Blaine Colt (Kid Colt)

Kid ColtThis week’s episode of Agent Carter had quite a tasty surprise for the comicbook readers, and a completely unexpected one. In Better Angels, when Peggy Carter seeks the help of Howard Stark, she finds him busy with his new work of movie director…and he’s directing a movie based on the adventures of the legendary gunman, Kid Colt, who’s also said to be an historical figure in the MCU. Kid Colt, being dead for a century at the very least, doesn’t physically appear in the episode, but there’s an actor portraying him in full, flashy costume, portrayed in turn by Walter Roach. Kid Colt is quite a legend in the Marvel Comics, born during the western era of what was known at the time as Timely Comics. Quite a tasty Easter egg of a character…who we’ll meet together, as usual.

The story of a man like Kid Colt, a legendary outlaw who lived for decades into people’s memory, is always fluctuating between myth and history, and there are several versions of his origins. In each account, he was once a man named Blaine Colt, who lived a peaceful life in the town of Salvation, where he grew up with his father. According to some, it was Blaine’s father who taught him how to shoot since his very childhood. Despite being pretty proficient with guns, Blaine refused to use them in constant duels like most of his peers, and never responded to the teasing of some of the town bullies, including the sheriff and his deputy, Lash Larribee. Larribee went as far as to whip Blaine to a pulp, without getting any reaction from him…a passive attitude that ended up enraging also the boy’s father. Blaine’s only friend was a boy named Gabby, who warned him that the sheriff was aiming to the Colts’ property…too late, as Blaine’s father was murdered, with the homicide pinned on Blaine. Knowing the truth, Blaine finally resolved to use his guns, and killed the sheriff in a regular duel; then, he proceeded to whip Lash Larribee to kidcoltcomics1death. According to other sources, it was Blaine’s older brother, Slim Colt, who taught him how to shoot; when Slim got killed in a duel, Blaine decided he would have never used a gun in his life. However, the local, crooked sheriff killed Blaine’s father, his friend Gabby and even his own deputy Larribee, trying to blame it all on Blaine. Trying to defend himself, Colt engaged the sheriff in a fist fight, and killed him by throwing him off a cliff. In a third and last account, Blaine’s father was killed by a notorious outlaw, Markson. Blaine Colt learnt how to use guns in order to exact his revenge on Markson, and when he was ready, he left the rest of his family behind, and he embarked in a lonely crusade against his enemy. When he found Markson, he challenged him to a duel, and he killed him; despite it being a rightful duel (well, as rightful as it could be for the Wild West laws…), he was deemed a murderer, and forced to live his life on the run. Whatever version is the right one, it’s a fact that, for a reason or another, Blaine Colt killed his enemy (or enemies) according to the law, but he was deemed an outlaw nevertheless; he started to live running from a place to another, and because of his young age he gained the nickname “Kid Colt”.

Kid Colt was an outlaw, but he wasn’t a criminal: wherever he went, he fought against injustice and prevarication, always putting his amazing skills as a gunslinger at the service of the defenseless. During one of his first adventures, when he gunned down a dangerous drunkard threatening the little town of Mojave City, he was even appointed sheriff by the local community, and he acted for a while the role of a law enforcer. That, until one of the city’s outlaws, named Johnstone, recognized him and started blackmailing him. Colt killed Johnstone as well, and he left Mojave City behind, resuming his life as a lonely outlaw. Despite being a loner, Kid Colt crossed paths with many other famous and infamous gunslingers from his era, such as the Two-Gun Kid, the heroic Rawhide Kid, the mysterious and creepy Phantom Rider and the half-Indian Ringo Kid. Some of these legendary outlaws even accompanied Kid Colt in his wandering for a while, and some got closer than others. The best female shooter in the kidcoltcomics2entire West, Arizona Annie, even shared a romantic story with him for, even if it lasted only for the few time they shared together between an adventure and another. Of course, along with friends and allies, Kid Colt met also a number of enemies: at first, he only faced murderers, thieves, bandits and “regular” outlaws, foes he disposed of after a single gun duel. When his fame rose, however, more and more formidable enemies started hunting him down, hoping to make a name for themselves, or simply to collect the bounty on his head: the first really dangerous enemy Colt ever faced was Cash Collins, a proficient gunman leader of the infamous Six-Gun Syndicate. Kid Colt crossed his path when Collins kidnapped Betty Baxter, daughter of a wealthy rancher, who enlisted Kid Colt to retrieve her. Collins even offered Colt a place in his Syndicate, something that Kid pretended to accept, until the right moment to take down the entire gang arrived: he killed Cash Collins, and the rest of the Syndicate disbanded. After the Syndicate, more and more picturesque villains crossed Kid Colt’s path: the sadistic Whip Savage, the quick Scarecrow, the mysterious Mad Monk, the one-handed Hook Creech, the wealthy businessman (and murderer) Brain, the bulletproof Iron Mask… Quite a colorful rogue gallery, for a young man who was becoming one of the most notorious guns in the entire West…

Blaine Colt is a man on the edge, constantly running from the law despite never being a criminal (at least, not for his era’s standards). As Kid Colt, he’s one of the most skilled gunslingers of his time: he’s an absolute master in the use of his twin Colt .45 pistols, and he’s nearly infallible with them; he’s also a proficient rider, and his loyal horse Steel is the one companion that never leaves his side in his adventures. Kid Colt’s young age, ill fame and outlaw life make him a daring adventurer, always on the verge of self-destruction, sometimes even brutal with his enemies; despite his violent methods, however, Colt is and remains a rightful man, always ready to defend who cannot protect himself from the many prevaricators and true criminals the Wild West is full of.


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