Tomek Ovadya Morah/Thomas Oscar Morrow (T.O. Morrow)

T.O. MorrowToday let’s take a look at the second character spotted in the last Supergirl promo. In Red Faced, the U.S. Army will put Supergirl in a sparring match against their newest assett, the android Red Tornado, but something will go wrong…much to the dismay of the android’s creator, T.O. Morrow, portrayed by Iddo Goldberg (who will also play Red Tornado). Morrow is been an enemy to the entire Justice League of America since the 1960s, creating one lethal robot after the other, but it’s still unclear if he’ll be the bad guy in the episode or just a scientist who really loses control of his creation…let’s hope he’ll go full-villain mode, it’d be funnier. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original one…with the usual DC double origin.

The first version of T.O. Morrow was a regular criminal, who pretended to be an explorer from a future timeline, and used this expedient to rob scientist of part of their tech, building futuristic devices with them and using these to commit crimes. He was exposed and incarcerated during his first confrontation with the Shining Knight. This short-lived version of the character soon left room to another one in the multiverse: Tomek Ovadya Morah, born in NasielskPolland, a scientific genius who believed he was the key for humanity to make a step into a future of reason and illumination. From Polland, Morah moved to the United States of America, where he legally changed his name into Thomas Oscar Morrow, with his new name being a statement: he meant to be the man of “tomorrow”. Unfortunately, soon his ambition took over his idea of “humanity’s progress”, and he started using his amazing inventions for personal profit only. First, faithful to his name, Morrow invented a device, similar to a television, that allowed him to see 100 years into the future: observing the future tech, he was able to replicate it in present time, more often than not usingt.o.morrowcomics1 it for committing several crimes, becoming insanely rich in a matter of months. Stealing money with his genius and his technology, however, became quite boring, and Morrow looked for a challenge: using his Fourth-Dimensional Grapple Beam, that allowed him to transport matter from one timeline to another, he stole some samples of future tech to build a machine capable of creating duplicates of other people, and he used it to “clone” Green Lantern. Morrow used his three copies of the Lantern to committ crimes around the world in his place, thus publicly challenging the hero and finally breaking his boredome. Green Lantern teamed up with The Flash, and the two heroes together destroyed the copies and defeated the evil scientist, who apparently died when he fell into the void created by one of his mysterious machines. T.O. Morrow, however, wasn’t dead at all: the device had transported him into another universe, Earth-2, where he soon came back to activity.

On the parallel universe nobody new T.O. Morrow yet, so he could act freely for a while…until a supercomputer he had invented, a machine allegedly able to predict the future, asserted that he would have surely died if he didn’t destroy the Justice Society of America, that world’s super group. It even suggested its creator the best way to do it: to build a humaniztron (an artificial human) to infiltrate in their ranks, and kill them from the inside. Morrow followed the computer’s instructions, and built the Red Tornado, a powerful android that served its purpose and battled the JSA…until it gained a personal conscience, and rebelled to its creator, siding with the heroes. Imprisoned, Morrow managed to escape and to find shelter in Queen Bee‘s hideout, and from there he attempted several times to reprogram Red Tornado and to compel him to follow its original mission. The events, however, had modified the timeline someway, since the computer now foresaw that Morrow would have been killed not by the JSA, but by the JLA from Earth-1, a change that forced the scientist to abduct Red Tornado once again t.o.morrowcomics2and to send him to his original universe, trying to prevent his fate. The JLA however won the resulting battle, and the android joined their ranks…but Morrow didn’t die, even after the end of the computer’s countdown. At that point, something unforseen happened, and T.O. Morrow split into two separate beings, each one oblivious to the existence of the other. The original Morrow found out of the existence of his duplicate (who had mutated and evolved into what he called Future Man) only when the latter died as a consequence of his own mutation: investigating the phenomenon, he found out that his own supercomputer, programmed to be infallible, couldn’t “accept” its mistake in forseeing Morrow’s death, and had tried to realize it on its own manipulating some of the scientist’s future tech, with the result of splitting him in two (a direct consequence of its own programming in binary code). Seeing how flawed this artificial intelligence was, Morrow came back studying his greatest success, Red Tornado, trying to understand why one A.I. among many was so different, and finding out that a wind elemental had tampered with his invention without him realising it. Knowing the cause, he was now able to replicate it…even if that would have meant the destruction of the now heroic android.

Thomas Oscar Morrow is an absolute genius, one of the most brilliant men living and one of the most accomplished roboticists ever lived. As T.O. Morrow, he has built devices that allowed him to access future technology, which he reverse-engineered in new and formidable ways. He’s the creator of androids like Red Tornado, Red TorpedoRed VolcanoRed Inferno and Tomorrow Woman, and working with other evil scientists such as Professor Ivo he perfectioned his science even more, most of the times building weapons and lethal robots. His continuous interferences with the timeline are a constant threat to the continuum, but Morrow’s ambitions exceed his concern for existence as we know it: recognising himself as the ultimate genius, T.O. Morrow uses his remarkable intellect for personal profit only, putting up challenges to what he considers to be “lesser minds” in order to prove his superiority.



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