Miklos Koslov

Dr. KoslovFinally, time for the last character appeared in the amazing Jessica Jones tv series. In the ninth episode, AKA Sin Bin, agent Will Simpson is nearly killed by Kilgrave, and ends up in the hospital…where he refuses to be treated by anyone but a Doctor Koslov, portrayed by Thomas Kopache. Not only Koslov appears to be more than able to make a half-dead man stand on his feet again in a matter of hours, but it’s implied he’s heavily involved in the hormonal experimentation Simpson had gone through during war, and later goes through again to face Kilgrave, gaining superpowers and losing his mind. Koslov is actually a minor character from the comics, a scientist as well, but with a different background: appearing exclusively in the 1960s Strange Tales series, he has nothing to do with the Weapon Plus Program. Let’s see together who this creepy doctor originally is.

Miklos Koslov was born in an unspecified city of Russia, a man of incredible intellect who soon became one of the most brilliant scientists in the entire country. Koslov had many doubts on the recent Communist Revolution, and when the perfect State theorised by Lenin became an oppressive regime led by Stalin, he openly opposed it. His political position forced him to abanndon his work, his home and family, and after the Second World War Koslov joined the Freedom Fighters, operating anywhere in Eastern Europe and leading many actions against the regime. During one of these operations, however, Koslov was captured by the Soviets, and brought back to Russia for the execution. Just before he could be brought in front of the firing squad, a Soviet officer, Colonel Vorcutsky, recognised in the prisoner the famous scientist Miklos Koslov, and ordered the execution to be suspended. In mikloskoslovcomics1exchange of his life, and with his friends and allies threatened, Koslov was forced to work for Vorcutsky in the Soviet atomic testing sites, helping the USSR in winning the Cold War against the USA. Without a choice, Koslov agreed to help his enemies, In order to spare the nearby villages the consequences of atomic testing, Koslov developed a new method of underground testing…unfortunately, he ended up awakening an ancient monster, a dragon named Grogg. Not exactly happy for being awakened after all that time, Grogg started hunting down the scientists, and Koslov and Vorcutsky tried to escape by plane; the dragon, however, easily took down the plane, demanding to see the leader of his disturbers. Vorcutsky, obviously, pointed at Koslov, and the scientist faced alone the wrath of the dragon. Luckily enough, a gas bomb was more than enough to temporarily blind Grogg, and Koslov managed to escape…leaving Vorcutsky to suffer the punishment of the ancient monster.

Of course, Koslov had no intention at all to come back to his captors after the accident, so he exploited the destruction caused by Grogg to escape from Russia, taking particular advantage from the fact that the Soviet authorities believed him to be dead as all the others. Through clandestine means Koslov managed to cross the Iron Curtain, and eventually he arrived in the USA, where he legally changed his name into Michael Koslov and tried to start a new life. American authorities granted the scientist asylum, but they obviously refused to believe his story about Grogg. When the intelligence reported news about new strange experiments going on in the USSR, just nearby the site Koslov used to work in, the scientist was summoned by the Army, and he was assigned an undercover mission to spy on the Russians and gain intel on what they were doing. Not happy of coming back to Russia, Koslov nevertheless agreed, and came back to the land he knew far too well. Here, he realised that the Soviets were starting
a project of colonization of Mars, using futuristic space technology. Koslov didn’t have time to report to his mikloskoslovcomics2superiors, so he decided he would have stopped them by himself. Coming back to the mountains he had left the dragon upon, Koslov summoned Grogg, disturbing his slumber once again. The furious dragon recognised Koslov, and attacked him: the scientist let Grogg follow him to the launching site, and tricked the beast to enter the space craft, just moments before the launch. Doing so, Koslov had obtained two goals: first, he had succesfully rid planet Earth of such a destructive monster; second, with Grogg wandering on Mars, the Soviets would have never colonized the planet, least of all established a military base on it. With such results, Michael Koslov could rightfully come back to his adoptive home country as a hero.

Miklos “Michael” Koslov is a man with a solid morality and a sharp intellect, a scientific genius gifted with a political conscience that makes him take also dangerous initiatives to oppose tyranny and oppression. Originally a physicist, Koslov is an extremely versatile scientist, and his fantasy and inventiveness prove to be vital in his unexpected fight with the ancient dragon Grogg.


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