David & Mrs. Campbell

brian&alisajonesfilmBack to Jessica Jones for a couple of new characters. In the eighth episode, AKA WWJD? (where the “J” doesn’t stand for Jesus but for Jessica), a flashback brings us back to the moment of the accident that killed the protagonist’s family, and gave her her powers. In the scene, we see Jessica’s parents, Brian and Alisa Jones, portrayed by James Colby and Miriam Shor, respectively. Obviously, being the heroine’s parents they appear in the comics as well, even if with some changes, names for first: originally, Jessica’s father is not named Brian, but Dave, while her mother is never named at all. Plus, their surname is actually CampbellJones is the one Jessica takes from her adoptive family. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about the Campbells at all, least of all of the time before they got married. David Campbell was most likely an engineer of sort, and he worked for Stark Industries. He fell in love with an unnamed woman, and the two got married. They lived together in New York City, and when Mrs. Campbell got pregnant, they moved to the residential area of Forrest Hills, a nice place to raise children. Mrs. Campbell gave birth to a baby daughter, Jessica, who grew up into a shy and introverted girl. The three of them lived a perfectly normal life in a perfectly normal neighborhood, and soon they became four, as Mrs. Campbell got pregnant a second time. This time she gave davecampbellcomics1birth to a boy, Phillip, who turned out to develop a character that was exactly the opposite of his sister’s. The Campbell family lived a normal life made of everyday ups and downs, and Dave and his wife saw their children grow up into a demanding teenager (Jessica) and a lively child (Phillip), spending much of their family time reconciling them during their continuous squabbles. Jessica started attending Midtown High School, and she even developed a “secret” crush on one of her schoolmates and neighbors, Peter Parker: everything was perfectly normal for a perfectly normal family.

Obviously, everything then changed, and it changed pretty fast and unexpectedly. Dave had been working pretty hard as of lately, and his boss, Tony Stark, decided to reward his employee with free tickets to Disney World for his entire family. Dave’s wife, and of course Phillip, were just enthusiastic for that unscheduled family trip; Jessica wasn’t exactly as happy as her little brother, but she came along nevertheless (not that she had much of a choice). The car trip was quite a long one, and it started in the worst of ways: with Jessica and Phillip giving start to yet another of their irritating fights. Mrs. Campbell did her best to calm them down, while Dave soon lost his temper: as a result, he started quarreling with his wife as well, and the car turned into a moving family-boxing ring. Eventually, Dave was so distracted that he lost control of the vehicle, just when they were approaching a military convoy passing by. The car slipped under one of the trucks, and was reduced to an entangled plate immediately after. The impact threw the car away from the highway, but not before one of the canisters the mrscampbellcomics2truck was transporting hit Jessica on the backseat. The car kept rolling for a while, until it stopped on an embarkment, landed on its roof, and caught fire. Both Dave and his wife died in the accident, along with Phillip: only Jessica remained, but the canister had its consequences on her…

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell (as far as the little we know about them is concerned) are two perfectly normal spouses and parents, dealing with an everyday life made of work, housekeeping and, most of all, taking care of two children often fighting one with the other. Their life doesn’t differ in anything from the one of thousands of other middle-class families, apart, of course, for its abrupt end.



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