Anton Zeck (Bebop)

bebopfilmAnother trailer has been released in these days, the first one for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, sequel to last year’s blockbuster. Almost all characters are returning ones, and we already spoke about them…apart from two, here at their live action debut. First one is Bebop, the humanoid warthog with a purple Mohawk, who’ll be portrayed by Gary Anthony Williams. In the movie, he’ll be a street thug transformed into a super strong monster thanks to Baxter Stockman‘s experiments for the Foot Clan, becoming quite a formidable foe for the Ninja Turtles…despite his obvious lack of intelligence. In the comics, he’s pretty much the same, Stockman apart: let’s see together.

Anton Zeck‘s past is a long collection of failures and incompetence. Wanting to suck the marrow out of New York City, he became a street thug at young age, and he only knew criminality all his life. He joined one gang after the other, always trying to climb the ranks, and ending up failing miserably, usually causing the end of the gang itself, or being kicked out of it nevertheless. In his continuous failures, however, Zeck wasn’t alone, as he was always accompanied by Ivan Steranko, another goon looking for glory. Zeck and Steranko became friends, and started presenting themselves to their possible bosses as a couple of thugs…and they kept screwing everything up together. Finally, they were recruited by a female ninja, Karai, to be part of the newest and most vicious criminal group in bebopcomics1town, the Foot Clan, an ancient cult who was trying to conquer New York. Anton and Ivan saw in the Foot the chance they were looking for all their life, and they joined the ninjas…making their first step in a wider, weirder world, made of mutants, science freaks and ancient magic. During their first mission, in fact, Zeck and Steranko (who now went by the names Bebop and Rocksteady) had to back up Alopex, a mutant fox, whose task was to infiltrate the lair of the main enemies of the Foot Clan, the Ninja Turtles. One of the turtles, Raphael, never trusted Alopex, and saw through her schemes, thus forcing Bebop and Rocksteady to show themselves before time and to try and subdue the mutants…with scarce results, obviously. Back to the base, defeated, Zeck and his friend were afraid they would have been kicked out of the Foot as well, but a new chance arose to stay within the Clan, and to obtain more power than they had ever had in their whole lives. Obviously, not a chance they would have missed.

Karai, in fact, had come back form a mission on Burnow Island, where she had stolen some mutagen from the alien Krang: the substance would have been used by the Clan to create new powerful warriors to send against the Turtles, but it was enough only for two. All the minions who wanted to become candidates for the experiment were forced to fight each other, until only two of them were left standing, and Anton Zeck was obviously among the mutant-wannabes. Albeit not exactly geniuses, both Bebop and Rocksteady had on their side a fair amount of strength, and the years spent on the streets gave them a style and a resourcefulness that most of the ninjas from the clan didn’t have: at the end, only the two grunts stood standing, and they earned the privilege of being subjected to the mutation. Bebop’s genes were mixed with the ones of a warthog, and he became a human-animal hybrid, with the (scarce) brain of the first, and all the heightened senses and strengths of the latter (Rocksteady underwent the same bebopcomics2process, but with a rhinoceros). In order to “test” his new minions, The Shredder led them in an ambush against the Turtles, and he was pleasantly surprised watching Bebop and Rocksteady beating the hell out of his enemies. Bebop, in particular, single handedly dealt with Raphael and Donatello, subduing them…until he was hit by an invisible attacker. The assailant turned out to be Old Hob, a mutant cat who protected the Turtles and defeated both Bebop and Rocksteady with heavy weaponry. The Turtles managed to escape, but Shredder was almost satisfied with his new mutants, and prepared new missions for them (usually in company of Karai, so that her brain could compensate for their total lack of intelligence). Bebop was now an unreplaceable member of a renowned criminal group…just what he had always wanted to be. Hair and snout were just secondary (and unimportant) side effects.

Anton Zeck is, simply put, a dumb and dull man, who usually prefers to use his fists rather than think. He’s nevertheless an ambitious man, who aims to become a rich and respected crimelord. As Bebop, he’s a massive human-warthog hybrid, with an incredible strength and a superhuman durability; he possesses an extremely sharp sense of smell, which compensates for his decreased eyesight (he never leaves his shades, though, even if his warthog’s eyes are not so useful); he’s also an accomplished street-fighter, an inventive brawler who can use nearly anything he finds around as a weapon…even if he has a soft spot for heavy guns and chainsaws. Just as stupid as he is dangerous, Bebop is more a fighter than a warrior, and this is often an advantage while facing honor-bound ninjas.


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