Noah Kuttler (Calculator)

Next episode of Arrow, titled Unchained, will introduce a brand new villain, ready to bring some chaos into Team Arrow‘s life: the genius hacker Calculator, portrayed by Tom Amandes. Apparently, The Calculator will have some peculiar relation with Felicity Smoak in particular, and rumors say he’ll be revealed to be her father. Well, obviously, in the comics there’s no relation at all between Felicity and Calculator, and the two never actually met; the live action version of the villain will be based on his most recent incarnation, rather than on his original, laughable version. Lucky us. Let’s see together who he is.

Nearly nothing is known about Noah Kuttler, apart from the fact that he suffered an abusive childhood: his mother, determined to make a genius out of him, locked him up in a cage when he was only five years old, allowing him out of it only when he managed to solve the Rubik cube locked inside along with him. This kind of background had two different effects: Noah grew up with a difficult and cracked personality, but he also became the genius his mother wanted him to be. He developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder, which he managed to keep in check with medications, leading a rather normal life. He even got married and had a couple of twins from his wife…unfortunately, the woman soffered from postpartum depression, and she committed suicide. The twins, Wendy and Marvin, became Kuttler’s only joy, and he raised them with all his love, following them as they grew up just as intelligent as he was, graduating at the M.I.T. with no effort at all. Then, something happened in Noah’s life that made him change completely, even if nobody knows what it was (most probably, his medications lost effectiveness), but the man disappeared for a while, and when he reappeared, he was wearing a highly technological (and ridiculous) costume resembling a giant calculator and called himself, indeed, the Calculator. He debuted as a thief, aiming to highly valuable and unique items, and travelled the country apparently with no purpose, meeting and calculatorcomics1battling many superheroes…always losing nearly without reacting, in an apparently embarassing series of defeats: he got beaten by Batman, HawkmanElongated Man, The AtomAir WaveGreen Arrow and Black Canary, becoming renowned as one of the most useless and pitiful villains ever…well, at least until his scheme was revealed. Each time the Calculator fought a hero, his costume recorded his or her abilities, fighting style, weak points and skills, as well as mapping the genetic code of said hero. As a result, if the Calculator fought the same superhero for a second time, the crime fighter would have been unable to even touch him, as the costume projected a force field that repelled exclusively the attacker’s biometrics. After their first battle, for example, Batman found his every move forseen, prevented and countered, and the few blows he managed to land on the Calculator were repelled by the force field.

There were, however, some variables the Calculator didn’t consider: first of all, the remarkable number of superheroes, and their tendency to team up against threats greater than their forces. Despite he had fought and recorded many heroes, there were just as many ready to capture him, so even his long-term plan ended up bringing him to jail. Needless to say, the genius Noah Kuttler soon found a way to escape imprisonment, but he didn’t come back to his career as a masked criminal, realising how pointless and scarcely remunerative that activity was. Instead, he followed a new inspiration: one of his cellmates, who had been captured by Black Canary, told him that the heroine, at a certain point during the fight, had started to talk to herself, as if she was speaking to somebody inside her head. The Calculator found this detail a curious one, and investigated on several analogue ones, discovering the heroes’ “secret”: many of them, during their fight, were assisted by Oracle, an unseen ally who provided information, plans and suggestions in their fight against regular criminals and, especially, supervillains. The Calculator had all the resources and the skills to be an “Oracle” for supervillains, using the data he had collected on the heroes to help his “colleagues” on the field. It took some time, but eventually Kuttler managed to calculatorcomics2create a net of contacts that worked just like Oracle’s one…with a little difference: while the crippled heroine worked for free, he made his clients pay him 1,000$ for any single question they asked him. Not only Calculator assisted villains such as DeathstrokeDoctor Light or Doctor Psycho while they were actually on the field, but he also found jobs for others, and kept collecting intel about heroes, their movements, even their private lives, to sell them to whoever asked him for them. He even helped the villains on personal matters, such as when he tracked down Owen Mercer, the biological son of Captain Boomerang, and helped the two of them reconciliate. This brand new life proved to be a convenient turning point in the Calculator’s career, as he became one of the most respected, trusted and overall paid figures in the underworld. It was only a matter of time before Lex Luthor invited the Calculator to join his Secret Society of Super Villains, and Kuttler put all his remarkable skills at the service of the team, recruiting other elusive colleagues such as Mr. Freeze or Fadeaway Man, and spying on new heroes such as Supergirl or Blue Beetle. Definitely a better use of his talent than walking around in a fancy costume.

Noah Kuttler is one of the most brilliant men on the planet: a genius born, he possesses a formidable intellect…and a frail personality, affected by an obsessive-compulsive disorder that makes him develop an obsession after the other. As The Calculator, his costume allows him to memorize data about any opponent he faces, and depending on the button on his costume he presses, he can even materialize objects made of solid light (especially shields). Even without his suit, he’s a remarkable force to be reckoned with: he’s a master hacker, a superb strategist and a manipulator of people and events; he provides other supervillains with intel on heroes and law enforcers, he finds jobs for them, and he guides them during their missions as a counselor and informant. Now, the Calculator is a formidable villain, an invisible presence who threatens with his genius and tech the lives of every single hero around, and an indispensable asset for his fellow criminals.


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