Sarah (Marrow)

MarrowMerry Christmas everybody! Santa brought us…a new trailer for Deadpool, the epic conclusion of the hilarious “12 days of Deadpool“. In the new trailer, we get what will possibly be the only glimpse at a very popular character, who will have a cameo in the movie: when Wade Wilson is brought in the Weapon Plus facility, we see another patient being examined by the doctors, a girl with huge bones protruding from her back…and that’s most definitely Marrow, the loveable, lethal and brutal mutant from the comics. The director confirmed there will be many known characters cameos (hopefully not as many as in The Last Stand or Origins, it’d be quite a waste…), so waiting to see who the others will be, let’s take a look at our very first one.

Nothing is known about the past of the woman named Marrow: before becoming a homeless child, she was a baby girl named Sarah (for some time it seemed she could be the daughter of a couple, the Rushmans, but that was proven to be false), unfortunately born a mutant. Her mutation consisted in an abnormal growth of bones, which protruded from her body and face. Considering her a monstrosity, her parents abandoned her, and Sarah found herself alone, trying to survive on the streets. She was soon found by Caliban, a mutant with radar-like capabilities, who brought her in the underground tunnels where the Morlocks lived: the Morlocks were a community of mutant outcasts, usually with a freaky appearance in common, always ready to welcome others like them among their ranks. Sarah was adopted by Annalee, an empath who took care of the Morlocks. During her time with the Morlocks Sarah grew close to Callisto, their leader, and she saw her as some sort of role-model, a mother figure she was inspired by. Her peaceful time in the underground ended when the mercenary group Marauders massacred the Morlocks; Sarah was saved by another mutant, Gambit, who took her to safety, allowed her to escape the Marauders, and reunited her with Callisto. The small group of survivors were soon marrowcomics1attacked by yet another mutant maniac, Mikhail Rasputin, the reality-bending brother of the X-Man Colossus; Rasputin teleported the Morlocks into an alternate dimension, a place in which only one rule existed: only the strong were allowed to survive, and the ones capable of reaching the top of the only hill in the landscape were considered worthy of being part of Mikhail’s group. Sarah was raised by Callisto, who taught her to be strong, to be pitiless, to be savage. When Sarah’s powers fully manifested, Callisto renamed her “Marrow”, and forced her to take the road up the hill. Marrow, now a fierce fighter thanks to Callisto’s training, was able to kill all her opponents and to reach the top. Mikhail Rasputin deemed her “fit” to be part of his group, Gene Nation, a terrorist organization bent on punishing humans for their hatred for mutants.

Rasputin, impressed by the mutant’s skills, by her brutality and her savagery, made her the leader of Gene Nation, and sent her and the rest of the team back to Earth. On our universe, time had passed more slowly than in the other dimension, and just a couple of years separated the now adult Marrow from the Mutant Massacre she had escaped. Leading Gene Nation, Marrow led a terrorist revenge campaign against all the humans, and she slaughtered the attendants of a disco, signing with their blood “Gene Nation”. Following that, the group was confronted by Generation X, but they barely escaped with their lives from the wrath of Emma Frost. Obviously, also the X-Men were interested in their activities, and the two teams clashed often. Marrow, sure of the X-Men’s weakness, launched a final attack on their human “enemies”, putting a bomb on a train full of people; Marrow wired the detonator directly to her heart, so that the X-Men would have been forced to kill her if they wanted to stop her…something she was sure they’d never done. Eventually, however, Storm proved her wrong, and ripped her heart off. Marrow’s mutation, which included a second heart to compensate for her abnormal bone growth, allowed her to survive. Callisto took care of her, and brought back her to her marrowcomics2feet; together, they restarted their anti-humans activity, but Callisto tried to hold Marrow back in her more extremist methods. During Operation: Zero Tolerance, the two mutants tried to kill Henry Peter Gyrich for his involvement in the anti-mutant program, but two unexpected events blocked them: first, Spider-Man stopped Marrow, even managing to put some doubts in her regarding her blind hatred towards humans; then, a Prime Sentinel severely injured Callisto. Following Callisto’s orders, Marrow sought the help of the X-Men, and she managed to contact Iceman and the new recruit Cecilia Reyes, even saving her from several Prime Sentinels. In order to keep her word to Callisto, Marrow even joined Iceman, Cecilia and Sabra in their quest against Bastion, the leader of Zero Tolerance, and even obeyed to Iceman when he told her not to kill Bastion when he was at their mercy. This led Marrow to grow close to the X-Men, eventually joining their ranks, in a path to redemption that would have been a long and difficult one…and that she undertook only for respect and loyalty to Callisto.

Sarah is a scarred and traumatized woman, a girl who had to give up to everything that made her compassionate and kind to survive in a hostile environment and stay alive; now, she’s a brutal killing machine, barely able to restrain herself from murdering everyone she doesn’t like. As Marrow, her mutation increases her metabolism to the point that her bones are constantly growing, ripping her skin and emerging outside; to compensate the abnormal bone growth, she disposes of two hearts and of a healing factor allowing her to survive her otherwise lethal power. She’s also a lethal warrior, trained by Callisto and Wolverine among the others, who uses her own removed bones as swords, daggers and throwing knives (or even as a body armor); she also learnt to control her bone growth to a certain extent, thus making them an even more proficient weapon. Violent, nearly savage, yet frail and insecure, Marrow is what life has made her…but desperately tries to become something more, something better.



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