Agent LangeThere’s still one character (maybe more…if you have any hint, you’re more than welcome) identifiable in the trailer for the second season of Powers: we see Christian Walker quarreling, and later having sex, with a woman who he clearly shares a past with. That’s Agent Lange, portrayed by Tricia Helfer. We know that the show version of Lange will be an FBI agent who crosses paths with the Powers Division, and that her relation with Walker and his colleagues will be quite complicated, as she’s been stated to be “both an enemy and an ally, when it suits her agenda”. In the comics, Lange is one of the recurring characters in the second part of the series, who plays quite a pivotal role in the new life of Walker and Deena Pilgrim. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Lange’s early life, not even her first name. She was a Power, a woman gifted with superhuman abilities, which she mainly used for performing heroic deeds. During her (brief) heroic career she met others like her, and among them Diamond, one of the most powerful (and popular) heroes of her time. Lange and Diamond worked together on several occasions, and they also became romantically involved, with the woman becoming one of the hero’s many lovers. Following the all-out war against the supervillains led by Johnny Royalle, an event that put an end to the Golden Age of superheroes, Lange lost her powers due to unknown circumstances, most likely because of Triphammer‘s Power Drainer (the same machine that depowered Diamond and his nemesis Wolfe). Being now a regular human, Lange kept fighting the good fight nevertheless, and joined the FBI as an on-field agent. Obviously, her experience proved to be quite useful to the feds, and she soon became the referent for all the Powers-related cases. This task obviously brought her to cross the path of The City‘s Homicide Division, often involved in murders related to the use of superhuman abilities, and in particular with Diamond, who went now by the name agentlangecomics1Christian Walker and worked for the police exactly the way she worked for the FBI. Walker’s new partner, Deena Pilgrim, with time came to respect Lange, but she didn’t quite like her, mostly because usually when Lange showed up it meant that the federals were about to take a case from her and Walker. Problems of jurisdiction apart, Lange also happened to help Walker and Pilgrim in some cases, most notably the one revolving around Queen Noir, a demon-possessed Power who had been killing off her teammates from The Heroes, compelled by the entity controlling her.

Eventually, Lange’s successes in the FBI were awarded with quite a career, and she finally became Director, being in charge of every single Powers-related case, and controlling a special team of Powers and ex-Powers. The government became extremely strict in terms of Powers when the most trusted and respected superhero, Super-Shock, went mad and started a planetary killing spree: following the tragedy, all Powers were forbidden by the law to use their abilities in public, even in case of superheroes, and the work for federals became extremely more complicated, since they had now to punish, restrain and/or arrest any single Power making use of his skills. Plus, following the federal law, all cases connected to Powes where now on FBI’s jurisdiction, so the police’s Powers Division was closed for good, with all agents, officers and detectives reassigned to other divisions or other organizations. Among the ones joining the FBI there were also Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, who ended up under Lange’s command. Working with her former lover wasn’t exactly a piece of cake, especially considering the wide mistrust Lange had to face in the Bureau every day: human agents, in agentlangecomics2fact, believed that, being her an ex-Power, she still had a soft spot for “her people”, and that she favored them by giving them the best cases and especially by closing an eye on their mistakes, even the most serious ones. Lange acted accordingly to her way of doing things, but surely Pilgrim and Walker didn’t facilitate things for her: during one of their first cases with the Bureau, a pregnant woman ended up being killed by the Power they were pursuing, thus stirring up quite a hornet’s nest. The fact that both Walker and Pilgrim had gained (or re-gained) superpowers and were hiding this little detail would have become quite a time-bomb in Lange’s division…

Director Lange is a strong and authoritarian woman, a natural leader able to listen to her subordinate’s words, but who’ll end up doing things her way nevertheless. Despite losing her powers (which included super strength, and maybe something else) she’s still a fearsome woman, a highly trained agent, a skilled detective and a proficient armed and unarmed combatant. The junction point between the world of Powers and the one of regular people, Lange feels all the pressure of her delicate situation…but this doesn’t prevent her from being the capable and relentless boss her office needs her to be.


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