KrangIt’s Super Bowl time and this means…a lot of new trailers!! Among them, we get a second tv spot for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, finally getting a glimpse to the last (?) new character introduced in the movie, the villainous alien Krang. In the trailer, we see Michelangelo approaching the alien’s exo-suit remarking how scarcely intimidating the thing is, only for the real Krang inside the robotic body to scare the life out of him. Despite Krang is one of the most notorious and threatening villains in the TMNT rogues’ gallery, this movie will mark his live action debut: waiting to meet him on the big screen, let’s take a look at his comicbook counterpart.

Krang was born on Utrominon, a remote planet in Dimension X. He lived in a war-torn part of the planet, and he learnt to fight from a very young age. As an adult, he was already an experienced soldier and a ruthless warlord, who had made a deal with another species on the planet, the Rock Soldiers, and had made them his personal militia, counting on the blind loyalty of General Traag and Lt. Granitor. With his powerful army, Krang vanquished any other force on the planet, and rapidly rose to power; eventually, he built the Technodrome, an unstoppable moving fortress that allowed him to conquer the entire planet. A brutal dictator, Krang built his empire on war and violence, and expanded his dominion over other planets as well, destroying the ones that refused to obey him. Always looking for new ways of expanding his power, Krang collected powerful weapons and items from all around the universe, killing millions in order to obtain them (among others, he vaporized the entire Huanu system krangcomics1while looking for the Turnstone, a powerful artifact able to modify an object’s molecular structure, transforming anything into whatever the user desired). Obviously, power didn’t come without a price, and although Krang could inspire fear and dread, he didn’t get any loyalty from his subjects, apart from near-religious fanatics such as Traag. Eventually, a revolt started on Krang’s very homeplanet, and the Utroms led a massive rebellion against the warlord. After a long civil war, the Rock Soldiers were defeated, and Krang was cornered into the Technodrome, unable to leave his own fortress: as a punishment for the innumerable war crimes he had committed, Krang was stripped of his reptilian body, and reduced to a moving and talking brain-like creature, so that he couldn’t pose any threat. Then, he was exiled to a remote planet along with the technological abominion he had created, never to be allowed on Utrominon again. His reign of terror was finally over…at least, for the time being. Even as a disembodied brain, Krang didn’t know surrender.

The remote planet Krang was exiled on, needless to say, was Earth. Lost and alone on an unknown planet, Krang needed allies to restore his former power and find a way to come back home to exact revenge against his enemies: luckily enough, the Technodrome was found by the Foot Clan, an ancient sect of ninjas aiming to world domination, a thirst that Krang knew far too well. Krang arranged a meeting with Horoku Saki, head of a splinter cell of the Foot Clan: he offered him his allegiance, as well as access to his advanced technology, in exchange of a new body for himself. Horoku Saki, always the tactician, understood that this new ally was far more dangerous than he looked, and at first he refused his offer, believing that once able to move freely again Krang would have become impossible to control. Time passed, and Horoku Saki, now The Shredder, collected failure after failure not only in the conquest of the world, but even of a single city, New York City: he clashed time after time with an old rival, the krangcomics2mutant rat Splinter, and his group of foster children, the Ninja Turtles, who managed to foil every plan of his. Eventually, Shredder found himself forced to accept Krang’s offer. The deal between Krang and the Foot immediately gave its results, as Shredder built for his new ally an exo-suit, a cybernetic body that could host the disembodied brain and react to its stimuli like a real body, giving him back the ability to move freely, without being bound to the three-wheeled chair he initially used; in return, as promised, Krang gave Shredder and his men limited access to his technology, allowing them to use his futuristic weapons against the Ninja Turtles (not with much better results than before, actually). Despite aiding him with his crusade, Krang didn’t share Shredder’s personal grudge against Splinter and the Turtles, having greater goals: now that he was whole again (sort of), he could finally resume his plans of conquest and dominion…and Earth looked like a good training ground, a perfect planet to start from in order to recreate his empire.

Krang is a ruthless and utterly unsympathetic warlord, who feels nothing for anybody, and has no problems in annihilating enemies and allies alike. He’s an absolute genius, with an I.Q. going far above the smartest people on Earth; he’s also a brilliant tactician, whose plans involve years of scheming and unraveling. A skilled inventor, he’s particularly proficient in creating new and always more lethal weapons, showing an unmatchable intellect and fantasy. In his exo-suit, Krang is also a physically dangerous adversary, as the robotic body possesses unmatchable strength and durability, and is able to modify its own structure to transform parts of its body (usually the hands) in weapons, as well as to grow in size; despite the many resources of his exo-suit, the warlord rarely engages his enemies in physical fight, preferring to manipulate events from behind the curtains. Krang’s intelligence is also his greatest weakness: he’s a genius, and he knows it, and most of the times it’s his arrogance that brings him to failure and defeat.


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