Peter Benjamin Parker (Venom)

blackspidermanfilmOn with casualgamer‘s list, we find Spider-Man again…but in a little bit different suit. And mood. The Black Spider-Man, or more appropriately the first Venom, only appeared in Spider-Man 3, portrayed by Tobey Maguire. In the movie, a meteor crashes just near to where Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are having a date, and a mysterious black ooze comes out of it. The substance later sticks to Spider-Man’s costume, and turns it pitch black. When Peter puts on the suit again, he finds out it makes him stronger…and badder. Unfortunately, the “bad side” of Peter can only be seen in a ridiculous emo look and in a “naught dance” with Gwen Stacy to make Mary Jane jealous. Peter later gets rid of the costume, which in turn bonds with Eddie Brock just in time for the final showdown. In the comics, the new costume’s origin is from outer space, but the way Peter gets it is more complicated. Let’s see together.

Seeking completeness, the cosmic being known as the Beyonder stumbled upon a concept unknown to an omnipotent being such as he was: desire. In order to learn what “desire” was, he decided to undertake an experiment, involving several lesser beings from a planet overflowing with desire, Earth. The Beyonder kidnapped many heroes and villains from Earth, and later created a “patchwork planet” using fragments from other worlds and dimensions, giving birth to Battleword. On Battleworld, he only spoke once to his prisoners, telling them to annihilate each other in order to have any desire granted; then, he watched as the villains tried to annihilate the heroes, and as every participant to his experiment formed and broke alliances to overwhelm other parties. Among the kidnapped heroes there was also the unluckiest of them all, Spider-Man, who found himself outmatched against some of the villains gathered such as Doctor DoomUltron or Kang, but pretty much at ease with historic nemesis such as Doctor Octopus or Lizard. In order to survive against the army of villains, the heroes obviously allied with each other, trying to oppose their enemies. During one of the first battles, Spider-Man’s costume got almost completely destroyed. Wanting to fix his costume somehow, Spider-Man was pointed by Thor blackspidermancomics1and Hulk to a machine inside their base, a piece of alien tech able to read the mind of the user and to materialize whatever the user needed or asked for. Inside the heroes’ HQ, Spider-Man approached the machine, and asked for a new costume: in response, the contraption expelled a black liquid that spread over his body and consumed his old red-and-blue costume, giving him a new, black one. At first the costume seemed just like a male version of Spider-Woman‘s one, but it turned out it had new and powerful capabilities: it seemed to generate an infinite amount of organic web, thus making Peter’s Web-Shooters obsolete; it also could turn into normal clothing at will, and it had a “dimensional pocket” able to contain many items, included Peter’s camera, without adding bulk to the costume. Oddly enough, none of the other heroes who had gotten new costumes from the machine had gained new powers whatsoever…

At first, Spider-Man didn’t give more than a thought to the difference between his own costume and his friends’ ones, and only enjoyed having a power upgrade in the all-out battle against Doctor Doom, who had stolen the Beyonder’s powers and had become a godly being. Doom eventually was defeated by the alliance of the heroes, and the Beyonder’s thirst for knowledge was sathed; all the heroes were returned to Earth (with the only exception of The Thing, who chose to stay behind for a while). Back in black, Spider-Man used his newfound powers to better his crime-fighting, finding himself stronger, faster, more determined than ever. Every morning, however, Peter woke up exhausted, and the media reported many sightings of “Black Spider-Man” occured during the night…during the time in which Peter was allegedely sleeping. Battling a new enemy, Puma, Spider-Man also had the confirmation that the costume sometimes acted on his own, making him more brutal in the battle. The costume also nearly costed him his relationship with Mary Jane Watson, forcing him to send her away and making Black Cat think he wanted her back in his life (the costume even shot a web to block blackspidermancomics2Cat while she was walking away, something that Peter absolutely didn’t want to do). Tired of all this “accidents”, Peter asked Mr. Fantastic for advice: the leader of the Fantastic Four found out that the “costume” was actually a living and sentient being, a Symbiote who was trying to bond with Spider-Man permanently. If Peter was exhausted every morning, it was because the Symbiote took control when he slept, and led a violent and brutal vigilance without his host knowing it. In fact, on Battleworld, Spider-Man had made a mistake, and instead of the costume-making machine he had activated a dimensional prison containing the Symbiote, releasing it. Apparently, there was no way to remove the Symbiote, until the Human Torch found out one of its weaknesses: fire. Escaping from the Torch, however, the “costume” led Spider-Man up on a bell tower, thus exposing itself to its second weakness, soundwaves: ringing the bell, Spider-Man managed to weaken the Symbiote and to get rid of it, letting it fall from the belltower. In the church, however, there was another man waiting: Eddie Brock, a journalist with a grudge with Spider-Man, eager and willing to use the Symbiote’s power to take his revenge…

At first, Peter Parker seemed to be the same old Pete, but with time a new personality arose: now Peter is more serious, meaner, harder and more impulsive, and he often loses control letting himself be taken by anger. As Spider-Man/Venom, his already superhuman strength, speed, agility and durability are enhanced, he never gets tired, and he’s able to generate an inexhaustible amount of organic web; the Symbiote is also able to turn in any kind of clothes or costume Spider-Man needs, even without him thinking of it, and it can store a variety of items without revealing their presence with bumps or bulks visible from the outside; the “costume” is also impervious to most damage, it’s bulletproof and virtually indestructible, even if it’s vulnerable to fire and soundwaves, which weaken its connection to its host. More powerful than ever, Black Spider-Man is also more unstable and dangerous than ever, a walking timebomb rapidly slipping towards the inevitable conclusion of permanent bonding…without even realising it.



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