in the comics Reva lived (slightly) more, did more trouble…and never married Luke, despite they both wanted to. Let’s see together.

Reva Connors was born in New York City, in Harlem, when the block wasn’t exactly the safest one around and dozens of gangs were fighting for the control of the territory. She grew up with her brother Sam, and they lived a simple life, hanging out with friends and trying to stay out of trouble…at least when they were kids. Among the Connors’ friends there were also Carl Lucas and Willis Stryker, two teenagers who tried to make a name for themselves by entering The Rivals, a gang constantly at war with The Diablos for the “throne” of Harlem. Reva didn’t like the gang world, but she cared for both Carl and Willis, and she stood by their side even when they started committing petty crimes for a local crimelord, Sonny Caputo. Both Carl and Willis fell in love with Reva, while the revaconnorscomics1girl was attached to them both, but eventually it was Willis the first one to make a move: Carl didn’t want to start a rivalry with his best friend over a woman, so he let go, and Reva, on her side, accepted Willis’ court since Carl remained silent. This teenagers’ game evolved over the years, and eventually Reva and Willis ended up together. Reva loved her boyfriend, but she was constantly worried for the gangster life he had chosen for himself. Carl, on the opposite, had changed his life following his mother’s tragic death, and had found a honest job. Reva started having doubts on the man she had chosen…doubts that in a matter of days would have been cleared.

Stryker was an ambitious yet not-so-smart man, and he aimed to the very top of the food chain; after climbing the ladder inside The Rivals, he decided it was time for him to enter “real business”, and he expanded his trade so much that he ended up messing with the Italian criminal cartel, the Maggia. Maggia wasn’t exactly a neighborhood gang, and they didn’t have time to waste with small fries like Stryker, so they sent some men to kill him: Reva, fearing for her boyfriend’s life, called for Carl, and only his intervention saved Willis’ life. For the woman this was the last drop, and she found herself unable (and unwilling) to embrace such a violent and dangerous life, in which every day brought a new reason to worry about her man’s safety. She broke up with Willis, and she ended up looking for solace in Carl’s arms. Carl had always liked Reva, and she liked him as well: the two started dating, and they eventually found out how deeply they loved each other. Reva and Carl eventually got engaged, ready to start a brand new life together. Unfortunately, Stryker wasn’t exactly the kind of guy who could be happy for somebody else’s happiness, and jealousy took the best of him (if anything had remained of the best of him by that time). Wanting to hurt both his former best friend and his enemies, Stryker stole drugs from the Maggia, and hid them into Carl’s revaconnorscomics2apartment, later making an anonymous call to the police to frame Lucas. Even the Maggia, however, had contacts inside the NYPD, so they tracked the drug back to the apartment, knowing far too well who was the true responsible of the theft. Wanting to punish Stryker, the Maggia hitmen eventually killed Reva, while Carl Lucas was arrested for the drug in his apartment and brought to Seagate Prison. Eventually, Reva had chosen the right man among the two friends, but far too late…

Reva Connors is a charming and independent young woman, strong enough to stand side by side with some of the most dangerous men in her neighborhood without fear of showing quite a temper with them. Despite the kind of people she accompanies herself with, however, Reva dreams of another kind of life, of a family and of a peaceful existence…something that she certainly cannot find with Willis Stryker.



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