Geoff (Super-Shock)

Super ShockThe first trailer for the upcoming second season of Powers has been released, and a couple of new characters are immediately identifiable. First, let’s see one of the biggest guest stars of the show: Michael Madsen, who’ll portray Super-Shock. Super-Shock will be a former superhero, who used to be one of the most powerful ones ever, and who comes out of years of retirement after the murder of Retro-Girl that closed the previous season. Why he’ll don his flashy costume again remains to be seen, but his addition surely is intriguing (especially considering the consequeces of his presence in the comics…). In the comics, he’s one of the most relevant characters of the entire series, albeit among the minor ones…and he surely is powerful, some sort of Superman of the Powers universe. Let’s see together…but beware of spoilers, even if the show never followed the comics that much.

Super-Shock’s origins are shrouded in mystery: he could be as ancient as the world itself, and his deeds had been recorded for millennia, until he finally let himself be seen by humans, revealing himself as a nearly omnipotent guardian angel who watched over men and women all over the world. Most of his life, Super-Shock acted unnoticed: he was powerful enough to be perceived only if he wanted so. Gifted with god-like powers and guided by a moral just as strong as he was, he crossed human history with the sole purpose of serving and protecting humankind, performing a series of “miraculous” deeds that most of the times were later attributed to divine interventions; in modern times, when his presence was known, he was the one the word “superhero” was invented for. Following the appearance of others like him, called Powers, even he followed the “trend”: he created a civilian identity, Geoff,supershockcomics1 and tailored a costume, naming himself Super-Shock. Following his public debut as Super-Shock, he soon became the most iconic, loved, respected and trusted superhero in the whole world, as well as being acknowledged as the most powerful of them all. As a known superhero, he could meet other Powers, and among these he met Ultrabright, an amazon warrior with mind-control powers, who became his lover. Along with Ultrabright, Super-Shock also founded one of the first superhero teams, Unity: together with them, the team included the world’s greatest detective Red Hawk, the mystical martial artist Dragonfist and the nuclear hero Nucleus. Unity defeated some of the worst threats the world had ever known, confirming the world’s trust towards superheroes in general…and towards Super-Shock in particular. Then, everything began to crumble.

First, Red Hawk was involved into a sexual scandal with his sidekick Wing; then, Ultrabright transformed Unity into her private corporation, leading it as her own security agency rather than as a superhero team; last but not least, Super-Shock started asking himself some uncomfortable questions, that led him to a conclusion: he had spent most of his life trying to serve humans, while they were so obviously inferior creatures; he wanted to be useful to them, while they should be serving him like a king. Lingering in these thoughts brought Super-Shock to lose contact with reality, to the point that he became another man entirely…and acted on consequence. First, he murdered the one who was responsible for Unity’s end: Red Hawk, whom he first exposed publicly as the pedophile he was. Then, after being exposed by Detective Kutter as the culprit, he totally lost it, and abandoned all restraint. He intervened in the war between Israel and Palestine, putting an end to it by completely vaporizing the entire area; then, aiming to present himself as the only godly being on the planet, he went to Rome, and melted the Pope himself. He killed thousands of other people in such a variety of ways that only a supershockcomics2small fraction of his deeds were attributed to him: he was unstoppable, a relentless force of nature who acted for himself only for the first time of his long history. The world’s Powers and the legal authorities of the entire planet soon went after him, and he retaliated abducting Deena Pilgrim, a detective from the Homicide Unit now partner to his former friend Christian Walker: he brought her into open space, exposing her to complete vacuum. Then, he resurrected her, and he killed her again, and again, and again, until he held her beating heart in his own hand showing it to her, proving his point of having total control over humans’ life and death. Super-Shock was a threat the likes the world had never seen, and he was utterly unstoppable…until Ultrabright, worried for her brand, confronted him, suggesting him three simple words with her mesmeric voice: “Cease to be”…

The man known as Geoff is the embodiment of everything a hero should be: selfless, brave, pure and altruistic, a good-hearted genius who sums in himself all the best qualities of human race, and betters them. As Super-Shock, he’s most likely the most powerful superhuman ever appeared on the planet: he possesses nearly unlimited strength, durability, speed and stamina, he can fly, he’s virtually immortal, he can manipulate and emit energy, he possesses a highly destructive sonic scream…and most of all he can manipulate reality at will, meddling with the very laws of life and death. Perfection incarnate, Super-Shock’s balance unfortunately didn’t last as much as his immortal body, and he transformed from the perfect hero into the perfect villain: ruthless, cold, determined to prove his superiority to the entire universe, he’s now a serious threat to the very fundaments of existence.



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