The Broker

The BrokerThe second missing character leads us back to one of the greatest successes of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy. This one isn’t a character that I didn’t notice (I couldn’t possibly miss him), but I simply didn’t know he came from the comics…sorry for that. Anyway, here’s The Broker, portrayed by Christopher Fairbanks. He’s the guy who accepts to sell the Orb for the Ravagers, and who abruptly changes his mind as soon as he learns that Ronan the Accuser is also interested in the artifact. He’s also the one who points the Ravagers to the Collector in exchange of his life. In the movie, the Broker deals with stolen objects and antiquities…while in the comics he prefers working with human material, and that’s why he’s also known as The Slaver. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about the man known as Broker, not even his real name or his homeplanet. Greedy and ruthless, he started accumulating money through the galaxies as a merchant, but when he decided the income wasn’t enough, he became a pirate; soon after, even piracy didn’t pay enough, and he embarked in the much more lucrative job of slaver, adding it to the previous ones. As a pirate, he assaulted ships and convoys around the galaxies, then he captured the occupants, and injected in their brains voracious Tyrmean Parasites, in order to ensure their obedience: a control bracelet that he never took off his left wrist was always ready to emit a powerful ultrasound that sent the parasite into a feeding frenzy, killing any rebellious slave; if that wasn’t enough, the Broker also had a fair amount of control nanites to inject into their bloodstream. During his travels, the Broker captured a powerful thebrokercomics1Hodomurian who called himself Century: he was the result of the fusion of all the best Hodomurian warriors, created to defeat the evil pandimensional witch Lore (an alternate-reality version of the Scarlet Witch). Of course, the Broker didn’t care much of Century’s mission, so he treated him as all the other slaves, even erasing most of his memories, leaving only an unstoppable urge to find Lore in him. Uninterested of the destiny of his new prisoner, the Broker eventually sold him to the Scatter race, making quite a price considering all the remarkable abilities of the subject. After that peculiar selling, the Broker kept doing his usual business, searching, stealing and selling any kind of items: when Captain Kkon crossed the pirate’s path, the Broker attacked his ship, destroying the fotel drive. At the Broker’s mercy, Kkon accepted to give him all the ship’s data in exchange of his crew’s life; as soon as he had obtained all the information, the Broker destroyed the ship with everybody aboard.

From Kkon’s data, the Broker realised that Century had escaped the Scatter, and was now hiding on a distant planet: not that he really cared of a single slave, but it was a matter of reputation, he need to mantain control over his things. He decided to hunt down Century on Earth. Soon after, in the Coda system, the Broker stopped for refueling his ship, using as a source the gas giant Arabellum: the Broker consumed it so much that the star died immediately after he left, leaving an entire star system to die. Finally, the Broker arrived on Earth, where his sensor immediately found Century in a residential area called the Works. In order to capture the super-Hodomurian, Broker sent him his Bodyguard Cadre, a group composed of his most lethal slaves, completely bent to his will. The Cadre didn’t capture Century, but got all the residents of the Works instead. Now with some goods to exchange, the Broker agreed to meet U.S. Agent, the protector of the Works: the two discussed a while, and they finally agreed to exchange Century with all the pirate’s prisoners. As soon as the Bodyguard Cadre brought the captives on the planet’s surface, Century appeared…but when the Broker touched him, he realised U.S. Agent had fooled him, and he was facing just a hologram. The real Century appeared thebrokercomics2behind him, and cut off the hand carrying the control bracelet. The Bodyguard Cadre, finally free from the Broker’s control, immediately tried to kill him, but Century defended his old captor, telling the others they needed him alive: he brought back both the Broker and the Cadre on the slaver’s ship, where the former captain was put in a cell. One of the Bodyguard Cadre, Skewer, soon tried to kill Broker, but Century intervened once again, explaining that they needed the Broker to encrypt them the navigation records to their homeworlds, if they wanted a chance to come back home. The Broker mockingly plauded Century’s brilliance, and prepared to enjoy a long space travel…one in which he knew he could still dictate rules, as everybody desperately needed him alive.

The Broker is a cruel and unscrupolous man, a greedy pirate ready to sacrifice anything, even millions of lives, to his own wealth. A skilled engineer, the Broker ensures the obedience of even his most powerful slaves, despite being powerless compared to them, thanks to a bracelet he always wears, able to induce the parasite he injected the slaves with to eat their victim’s brain; he’s also the only one able to maneuvre his massive spaceship, a lethal warship that is a masterpiece of high-tech, with a remarkable amount of weapons and a fotel drive that enables it to cross between dimensions. A despicable and extremely dangerous individual, The Broker will cross (and destroy) galaxies in order to get what he thinks is his…and that includes pretty much everything.


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