Jonny Frost

Johnny FrostA new, awesome trailer for Suicide Squad has been released, and in there we can take a little peek to one of the last remaining characters (at least, the ones we know about): Jonny Frost, portrayed by Jim Parrack. In the comics, he’s a short-lived yet central character who appeared only in the Joker graphic novel; in the movie, he’s not just “a” henchman of the deranged lunatic, he’s actually his right-hand man, and he’s seen in the midst of quite some action at the side of his boss. Now, hoping that he’ll end up better than most his predecessors did, let’s see briefly who the original Jonny Frost is.

Jonny Frost was a simple man born and raised in a complicated city, Gotham City. As many others like him, he became a low-life criminal, and his activity as a thug ruined pretty much everything in his life, including his marriage with Shelly, a woman he still loved, but who just couldn’t live with a man like him. Not even being abandoned by Shelly was enough to make Jonny change his life, and he kept working for this or that mobster… until he received the task of picking up a certain “someone” from Arkham Asylum. The man was the psychotic serial killer The Joker, and surprisingly enough, the madman took an immediate liking in Frost, and decided to use him as his driver and right-hand man in his upcoming mission of taking back his empire from all the vultures that preyed on it while he was in Arkham. At first, Jonny helped Joker take shelter in Killer Croc‘s lair, than he accompanied him to his formerly owned strip club, the Grin and Bare It: in there, The Joker made a public return, and after killing the current owner with the help of Harley Quinn, he recruited the attendants in his upcoming war to reconquer jonnyfrostcomics1Gotham. Despite the many new recruits, Frost kept his position as right-hand man, and helped his new boss in killing many thugs who had stolen money from him, and later in robbing a bank (the stolen money was then invested by The Penguin to recreate Joker’s lost wealth). Among the many criminals in Gotham, there was only one who refused to help The Joker, or even to just meet him: Harvey “Two-Face” Dent, more than willing to maintain his power and influence even with the Clown Prince of Crime back. In a rage outburst, Joker killed one of his henchmen and set fire to his strip bar, leaving Frost quite perplexed. Out alone, thinking, Jonny was met by Dent, who warned him against his new boss: he told him The Joker would have ended up killing him, and laughing of it, not because he didn’t like him or because Frost’s life had any meaning to him, just because death was the thing that entertained him the most. Jonny listened to Dent, but decided to stick with The Joker nevertheless. As a result, Dent kidnapped Shelly.

The appointment with Dent made Frost arrive late to Joker’s one with The Riddler, who gave Joker a mysterious briefcase. On their way back home, Joker and Frost were attacked by crooked policemen hired by Dent, and Frost managed to save the life of his boss. This was the final drop, and Joker started an all-out war with Two-Face. Eventually, the two bosses organised a meeting at the city zoo, and Frost accompanied Joker along with Harley Quinn; at the zoo, the content of the briefcase was revealed: information about Dent’s double life… and double wife, data that the Joker could and would use as a leverage. The meeting soon degenerated, and while Joker attacked Dent and Harley killed his goons, Jonny managed to save Shelly… but The Joker immediately raped the woman, telling Jonny they were now even, since he had “cheated” on him first by meeting Dent in secret. Despite this, Frost stayed with his boss… until the end. Dent, in the meanwhile, had had a meeting with Batman, giving him information about The Joker: back to their apartment, Frost and Joker found the window shattered, and jonnyfrostcomics2the madman, who knew perfectly well what it meant, rushed back to the car, prompting Jonny to lead him back to Croc’s lair. Once there, however, Killer Croc and his gang had already been subdued by the Dark Knight, who was now on the duo’s trails. Jonny Frost and The Joker tried to escape to a nearby bridge, and as the latter kept screaming in fear, the first one found himself inexplicably laughing, laughing insanely. Of course, they eventually found Batman waiting for them on the bridge. The Dark Knight started taunting the Clown Prince of Crime, until Joker lost his temper… and shot Jonny Frost in the chin, for no apparent reason. While the two sworn enemies kept fighting on the bridge, Jonny Frost collected his remaining strength to climb on the edge, only to fall into the dark waters below. Eventually, Two-Face was right.

Jonny Frost is a cold and serious man, a small-time crook characterized by a rare devotion towards his employer. Living with The Joker for a while, Frost has learned to understand his deranged mind to a certain extent… and this clearly doesn’t mean anything good for his own mental health. Loyal to a fault, Jonny will follow the Clown Prince of Crime to Hell and back… and that’s exactly what he’ll be asked to do.


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