Bizarro-Girl (Bizarro Supergirl)

BizarrogirlAt the end of last week’s episode of SupergirlBlood Bonds, we see Maxwell Lord entering a super-secret lab in his facility, showing for the first time the project he’s bee working on…a girl. The Jane Doe in question, portrayed by Hope Lauren, is said by the researchers to be without family or connection, the “perfect specimen” for the experiment. Her weird eyes gave us some hint on who she’ll become, but production notes for the upcoming episodes gave us a final confirmation: the poor girl will be transformed into Bizarro Supergirl, an artificial (and deranged) version of the heroine. In the show, she’s obviously an attempt from Lord to create a heroine he can “trust”, a man-made superhero he can control; in the comics her origins are quite different…in all her three versions (yes, again with the continuity problems). Time to meet the original Bizarro-Girl, briefly taking a look also at her “imperfect” predecessors.

The first two Bizarro versions of Supergirl were short lived, and not memorable. The first one was born when Bizarro Jr., the son of Superman‘s imperfect clone Bizarro and his all-the-same imperfect wife Bizarro Lois Lane, got attached to Supergirl, and in order to be with her, he hit her with the Duplication Ray. As a result, Bizarro Supergirl was born, a “perfectly imperfect duplicate” of the original, who refused to come back to Htrae (the planet created for Bizarro and the ones like him) with Bizarro Jr. and decided to stay on Earth. Soon after, also Bizarro and Bizarro Lois Lane arrived on Earth to retrieve their son, but a series of misunderstandings (easy, when you’re speaking with people who give any word its opposite meaning) led to a battle with Superman and Supergirl. In order to stop the invasion of Earth led by Bizarro, Superman invented Blue Kryptonite exposing regular Green Kryptonite to the Duplication Ray: it was armless for Kryptonians, but poisonous to Bizarro-People. Bizarro was forced to abandon the planet along with his son, his wife and his army…the only one who stayed on Earth was bizarrogirlcomics1Bizarro Supergirl, who wanted to take back her life with Bizarro Jr. and tried to ambush Superman and Supergirl on their way back home. Unfortunately, she was exposed to such an amount of Blue Kryptonite that she was killed by it, and the two Kryptonian heroes found her dead body awaiting for them. The second Bizarro Supergir was created years (and realities) later, when criminals Two-Face and Buzz managed to collect a sample of Supergirl’s DNA, and forced the kidnapped scientist and geneticist Max Tuefeld to use it to create a clone of the heroine. Tuefeld obeyed, but the clone was a damaged and imperfect one, a Bizarro Supergirl completely under control of Two-Face and Buzz. The two criminals obviously used her for evil intents, and wreaked havoc while Supergirl was battling her doppleganger; Bizarro Supergirl nearly killed her adversary, until the second Batgirl intervened, saving the day. The two heroines together managed to defeat the trio, and even broke their control on the Supergirl’s clone, who escaped, trying to find her place in the world…but she would have come back to complicate Supergirl’s life.

The third (and definitive?) Bizarro Supergirl was born on Bizarro World (aka Htrae), and she was the “cousin” of Bizarro. When the Godhood, a mysterious race of monsters, declared war on Htrae, they destroyed most of the planet’s cities before Bizarro and the other “heroes” could stop them; they were however set to return in bigger forces. In order to save his cousin, Bizarro tied and gagged her and put her on a rocket aimed to Earth; the rocket crashed in Metropolis, the first “taste of Earth” that Bizarro Supergirl (Bizarro-Girl for short) had. The alien was soon met by Doctor Light and Gangbuster, arrived on the scene to investigate…but they were soon overwhelmed by the deranged girl’s strength, and they were kidnapped and forcefully taken to her twisted version of a “welcome party”. The original Supergirl tried to stop her, but she was transformed into a rock stone by her Solid Vision. Bizarro-Girl kept organizing her party, but Supergirl crashed it when she was about to eat the welcome cake…which bizarrogirlcomics2happened to be Jimmy Olsen. During the ensuing battle, Supergirl realised that Bizarro-Girl was her opposite under any point of view, so she battled her under direct sunlight, so that the solar radiation empowered Supergirl, while it weakened Bizarro-Girl. Unable to resist a strenghtened Kryptonian, not with her own powers fading away, Bizarro-Girl was defeated; instead of imprisoning her on Earth, Supergirl preferred to bring her back to Htrae…only to find Bizarro, the Bizarro Justice League and all the other Bizarro-heroes fighting against the monsters from Godhood. Problem was, they were losing. Terrified, Bizarro-Girl escaped to the Fortress of Bizarro (the imperfect version of the Fortress of Solitude), refusing to help her family and friends. Full of doubts and lacking any self-confidence, Bizarro-Girl didn’t think she was able to be the heroine her planet asked her to be, but Supergirl reached her and talked her back to her senses. Supergirl promised she would have been scared, so that Bizarro-Girl, her opposite, could be brave. The two Supergirls then teamed up, and reached the others in battle, forging an alliance to repel Godhood: Bizarro-Girl could finally prove her worth to her family, to her friends…and even to the one she had considered a sworn enemy a moment before.

Bizarro-Girl is a childish and naive artificial alien, extremely emotional and prone to anger, unstable and, depending on her fluctuating mood, utterly dangerous. From moment to moment she can be fiercely jealous, vain, heroic, mean or even cruel. As Bizarro Supergirl, she possesses an array of powers which are the “opposite” of a Kryptonian: mantaining a remarkable amount of superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability, retaining also flight and invulnerability, she possesses a Freeze Vision and a Flame Breath (opposite to Heath Vision and Freezing Breath, respectively); unlikely her cousin, Bizarro, she also possesses two additional powers, Stone Vision and Rock-Breath, that allow her to turn her foes into solid rock statues. Bizarro Supergirl is not exactly bad: often confused, nearly hysterical, sometimes a coward, always volatile, she’s like an extremely powerful teenager, prey of her emotions and unable to control her own strength…and the fact that most of her words have the opposite meaning of the normally intended one (such as “Me like you” for “I hate you”, “slow” instead of “fast” and so on) makes it all more difficult to speak with her without coming to blows for a reason or another.


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