Stephen Rockwell Trevor

Steve TrevorThe very first footage from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie has been released, and despite it doesn’t show much, we get a very brief look at the heroine’s love interest, Steve Trevor, who’ll be portrayed by Chris Pine. In the film, Trevor will be an officer during World War I, and he’ll accompany Wonder Woman in her (still unknown) mission. The character is an essential part of the Amazon‘s mythology, and he appeared in every live action portrayal of Wonder Woman: in the 1974 tv-movie he was Diana Prince‘s superior officer, portrayed by Kaz Garas, and albeit he was clearly smitten by the woman, their relationship was never explored. In the 1970s tv series there were two Steve Trevor(s), father and son, both portrayed by Lyle Waggoner: the first one helped Wonder Woman hunting Nazis throughout World War II, while the second one assisted her during the Cold War. Last (and least), Justin Bruening had a brief cameo as Trevor in the unlucky 2011 pilot. In the comics, Steve Trevor’s history is quite complicated because of the many continuity-reboot the DC Universe suffered, but let’s try to make it easier and to see who this heroic soldier (who more often than not plays the role of the “damsel in distress” for Wonder Woman) is.

Stephen Rockwell Trevor knew the Army since his very childhood, as he was born the son of veteran Lt. Ulysses Trevor and his wife, the legendary pilot Diana Rockwell. Steve lived all his early life in Enid, Oklahoma, and he grew up admiring his mother, her bravery and her skills, dreaming upon her stories from the war times. He decided that, as a grown up, he would have become a pilot just as good as she was. When Steve was seven years old, however, the experimental jet Diana was testing crashed, and she was believed dead by the mission’s supervisors (she had actually crash-landed in the mystical island of Themyscira, but she died nevertheless, helping the local Amazons to repel an invasion). This tragic accident only increased Steve’s desires to become a pilot, and when he came of age he enlisted in the U.S. Army, he graduated with maximum grades in the academy, joined the Air Force and climbed the ranks until he became Colonel. Incredibly skilled as a pilot, Trevor became one of the most prized and acclaimed officers in the Army, thus realising his childhood dream and paying to his mother the best tribute he could. At this point of the story, there are two (main) versions diverging. In the first one, settled during the 1940s, Colonel Trevor was among the first officers sent to Europe to fight the Nazis, and he became a war hero stevetrevorcomics1with his plane. He served under General Phil Darnell, and he fought all over the Old Continent with the enemy’s aces of aviation. During a particularly heated battle on the Mediterranean Sea, Trevor’s plane was shot down, forcing the pilot to an emergency landing on a nearby island…Paradise Island, land of the Amazons. The plane crash-landed at sea, and it began to sink with Trevor still inside. Luckily enough, a couple of Amazons witnessed the incident: they were Diana, princess of the island, and her best friend Mala. The two women dove and saved Trevor from certain death, bringing him to the Amazon doctors who, thanks to the island’s superior technology, were able to nurse him back to health. Being a man, however, Steve couldn’t stay on the island, and Queen Hippolyta organised a contest to decide who would have brought the Colonel back to his world…a contest that Diana, already in love with the beautiful stranger, won. Diana became the heroine Wonder Woman to hide among the humans, and brought Trevor back to the United States with her Invisible Jet…and then she decided to stay at the side of the man she loved.

In what she called Man’s World, Diana found a job as General Darnell’s secretary, so that she could be with Steve…even if he didn’t recognize her as the Amazon who had saved his life. Trevor, meanwhile, had fallen in love with the newest heroine around, Wonder Woman, and the two began a romantic story…that often put the Colonel in danger, as he was often kidnapped or attacked by the Amazon’s enemies, such as Giganta or Gundra the Valkyrie. This version of Steve Trevor ended up marrying Wonder Woman, and the two of them even had a daughter, Lyta Trevor, who grew up to become the superheroine Fury. As it often happens, this first Steve Trevor was erased from existence along with this Wonder Woman and Lyta. The new Steve Trevor had the same backstory, but he lived in a more contemporary age. After becoming a Colonel, Trevor entered the service of General Sam Tolliver, who got tricked by Ares, the Greek God of War, to send an attack on Themyscira, the land of his mortal enemies the Amazons. Experienced Colonel Trevor was the one chosen to carpet-bomb the hostile island: once stevetrevorcomics2above Themyscira, however, Trevor realised that the island was inhabited mostly by civilians, and that it wasn’t the dangerous terrorist base the General had told him it to be. He tried to abort the mission, but the copilot, a minion of Ares in disguise, disobeyed his order, and tried to bomb Themyscira nevertheless. The two fought for a while, until the plane crash-landed on the island as a result. The old soldier was found on the shore by Diana, who decided to help him because of the “insignia” he had on his jacket (it was actually the American flag, but after Diana Rockwell helped the Amazons fight the monster Cottus, it was taken by the Amazons as a symbol of the heroine). Diana nursed Trevor back to health, and when he came back to his senses, the Colonel warned the Amazons of the approaching threat, and he even helped them fight against Ares and his minions, both human and supernatural ones. The battle for Themyscira was won, and Steve Trevor formed a close (yet platonic) friendship with Diana, who he cooperated many times with from there on. Back in the States, Trevor quit the Army and set up his own private aviation firm helped by his aide, Etta Candy. He even entered politics, becoming Deputy Secretary of Defense, and he eventually married Etta. Of course, his life would have crossed the Amazons’ ones many, many other times.

Steve Trevor is a determined and strong-willed man, a war hero who distinguishes himself for bravery and charisma. Trevor is one of the most skilled pilots at the Air Force’s disposal, and he’s also a proficient hand-to-hand and armed combatant, a 360-degrees soldier who never walks out of a battle…at least as long as the battle in question is a rightful one. Guided by strong morals, Trevor never fights for fight’s sake, and he follows his conscience even in the midst of a battle…a trait that has earned him the trust of all the Amazons, and the admiration of their princess Diana.



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