Victor Creed (Sabretooth)

sabretoothfilmYet another famous mutant from casualgamer‘s list, one of the biggest and baddest…at least, most of the times. Let’s meet Sabretooth, one of the most vicious murderers in the Marvel Universe! He first appeared in the X-Men movie, portrayed by stuntman Tyler Mane: in here, he was depicted as a member of Magneto‘s Brotherhood of Mutants, and he showed from the very beginning to have quite a past with an amnesiac Wolverine, who couldn’t remember him. He was defeated by Cyclops before we could learn anything more…but in X-Men Origins: Wolverine we found out that Sabretooth, portrayed in a not-yet-so-feral version by Liev Schreiber (one of the few good things of the movie), was actually Wolverine’s half-brother, and he grew up with him and accompanied him for nearly a century, before stumbling upon William Stryker and his Weapon X, a reality that forced the two brothers to an opposite choice of fields. Now, the comics version is pretty different: first of all, he is not Wolverine’s brother; second, he never interacted much with Magneto or any incarnation of his Brotherhood. Let’s see together.

Sabretooth’s life is a pretty long one, and his memory has been messed up by several people, so there’s no certainty about his origins…but some details have been revealed nevertheless. His true name was Victor Creed: he was born in Canada, at the end of the XIX Century, the son of a religious couple, Zebediah and Victoria Creed. Victor grew up with his brothers, Luther and Saul, and his sister Clara. The relationship between the siblings weren’t exactly idyllic, as Luther, the oldest brother, often bullied the younger ones, and Victor in turned beat Saul regularly; the only member of the family Victor had a good relation with was his mother, the only one who loved him unconditionally, and who managed to earn love from him. When he was still a child, Victor’s mutant powers manifested for the first time during a fight with Luther, and he unwillingly slaughtered him with razor-sharp claws and fangs. Shocked by what had happened to his firstborn, Zebediah locked Victor in the basement as if he was a savage beast; believing his son was possessed by the Devil, Zebediah pulled out Victor’s fangs, believing he would have freed his son from demons after taking away enough of his “satanic” teeth. The boy’s healing factor sabretoothcomics1made the fangs grow again day after day, in an everlasting pain that made Victor’s grudge and hatred towards his father grow. After years of confinement in the basement, finally, the boy managed to free himself by chowing his own hand off: he killed Zebediah and ran away, coming back only to torture Saul in a twisted version of what he considered “family”, and to take his mother away, hiding her from the world and making sure she had the comfortable life she deserved to his eyes. A thirteen years old sociopath, Victor was now unleashed, venting all the rage bottled up in years of abuses on whoever he met, becoming a wanted serial killer. At fifteen years old, he started working for the railroad, and he earned the fear of his coworkers when he gutted a man thrice his size who bullied on him. Becoming a grown man, Victor, who was now renowned as “Sabretooth” because of his appearance and his feral tendencies, sold his skills to the best bidder, working as a bailiff, as a hunter, as an enforcer, as a bounty hunter, even as a soldier for a while. He even worked for geneticist Nathaniel Essex, hunting for him a man named Logan, who would have become a recurring presence in his life.

In the 1910s, Creed worked for a man named Hudson, who enlisted him for a special mission: he would have led a band of mercenaries to wipe out a tribe of Blackfoot Indians standing on the “wrong” territory. Sabretooth wiped out all men, women and children…with a tasty bonus, as he found out that Logan was living with the Indians at the time, and that he had a lover there, Silverfox. Creed took a particular pleasure into raping and murdering Silverfox, leaving fake evidence for Logan to find that pointed to a rival tribe. Distraught, Logan savagely murdered the men he deemed responsible for what had happened to the Blackfoot village, and Sabretooth observed him as he surrendered to his feral instincts. From that day, Sabretooth decided he would have made Logan just like him: prey to his bestial urge to kill, without bonds or control…something that he did by hunting him down wherever he was in the world, and taking away everything (and everyone) allowing him to keep his humanity (he was also responsible for the murder of Logan’s Japanese wife Itsu). Tormenting his rival from year to year, usually for his sabretoothcomics2birthday, Creed also led his regular life, and decades later he ended up serving in the military during the Korean War; stationed in Madripoor, he was contacted by international spy Nick Fury, who enlisted him in his black ops team, the Avengers, in a mission to stop a Red Skull imitator from creating a Fourth Reich. In exchange of his service with the Avengers, all of Sabretooth’s previous crimes received pardons, and he was free to walk freely again. After that Sabretooth joined another black ops special team, this time in Canada: Team X, a secret elite squad formed by mutants only. Along with Creed there were other mutants: Kestrel, Maverick and Wolverine…the latter being the same Logan he had been hunting down the previous decades. Team X disbanded the moment Sabretooth killed a scientist, a precious asset, during a battle with Russian super-soldier Omega Red. The Canadian government, however, decided they could have used Creed’s skills despite of habit of murdering innocent bystanders, and kidnapped him, erasing much of his memory and making him a part of the Weapon X Program. The experimentations Sabretooth suffered only increased his already remarkable thirst for blood: the moment Weapon X was shut down, a ruthless and sadistic butcher was released on the world once again…

Victor Creed is, simply put, a bloodthirsty savage: years and years of abuses and tortures made him a man who has no consideration at all for human life, quite the opposite, he enjoys killing so much that he simply can’t restrain himself…not that he’d want. As Sabretooth, he possesses a regenerative healing factor that makes him nearly immortal, immune from any disease, unaging, able to recover from nearly any wound, even fatal; he also possesses razor-sharp claws and fangs, as well as feral enhanced senses, and superhuman strength, agility, speed and durability; having being trained by a variety of organizations (CIA, Weapon X, HydraThe Hand among others), he’s an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, an expert marksman, a skilled tactician and manipulator, an infallible hunter and also a proficient martial artist. Differently from Wolverine, who always tries to control his brutal and feral side, Sabretooth fully embraces it, and enjoys the world as if it were his personal hunting ground, in which everybody, man, woman and child, is just another prey for him to kill.



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