K’hym J’onnz

K'hym J'onnzThe last episode of Supergirl brought in the brawl an infamous evil race from the DC Universe, the White Martians… and it also gave us a brief look at the Martian Manhunter‘s past. In Strange Visitor from Another Planet, in fact, the attack of the White Martian makes J’onn J’onnz experience a painful flashback from a couple of centuries back, when his family was slaughtered along with all the Green Martians (except for him). In the flashback, we also get a look at J’onn’s daughters, K’hym and Tan’ya, in the moment they were taken away from their father and led to death. Tan’ya is an original character from the show, but K’hym actually appears in the comics as well… and she doesn’t live much longer than her tv counterpart, sorry. Let’s see together.

K’hym J’onnz was born on planet Ma’aleca’andra, the fourth from the Sun, the planet that centuries later people from Earth would have called Mars. K’hym was the only daughter of the noble J’onn J’onnz and of his beloved wife, M’yri’ah. K’hym was the joy of her parents’ lives, and she lived a normal and happy family life… or, at least, she would have, if it wasn’t for her paternal uncle, Ma’alefa’ak, J’onn’s twin brother. Ma’alefa’ak hated everything regarding Martian culture, and especially he despised his twin brother, doing everything in his power to undermine his happiness. K’hym was mostly kept away from her uncle, and the only times she met him he tried to teach her his ideas as well, but J’onn and M’yri’ah watched over their daughter, and M’alefa’ak never managed to convert the girl to his cause. Everybody in the J’onnz family underestimated Ma’alefa’ak’s hatred, and they would have soon realised it the worst way khymjonnzcomics1possible… but, in the meanwhile, everything proceeded as always on Ma’aleca’andra. When K’hym became a teenager, her entire family underwent a traditional rite on Mars, the G’amal’khul: the members of the same family connected via their telepathic powers, leaving a “piece” of themselves within the other family members’ psyche. This way, they would have always been one with the other, and they would have shared the respective lives even after their physical death. A teenager Martian, K’hym had now a fraction of her parents’ mind in her own, and she herself had left part of herself in their mind: it was, in fact, a psionic reflection of what had already happened in their heart. Unfortunately, this ceremony was the last moment the J’onnz shared together.

Consumed by his hatred towards his homeplanet, and by the grudge towards his twin brother, Ma’alefa’ak had devised a horrific way to exact his revenge against his own people: he engineered a powerful virus, a telepathic disease that infected anybody using psionic abilities. The virus, which would have become known as the H’ronmeer’s Curse, named after the Martian God of Death, triggered Green Martians’ unborn pyrophobia, and affected their brain in such an effective way that the ones who fell ill believed they were on fire so strongly that their body reacted as if they were severely burnt, eventually dying because of the psychosomatic stress. The virus could infect Martian minds only when they were using their mental powers, and J’onn J’onnz was the first one to realize this, trying to prevent his family from accessing their psychic abilities to save them. K’hym, however, was a teenager, and she had just started to learn to use her mental powers: unable to fully control them, she often triggered them without intention, and she was the first one to succumb to the disease; her mother, who wanted to lessen her pain, followed soon after. J’onn couldn’t do anything but watch helplessly as the two people he loved the most burnt alive before his very eyes, consumed by a psychic fire he couldn’t extinguish. khymjonnzcomics2K’hym died suffering a terrible pain, as well as most of Mars’ population. A part of the girl, however, still lived: the fraction of her psyche transferred in her father’s mind was still alive, as J’onn was one of the very few Green Martians still living in the universe. J’onn’s mind, however, wasn’t a shelter for K’hym and M’yri’ah only, as Ma’alefa’ak as well had joined J’onn in the G’amal’khul when they were young: from within her father’s psyche, K’hym tried to protect J’onn from her uncle’s evil influence, keeping alive everything noble, honorable and good he had, containing all the hatred Ma’alefa’ak tried to infect him with. Now, it was the daughter’s turn to protect her father from a threat he himself wasn’t completely aware of.

K’hym J’onnz is a normal girl her age, enthusiast over everything concerning her newfound physical and psychic maturity. She’s deeply bonded to her family, and she truly loves her parents. Despite being this young, she already possesses an average Green Martian’s powers, albeit in small scale: superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina, heightened senses, flight, density manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, limited invulnerability. A beloved and loving daughter, K’hym keeps watching over her father even after her own death, a psychic ghost who never leaves J’onn’s mind.



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