Harrison & Amanda Carter

amandaandmichaelcarterfilmLast episode of Agent Carter gave us a look at the origin story of both the protagonist and the main villain, Whitney Frost, and in the first one’s we met a couple of characters from the comics: Peggy‘s big brother Michael and her mother Amanda, portrayed by Max Brown (and Webb Baker Hayes as a child) and Carole Ruggier respectively. The brother who wants Peggy to be herself and the mother who’d like to see her more “feminine” come both from the comicbooks, albeit Michael’s original name was Harrison. Peggy’s conitnuity is a little bit messed up, since she originally had a mother, a father and a sister, but then, as Captain America was said to have been awakened in the 1980s rather than in the 1960s, mother and father became brother and sister-in-law, while the sister became her niece. In the show, they made Amanda the mother, according to the original continuity, and Michael/Harrison the brother, following the new one. Let’s see together.

In the first version of the story, Harrison Carter was born somewhere at the beginning of the XX century, from a wealthy family in Virginia. He most likely served during War World I, as most of his peers, but he managed to make it back home alive and well. He eventually married a woman named Amanda, and she gave him two daughters, Margaret and Sharon. When World War II started engulfing Europe, the couple’s eldest daughter decided to join the military forces to repel the Nazis, and she went to France, where she helped the partisans fight back the invaders. Sharon was still a baby, and she didn’t join her sister, and Harrison and Amanda stayed home to watch over their newborn child, hoping to see their firstborn come home safe. Not much is known about the years of the war back in the Carters’ mansion, but it’s safe to assume that they helped their country the best they could in the war effort, especially considering that their beloved daughter was fighting on the other side of the ocean. Eventually, the war ended, and Peggy came back home: she was amnesiac because of a bomb that had exploded near her amandacartercomicsimmediately before the end of the battles in Paris, and Harrison and Amanda did their best to help her recover, and remember. Finally, with time, she regained her memory, but her strong emotional stress made her relive the experiences she had had: stories about the war, of course, but also stories of heroism and selflessness; she told her family about the time she spent with the already legendary hero Captain America, time during which they had become closer than simple friends…unfortunately, when the Daily Bugle reported the hero’s death, Peggy suffered from a major breakdown, and she became nearly catatonic. Harrison and Amanda didn’t know what to do to help her, and eventually they hospitalized her; when Captain America resurfaced, after his ibernation, the doctors forbid the couple to tell anything of it to Peggy, since the slightest emotional shock, even a positive one, could have landed the finishing blow to her already frail mind. Believing the doctors, Harrison and Amanda kept the silence on the hero’s return, and watched helplessly as their daughter detached herself from the world.

A new hope for Peggy surfaced in the form of a leading edge, renowned psychiatrist, Doctor Faustus, who was said to be able to cure any wound of the mind. Harrison and Amanda asked him to treat their daughter, not knowing that Faustus was actually a criminal in the midst of a personal war against Captain America. While Peggy was under Faustus’ treatment, Captain America began dating Sharon: the Carters decided not to reveal to the hero that the girl he had fallen in love with was actually the sister of the one he loved during the war, in order to avoid him useless guilt, but the truth emerged thanks to Faustus himself. The psychiatrist, after learning of the bond between his patient Peggy and Captain America, abducted her along with Sharon and her parents, forcing the hero to a face off during which he tortured him with his memories. With Cap struggling with his own ghosts, and the figures of Peggy and Sharon confusing in his mind, Harrison and Amanda finally decided to reveal to him the kin between the two harrisoncartercomicsgirls, presenting themselves not only as Sharon’s parents, but as Peggy’s ones as well. Finally able to tell reality from allucination, Captain America defeated Doctor Faustus with the help of Falcon and freed the Carters. Harrison and Amanda came back to their house in Virginia along with Sharon, while Peggy joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and started a new friendship with Cap. The Carters helped the hero once again when he was fighting the Serpent Society, letting him use their own house as a shelter while he was hunted down, and helping him tailor a new costume to resume his crime-fighting. Later, with the change of continuity, Harrison was portrayed as Peggy Carter’s brother: after World War II, he married Amanda, and had a daughter, Sharon. When Peggy was hospitalized for her nervous breakdown, her parents died, but Harrison decided not to tell her anything about it, not to aggravate her condition. One day, when Harrison and Amanda were visiting Peggy, in her confusion she mistook Harrison for his father, and the man went along with that delusion, always to avoid her a stress (and that’s why Faustus kidnapped Peggy’s “parents”, even if they were dead for some years already). Apart from this, the story of the Carters is the same as in the first version.

Harrison and Amanda Carter are a normal, elderly couple: strong-willed and brave, they are deeply and truly proud of their daughter’s (or daughters’) choices, even if they have to accept them to risk their life on a daily basis, being it while fighting the Nazis in Europe or serving under S.H.I.E.L.D. in foiling threats against the entire world. Despite some obvious confusion in seeing Captain America dating their elder daughter first, and their second one years later (or, depending on the continuity, Harrison’s sister first, and his daughter later), they nevertheless accept and support this bonds, believing in the honesty and goodheart of the hero.



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