Jennifer Susan Walters (She-Hulk)

she-hulkfilmWelcome back to casualgamer, who arrives with a new request after all this time…and a pretty long one (it’ll take some time). Most of the characters in the list never had any live action appearance: you know the “rules”, so only some of them will be featured here…for now. Let’s start with one of the most popular heroines in the Marvel Universe: She-Hulk, cousin of our beloved Hulk. Tecnically, She-Hulk never made it to the big screen, but in 1991 a movie with Brigitte Nielsen as the titular character was planned and produced, with Larry Cohen writing and directing it…but eventually Marvel feared it would have damaged the popularity of The Incredible Hulk tv series, and the project was scrapped. We still have the production photos, though, so we know how the Jade Giantess would have looked like in the picture. And, of course, we can still take a look at the original one.

Jennifer Walters was born in Los AngelesCalifornia, the daughter of Sheriff Morris Walters and of his wife, Elaine Banner. Jennifer grew up pretty close to her mother’s family, and she had a brother-sister relationship with her cousin Bruce Banner, who was five years older than her; Bruce was the one who grew up with her, and who brought her the greatest support when Elaine died in a car crash, when Jen was only 17. Eventually, Jennifer and Bruce took different paths, as Bruce became a renowned physicist, while Jennifer started studying law. At UCLA School of Law, Jennifer distinguished herself for being one of the most skilled scholars of her year, and after her Junior Doctor Degree she attended Harvard Law School for her Master Degree. Despite being one of the best young lawyers around, Jennifer was also extremely shy, lacking of self-confidence, often ignored by her colleagues despite her obvious skills. In a way or another, however, she managed to get noticed, and she even she-hulkcomics1participated to important trials…such as the one against Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who was accused by Jennifer’s client. During the investigations on Trask, Jen found out that he was also the one responsible for her mother’s incident, through which he wanted to hurt (and warn) Sheriff Walters, who was on his trails at the time. Jennifer was more determined than ever to put him behind bars…and luckily enough she had once again the support of her big cousin, Bruce, who had come to L.A. for a visit. Trask, however, wasn’t a man easy to defeat, and when he realised that the young lawyer had solid evidence up her sleeve to put him in jail for good, he decided to resort to hard manners, and he ordered his men to shoot and kill Jen Walters. The girl was with Bruce when the hitmen attacked her, and only her cousin’s celerity in bringing her to the nearest hospital saved her life. Jen, however, needed an immediate blood transfusion, or else she would have died for the bullet wounds: when it became clear no donor with her blood type was available in the hospital, Bruce Banner agreed to give his own blood to her. Bruce secretly was the brute known as Hulk, and feared that his radioactive blood would have poisoned his little cousin…or worse. Jennifer, however, didn’t suffer any side effect from the transfusion…or at least, so it seemed.

That same night, Trask’s men, posing as doctors, entered Jennifer’s hospital room to finish her off and complete their mission…only to find an unpleasant surprise: scared and furious at the men pointing guns at her, the girl experienced a rush of adrenaline that triggered her cousin’s radioactive blood inside her, and she transformed into a green giantess, a female version of the Hulk, who quickly disposed of the attackers. At first, it seemed like she was just like her cousin: when angered, she lost control and turned into a jade monster with no intelligence…or nearly no intelligence, as she proved from the very beginning that she was more able than Bruce Banner to retain her intellect while in her Hulk form. Afraid of her new powers, and especially by the possibility that she could lose her temper any moment while in court, thus creating quite a mess, Jennifer even tried to have a mental block place on her so that she couldn’t experience anger again, avoiding to transform, but she eventually realised she was becoming more and more able to control herself even while she was She-Hulk. She gained total control over her transformation the she-hulkcomics2moment she contracted a lethal and never-before-seen blood disease, a consequence of her radiation exposure during the transfusion: for the occasion, she was cured by brilliant researcher Michael Morbius, better known as The Living Vampire, whom she was defending in trial for his acts of (unwilling) vampirism. Morbius’ cure worked, and as a side-effect it allowed Jennifer to turn into She-Hulk whenever she wanted, retaining her full personality (at least, as long as she didn’t get very angry). With full control over her other identity, Jen found out she felt more comfortable in her Hulk form: imposing, beautiful, assertive, she was more self-confident as She-Hulk than she was as the small, fragile and meek Jennifer Walters. She started turning back to Jennifer’s appearance more and more rarely, and she even joined the Avengers, wanting to become a heroine both in and outside the court. For a time, she even replace The Thing inside the Fantastic Four when he left the group for a while: during that time, while trying to prevent a radiation leak aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, she was exposed to a massive amount of radiation that affected her organism, making it impossible for her to come back to her human form. Not a big deal: She-Hulk was there to stay, and she was more than able to be a lawyer, a heroine and a party girl all by herself.

Jennifer Walters was once a shy and meek girl, surely determined and honest, but unable to make her reasons be heard and respected; after her “accident”, also her personality was affected, and she is now more self-confident and resourceful, with a character just as strong as her new body. As She-Hulk, she possesses an immense strength, equal or even superior to the one of god-like-beings such as Thor or Hercules; just as with her cousin, her emotions (anger and fear especially) increase her already remarkable strength, speed and durability, and she also possesses a regenerative healing factor. Differently from (usual) Banner, she retains her gifted intellect while in her Hulk form, so she ‘s able to be the brilliant lawyer she’s always been even when she’s a seven-foot-tall green giantess. A heroine and a career woman, a loyal friend and a fierce crime-fighter, She-Hulk knows that she always has to keep in check her most savage side, not to lose control and become a brute as her cousin…but she also can truly and totally enjoy her life as an indestructible and sexy amazon, with all the self-confidence and assertiveness she never had all her life.



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