Cameron Chase

Cameron ChaseSupergirl is back to the small screen, and we have a new (possibly recurring) character to meet. In Childish Things, the evil Toyman escapes from prison, and a special FBI unit is sent after him: the agent leading said unit is Cameron Chase, portrayed by Emma Caufield. In the show, Chase doesn’t do much, apart from trying to kill the Toyman without the slightest attempt of avoiding useless casualties among the civilians, but in the comics she’s quite a more relevant character, who even had her own series for a while (just ten issues, but hey, better than nothing). Let’s meet the original one… who’s not an FBI agent: in the comics, she works for an organization that the Supergirl fans know pretty well by now.

Cameron Chase was born in BrooklynNew York, the daughter of Walter Chase. Cameron grew up with her sister, Terry, and the two had a normal and happy life… until tragedy paid the Chase family a visit. Walter was secretly the superhero known as the Acro-Bat, a masked vigilante part of the rookie team Justice Experience: during a battle between Justice Experience and their nemesis, House of Pain, some civilians were involved, and lost their lives. One of the victims was a young woman, whose boyfriend decided to avenge by becoming the supervillain Doctor Trap. Trap started killing members of both Justice Experience and House of Pain, and eventually he arrived to Walter as well: he used his steel jaw to rip his throat, and left his dead body in the family’s kitchen. Obviously, it was Cameron who found him, with his superhero costume on, soaked in blood. Cameron, understandably, was deeply scarred by what she had seen, and unlike her sister Terry, she mainly blamed her father for what had happened: if he hadn’t been playing around with a costume and a cape, he cameronchasecomics1wouldn’t have become a target for a psycho, and he wouldn’t have left his family so early. From that moment, Cameron Chase started nurturing a burning grudge against all superhumans and masked vigilantes, being them “good” or “bad” guys. More than determined to prevent what had happened to her family happen to someone else, Cameron dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice, or at least, her own version of it, monitoring and studying superhuman activities all around the country. She moved to Los Angeles, California, where she became a private detective specialized in superhumans. Her many successes with her private study gained the attention of Director Bones, the leader of a government agency called Department of Extra-Normal Operations, aka the DEO. Bones offered her a place as an agent in the DEO, an opportunity that Chase immediately took: with the agency’s resources, she could have finally been able to make a difference.

As a DEO agent, Cameron Chase’s task was to monitor the superhuman activities around the country, and to intervene whenever the situation became dangerous for civilians, leading operational teams sometimes formed by other superhumans working for the DEO. As one of her first major tasks, she led the Suicide Squad in a mission against a group of Rocket Reds, armored villains controlled by the Russian Mafia. During another mission, she acted as a bodyguard for the Teen Titans along with superheroes Booster Gold and Firehawk, and she protected the young heroes from an attack led by the Clock King. Bones, satisfied by her successes on the field, never forgot her original job as a private detective, and also assigned her with investigating missions: for first, she was ordered to clear the connections between detective John Jones and the Martian Manhunter, an investigation that led Cameron to realize how many parallel lives the alien could lead via his shapeshifting abilities. Chase was cameronchasecomics2close to reveal that even John Jones was but one of the many identities of the Manhunter, when a ghost from her past appeared: Doctor Trap, back on the scene, attacked her, wanting to punish her (again…) for her father’s sins. Overwhelmed by the villain, Chase was saved by Martian Manhunter himself, who defeated Trap and protected her; this was more than enough for Cameron to interrupt her mission… for the moment, knowing that if Bones ordered her so, she would have reprised the investigations where she had left them. After that, she even tried to discover the true identity of Batman, but she erroneously deduced that he was Alan Scott. Cameron also recruited for the DEO her college roommate, Kate Spencer, now the new Manhunter, and she even started a romantic relationship with her friend’s assistant, Dylan Battles. Together, the trio faced Doctor Trap, not as dead as everybody thought, who had kidnapped Terry. Cameron was once again defeated by Trap, and this time the Chase sisters were saved by Dylan, who was wearing Firefly‘s equipment. The relationship between the two evolved, and for the first time in years Cameron remembered that there was more in life than her job and her crusade alone… not that this would have made her slow her quest for justice down, of course.

Cameron Chase is a determined and strong-willed young woman, totally bent on her personal crusade to rid the world of inexperienced and dangerous superhumans who constantly put the lives of innocent people at risk. The trauma from her childhood only fuels her commitment to her cause, and she’s an unstoppable force for the DEO. Chase is a proficient hand-to-hand and armed combatant, a skilled investigator and a computer hacker, but she also has a subconscious talent she herself isn’t fully aware of: whenever she’s threatened, she activates a dampening field that weakens metahuman abilities around her, a power that she can’t control, and that she mostly wants to deny also to herself. It wouldn’t be such a good publicity for DEO if their best meathuman-hunter was revealed to be a metahuman herself…