Stephen Vincent Strange (Doctor Strange)

Dr. StrangeOther Christmas gifts are coming, as Marvel released the first pics of Benedict Cumberbatch in full costume as Doctor Strange, the mystical hero protagonist of the upcoming movie of the same name. This far, the movie’s story is pretty much unknown, apart from the origin of the character: a rich and respected surgeon that after an incident arrives in Tibet to be healed, but ends up becoming the wizard protector of our reality (much like the comics). This is the second live action version of the Master of the Mystic Arts: in the 1978 movie Dr. Strange the good doctor was portrayed by Peter Hooten, and had his story slightly changed: a psychiatrist rather than a surgeon, Stephen Strange was chosen by the old wizard Thomas Lindmer as the new protector of Earth after evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay comes back to claim our reality; after defeating Morgan, Strange begins his training with Lindmer. The new version seems to be closer to comics material, but let’s wait before saying… he surely looks magnificent.

Son of Eugene and Beverly Strange born in the 1930s, Stephen Strange grew up in Nebraska along with his brother Victor and his sister Donna. Still an 8-years old child, Stephen was recognized as the one destined to succeed the Ancient One, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, the man tasked with guarding reality from any mystical and magical threats; envious, the Ancient One’s disciple Karl Mordo cursed the boy with devilish nightmares meant to bring him to madness. The Ancient One himself saved the boy, promising he would have protected him until he came of age (although young Strange was still haunted by nightmares). Unfortunately, Eugene was a rational and materialistic man, and when he noticed his son was interested in trifles like “magic”, he forced him to change his attitude, severely scolding him anytime he dedicated himself to something less than useful. Stephen, in return, was doctostrangecomics1so eager to please his father that put aside all his passions and interests, and dedicated himself to a “serious” discipline like the medical one since he was a pre-teen. Albeit being extremely young, he also started drinking in order not to be distracted by his nightmares. Stephen gave himself totally to medical school, and not even his sister’s and his mother’s deaths could take him away from his rising career. He graduated top of his class, and he became an extremely skilled and respected surgeon: following his father’s philosophy, he opened a medical practice and he dedicated himself to earning as much money as he could from his work. In order to keep his personal demons bottled up, he lived a high life of women, alcohol, and all the vices money could buy. Ambitious and materialistic, Stephen only accorded his services to the ones able to pay his exorbitant fees, and laughed at all the colleagues who tried to make him more charitable. Everything changed the night that, coming back from his clinic in New York City, Stephen had a terrible accident with his car. Miraculously alive, Strange woke up with his hands completely destroyed, and the most doctors could do for him was to save his limbs from amputation. The doctor didn’t die, but his career as a surgeon surely did.

Depressed, Stephen knew far too well that his hands were doomed, so he spent all his fortune into drinking… until, in a forgotten bar, he heard the story of a mystical healer living in Tibet. With nothing to lose, Strange used the last of his money to travel to the healer’s palace. There, he met the Ancient One, an old man he didn’t recognize as the one visiting him in his dreams when he was a child. The man refused to heal him, but offered him to teach him magic instead. The rational Strange refused, until he witnessed the Ancient One’s disciple, Mordo, try to kill his master with his spells. Strange tried to stop him, but Mordo easily blocked him with his magic. Impressed by the display of magic, and curiously eager to protect the old man, Strange decided to accept the offer of the Ancient One (who told him he knew about Mordo’s treachery, and just kept him close to keep him in check). During his years of training, Stephen Strange learnt to control his innate potentialities in mysticism, learning to draw power from ancient beings doctostrangecomics2from other dimensions like the Vishanti, and mastering knowledge over the other realms of existence. He also had to challenge Death herself, a test that gave him an unnatural longevitiy, preventing him from growing old or ill forever. After decades, the Ancient One decided to send his disciple back to New York to complete his training, giving him a new house, located at 177A Bleeker Street, in the Greenwich Village: it was a house built on a convergence of realities, a mystically relevant place that would have become Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. He was joined in the final part of his training as the Master of the Mystic Arts by Wong, a man destined to be the servant of the new Sorcerer Supreme. Together, they arrived to the United States, and Strange kept honing his abilities, foreseeing an approaching time in which his skills would have been of most need. Soon, in fact, the heroic age began, with many superheroes being born all around in the country… but each and every one of them unaware of the extent and depth of the reality nexus, of all the alternate dimensions and the infernal planes of existence threatening to swallow Earth any second. Protecting even Earth’s most powerful heroes from this kind of threat was a job for Doctor Strange, the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Stephen Strange was once a selfish and proud man, a self-made genius who placed all his faith in science and reason; his meeting with magic turned him into a selfless and brave protector, a serious hero who constantly watches over our dimension to protect it from unthinkable threats. As the Sorcerer Supreme, Strange is virtually immortal, able to be wounded and kill but not to grow old or to get sick; he has access to a nearly unlimited variety of spells and power words, with infinite results: he can project his Astral Form gaining invisibility and intangibility, he can fly, he can create blasts of energy, summon and banish demons and other creatures, use telekinesis and telepathy, create shields, teleport himself and others, manipulate elements and even reality itself, cast illusions and hypnotize people, channel the power of the Vishanti, the Octessence and other ancient deities, and more; he also has a real arsenal of mystical artifacts, such as the Cloak of Levitation, the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto, the power-absorbing Wand of Watoomb and many others. One of the most powerful men on the planet, and by far the most proficient sorcerer of all realities, Doctor Strange protects Earth from enemies that exceed human perception or even imagination, a living example of redemption who’s now a formidable force for good.



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