Emma Grace Frost (White Queen)

whitequeenfilmLet’s continue with casualgamer‘s list: this time, we meet one of the major mutants from the Marvel Universe, Emma Frost. She first appeared in the Generation X tv movie, portrayed by Finola Hughes: in here, she was the headmistress of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters along with Banshee, and since her previous students, the Hellions, had all been killed, she takes the task of training the young mutants very seriously. She then appeared in the unlucky X-Men Origins: Wolverine, portrayed by Tahyna Tozzi: in this version, she was the younger sister of Kayla Silverfox, a prisoner William Stryker used to control Kayla. She later escapes with all the other prisoners and is taken by Charles Xavier to his school. The younger version of Emma is considered non-canon (as much of the movie), and the character appeared again in X-Men: First Class, this time portrayed by January Jones: a member of the Hellfire Club, she loyally follows Sebastian Shaw, until he’s killed by Magneto; after that, she joins his Brotherhood of Mutants. We learn in Days of Future Past that she’s been tortured and killed by Bolivar Trask in the following years. Now, let’s take a look at the original White Queen.

Daughter of Winston and Hazel Frost, Emma was the third heir of the wealthy and respected Frost family of Boston. She had an older brother, Christian, and two sisters, Adrienne and Cordelia. Winston was an abusive father, who imposed impossible standards to his children, while Hazel turned to prescription drugs to escape her tense family life; the only person Emma was really close to was her big brother Christian. In the exclusive Snow Valley School for Girls, Emma’s low grades made Winston despise her, while all her schoolmates, sisters included, bullied her; the only friend she had was a teacher, Ian Kendall, the only one who believed in her. Finally, reached puberty, Emma’s mutant powers manifested, and she stopped suffering from her usual migraines: she found out she could read the mind of other people, and she used this skill to improve her results in school. She also became a tutor for other students, and Kendall, impressed by her empathetic abilities, suggested a career as a teacher for her… something that Winston Frost forbid with all his strength. One day, back home, Emma ended up kissing Ian whitequeencomics1Kendall… only to be seen and recorded by her sister Adrienne, who gave the tape to her father. Winston had Kendall fired, thus hoping to make Emma give up on her teaching desires, but in retaliation the girl started blackmailing her father using the information she had gathered on his run of Frost Enterprises. Winston was impressed: when the time came he chose a worthy heir, he skipped Christian, who had been revealed to be gay by Adrienne and was now a drug addict, but he even ignored Adrienne, the one who had been ruining her siblings’ life in order to assure herself the position; instead, he chose Emma. When Christian was sent into a mental asylum for his “condition”, however, Emma strongly refused the offer, and stated she would have made her own fortune, far away from her father’s influence. She lived on her own for a while, until she met Troy Killkelly, a man she fell in love with. Troy had problems with a loan shark, and Emma tried to use her powers to solve his financial problems, but the shark, Lucien, didn’t fall for it, and Emma simulated her own kidnapping so that her father would have paid a ransom… something that Winston refused to do. Troy was killed, and eventually Winston was forced by Adrienne to pay the ransom: Emma forced the kidnappers to kill each other with her powers, took the money for herself, and moved to New York City, where she attended Empire State University.

In University she met Astrid Bloom, another telepath, who became her friend… and she also met again Ian Kendall, who still had the habit of dating his students, this time Emma’s roommate Christine McDermott. Emma seduced Ian once again, but when Christine tried to intervene, it became clear that Ian was acting under Astrid’s control. Enraged, Emma fought and defeated her former friend, absorbing her knowledge of telepathy and sending her into a coma. Despite Emma had saved his job (and maybe life), Ian left her in disgust when he learnt she was a mutant, something that deeply changed the girl’s perspective on humankind. Using her powers without restraint, she absorbed any knowledge and skill she could, until she became CEO of a powerful conglomerate, which she renamed Frost International. With her wealth, power, beauty and skills, Emma Frost was invited to join the Hellfire Club, a secret organization of influential people bent on world domination from behind the curtains; the White King of the Club, Edward Buckman, was planning to erase mutantkind from the world, and to achieve that he had scientist Steven Lang build special Sentinels for the task; Emma learnt of Buckman’s plans with her powers, and informed whitequeencomics2of it another mutant of the Club, Sebastian Shaw. The two formed an alliance, and together they overthrew the entire Council of the Chosen, the leading members of the Hellfire Club. Emma Frost, as the new White Queen, joined Sebastian Shaw, now the Black King, and completely changed the Hellfire Club, making it a group controlled by mutants, still planning to influence the world’s powers from the shadows, but under a totally new perspective. Emma ruled the Hellfire Club at Shaw’s side, equal in power… until she defied him for the first time: looking for a new White King, Shaw refused Tony Stark‘s candidacy, and offered the position to Namor of Atlantis, but the king harshly refused. Enraged, Shaw sent Emma to him, in order to have her wipe his mind and make him accept, but the two fell in love, and Emma sided with him. In response, Shaw launched an all-out attack on Atlantis, at the end of which he had Selene, the Black Queen, wipe Frost’s mind, erasing the experience of her betrayal and making her loyal to the Club once again. The seed of rebellion, however, had been planted already, and the White Queen was only awaiting another chance to join a higher cause than the Club’s one… even if she didn’t remember it.

Emma Frost is a brilliant and unscrupulous woman, strong and determined, who uses the delusions and betrayals she suffered during her life to fuel her distrust and despise towards the rest of humanity; deep inside her, however, there’s still the justice-thirsty girl she used to be, only waiting to come out again. As the White Queen, she’s a powerful telepath, able to cast illusions, to control minds, to absorb knowledge, memories and skills, to create mind links, to track people’s presence, to erase memories and much more; a secondary mutation occurred during the attack on Genosha gave her the ability to turn her skin into organic diamond, gaining super strength, durability and stamina, and making her immune to others’ telepathy, but she can’t access her primary power while in diamond form. A villainess turned heroine, Emma brings within many scars and traumas, but she only gained strength from them… as well as a character and an attitude just as hard as her diamond skin.



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