Connor Hawke (Green Arrow)

Connor HawkeIn the last crossover between Arrow and The Flash many things have changed, characters introduced, storylines started…and some narrative twist has been made. Recently, the producers announced that Connor Hawke would have made his debut in Legends of Tomorrow, but that he wouldn’t have been Oliver Queen‘s son as in the comics: this caused some changes in the already existing continuity, and the woman credited as Sandra Hawke has been renamed Samantha Clayton…just when, in Legends of Today, we met her son. Connor Hawke has been split in two, and while the adult version will keep his name (and heroic activity), the second, who’s now named William, is the one we met, the kid portrayed by Jack Moore. Now, waiting to meet the “real” Connor Hawke in LoT, and waiting to see what the consequences of the “fake” one’s presence will be, let’s take a look at the original character.

Connor Hawke was the result of a one-night-stand between young billionaire playboy Oliver Queen and the hippie Moonday Hawke: Queen wasn’t ready to be a father so, after seeing his son’s first day of life, he left Moonday in the hospital with him, along with a check to provide for the baby’s necessities, and fled. Moonday, who soon came back to her real name Sandra, started moving the country, taking Connor along: the boy grew up to be quite the problem child, and since because of his mixed heritage (he was part Korean, part Caucasian and part African-American) the other kids picked him on, he was often involved into brawls and fights. Sandra didn’t know how to manage her restless son, and tried pretty much everything; it was in Idaho, in her father’s farm, the only place where Connor had apparently found peace, that she realised that her son was lacking even just the idea of a paternal figure. Eventually, Connor was told that he was the son of Oliver Queen, and even that Queen was in reality the heroic connorhawkecomics1Green Arrow…the only thing he wasn’t told was that his father knew of him, and had abandoned him. Connor started collecting every newspaper article, every picture or bio about his father; when he was thirteen, he asked his mother the permission to attend the Ashram Monastery in the Napa Valley, the same buddhist temple where Oliver Queen had seeked inner peace. Sandra agreed, and Connor was entrusted to Master Jansen, the same monk who had trained Queen before. In the following five years, Connor studied hard, and totally embraced the zen philosophy; he also found out he had an outstanding natural disposition to martial arts, and became an accomplished aikido master, as well as a skilled archer. The only worldly thought he just couldn’t leave behind his back was his “contemplative love” for his father, and he kept collecting scrapbooks and even comicbooks of his adventures and deeds. Watching his best pupil grow, Master Jansen realised that soon enough Connor would have followed his father’s footsteps: it was his destiny.

Destiny, in fact, had a strange way to play his tricks: a new penitent arrived in the monastery, and became Connor’s new roomate. He was Oliver Queen, hair and beard shaven, who had abandoned Seattle after killing his best friend Hal Jordan (who had become the villain Parallax) and breaking up with his wife Black Canary. During the time he spent in the monastery with the one he didn’t know was his son, Oliver became Connor’s friend, and told him much about himself, and about the reasons that had brought him to become a hero. Connor didn’t tell Ollie that he was his son, enjoying the time spent with him…until an assassin came to Ashram, trying to kill Queen. Connor helped in defeating him, but Oliver decided to leave the monastery to find out who had sent the killer. The boy managed to convince his “friend” to take him along, and the two archers reached Eddie Fyers, a CIA agent friend of Ollie, to ask for his help. The trio traveled the world to find the killer’s instigator, connorhawkecomics2but the search was abruptly interrupted when a ghostly Parallax revealed to Queen that Connor was actually his son: believing the boy was planning something weird for hiding such a thing from him, Oliver left him after a quarrel. The two didn’t have any opportunity to reconciliate, as Green Arrow died soon after in Metropolis, perishing in an explosion after saving the city from a group of terrorists. Distraught at his father’s death, Connor kept traveling with Eddie Fyers, perfectioning his training, and trying to find his place in the world. He eventually brought the news of Oliver’s death to Black Canary, also revealing to her his connection to the deceased hero: Canary, clearly shocked, decided however to give Connor one of Green Arrow’s old bows, encouraging him to fill into his father’s shoes. Persuaded by Black Canary, Master Jensen and Eddie Fyers, Connor Hawke became the new Green Arrow, and continued his father’s work of protecting the ones who couldn’t protect themselves. With quite a challenging legacy to respect, the Green Arrow was nevertheless deeply committed to be the hero he knew his father had been.

Connor Hawke is a sensitive and good-hearted young man, who suffered much for his father’s absence, and developed a deep respect and affection towards him. Living years in a buddhist monastery made him serious, calm and empathetic, but also a bit naive towards the ways of the world. As Green Arrow, he’s an accomplished Kyudo archer, even if not as skilled as his father, and he’s inherited the original hero’s trick arrows and equipment; he’s also one of the most accomplished martial artists on the planet, able to stand almost toe-to-toe with the lethal Lady Shiva. His zen education also gave him clairvoyance, even if it only manifests through hardly-understandable dreams and visions; recently, Dr. Sivana experimented on him, giving him a healing factor that slows down his aging and increases his stamina and his resistence to pain. Deeply committed in his role as a hero, Connor is also the moral compass of the Arrow Family, and usually the only one able not to lose his temper. The new Green Arrow fights for justice, for peace…and for making his father proud.



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