Wallace Rudolph West (Kid Flash)

The midseason finale of The Flash is approaching, and it will feature quite a trio of old villains…and it will also introduce a brand new character, who’ll undoubtedly will make his presence felt. In Running to Stand Still, in fact, Iris West will finally find the secret brother Francine told her about, but she’ll try her best to keep him hidden from her father. The boy is Wally West, portrayed by Keiynan Lonsdale, and he’ll be a recurring character for the next half of the season. In the comics, Wally is one of the most important characters in The Flash‘s mythology, but he’s quite different from the show’s portrayal: first of all, his ethnicity has been changed accordingly to the rest of the West family, he’s introduced in a much older age than his comicbook counterpart’s debut, and his relatives to Iris have been changed as well, since he’s not originally her brother (or step brother). Let’s see together.

Wallace Rudolph West was born in New ValleyNebraska, the son of Rudolph and Mary West. When he was a kid, Wally’s one and only passion was The Flash, the superhero of Central City, and he spent time daydreaming of being him; he was also the president, founder and sole member of the Blue Valley Flash Fan Club. Instead of considering his fantasies just childhood dreams, Wally’s parents got quite worried for what they believed was a constant detachment from reality, and they began to scold him hardly anytime he even talked about Flash, wanting to keep his feet on the ground. Rudolph even tried to encourage Wally to have other kinds of dreams, such as working in the same plant he did (not much of a replacement for being a superhero, actually…), but the only result was to have Wally develop a constant sadness and apathy: the boy wasn’t happy with the life his parents wanted for him, and being denied to dream also was a torture. One day, during a family reunion, his father yelled at him once again for spilling some soda, and Wally, crying, hid in his
room. He was reached by a man whom he barely knew, and who he believed was some uncle of sort (he was actually Barry Allen, fiance of his aunt Iris), who quite unexpectedly encouraged him never to give up on his dreams. Those kidflashcomics1words would have given young Wally the strength to endure the years with his parents. One day of summer, when Wally was ten years old, aunt Iris, who knew far too well of her nephew’s love for The Flash, invited him to spend some days with her in Central City, and Rudolph and Mary agreed. Wally was just in love with everything in the big city, and he couldn’t wait to meet his hero. Iris then introduced the kid to her fiance, Barry Allen (Wally didn’t recognise in the forensic scientist the same man who comforted him years before), a man who Wally considered pretty boring…until he revealed to him that he was friends with The Flash, and that he could arrange a meeting between the hero and his “greatest fan”. Wally was far too happy to be suspicious, and his trust was amply rewarded when he found himself face to face with his all-time hero.

Wally and The Flash met in Barry’s lab, and the kid made an infinite number of questions to the Scarlet Speedster, including the one he’d been thinking all his life: how had he become Flash? The hero answered, and told him the story of his origin, and Wally hoped that a similar lab accident occured to him as well. Flash didn’t even finish telling him that a similar accident was extremely unlikely to happen twice, that a bolt of lightning struck the lab, investing Wally with the same chemicals that had given birth to The Flash, turning the kid into a speedster as well. Quite shocked, The Flash realised that the boy needed a mentor, and he revealed himself to him as Barry Allen: he told him that it was necessary to keep both their abilities and identities hidden from everyone, Iris included, and kidflashcomics2offered Wally to teach him everything he knew about the Speed Force. Wally wasn’t waiting for anything else, and he accepted with enthusiasm. From that day, he became Kid Flash, The Flash’s first sidekick. The two speedsters shared many adventures, and when Flash believed Wally was ready, he let him act alone on his first mission: to hunt down and arrest Mr. Element, a criminal who had been destroying works of art. From that point, Kid Flash started operating solo as well, albeit always in contact with his mentor. When he faced Mr. Twister, a novelist turned criminal, Kid Flash realised the villain was too powerful for him to face alone, and he allied with other two sidekicks, Robin and Aqualad: the trio defeated Twister, and they also became friends. Their frienship came in handy when Antithesis managed to brainwash The Flash, AquamanBatman and Wonder Woman, making them his slaves: to stop their mentors, Kid Flash, Aqualad and Robin, this time together with Wonder Girl, joined forces, and eventually managed to break Antithesis’ control over the heroes. The four young heroes worked so well together that they decided to become a team on their own, the Teen Titans, with the leadership entrusted to Robin. Kid Flash was finally fulfilling his dream of becoming just like The Flash, despite his parents and their downings…and he was doing it much faster than Barry had done.

Wally West is a lively and enthusiast young boy, who’s living the absolute joy of fulfilling his everlasting dream of becoming The Flash (sort of). After being a taciturn and shy kid, frustrated by his parents’ dampening of his dreams, Wally is now a cheerful teenager, rushy and constantly surprised of the new world he’s embraced. As Kid Flash, he has access to the Speed Force, that grants him an incredible speed, as well as a superhuman stamina, a decelerated aging, and a variety of abilities coming from speed such as phasing, running on vertical surfaces and so on. Kid Flash is still an inexperienced hero, who’s only but tapped all the infinite potentialities of the Speed Force…but this is more than enough to give him quite a thrill.




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