Adam Fells (Geomancer)

Geo-MancerThere’s still another villain introduced in last episode of The Flash, but this time in the regular reality. In Welcome to Earth-2, when Barry Allen is exploring the parallel universe, on Earth-1 a new criminal exploits his absence to wreak havoc: Geomancer, portrayed by Adam Stafford, able to create powerful earthquakes. It’ll be up to a speedless (for now…) Jay Garrick and to a powerless Caitlin Snow to stop him, but so far they only collected a major failure. In the comics, Geomancer is not exactly a memorable villain: he appears very briefly, and he doesn’t accomplish anything in particular…but he’s there, so let’s take a look at him nevertheless.

Nearly nothing is known about Adam Fells‘ origins: he was a metahuman with the ability to manipulate earth and stones, born somewhere unspecified in the United States of America. With quite a remarkable power, Fells decided to become a mercenary, and put his services on the market naming himself the Geomancer. A capable hired gun is always a precious asset, especially if we’re talking about a super-powered one, and Geomancer found job when he was hired by The Council, a secret organization bent on world domination. During one of the missions for the Council, Geomancer was sent to Africa to destroy a village, Kinambura Township, an unwanted settlement on the border between Western African Republic and Sierra Verde: the mercenary didn’t question the reason for destroying the village, nor asked himself or others why the Council would have taken profit from the township’s destruction, he simply started creating earthquakes to bury Kinambura under the rocks. The unbalance he created geomancercomics1on the crust, however, attracted the attention of Sanderson “Sand” Hawkins, a superhero from the Justice Society of America whose evolving powers were transforming him into a being actually made of sand, in deep connection with the earth element. Geomancer and Sand faced off, and even had time to quarrel about a common passion, vintage films, before starting to actually exchange blows: being made of sand, Geomancer’s powers were nearly useless against the superhero, and even when he managed to bury him under tons of rocks the shifting Sand managed to free himself. Soon it was clear that the fight would have been decided the old way, and the two engaged in a fist fight, from which Sand emerged victorious. Knocked out, Geomancer barely escaped capture, and flew from the scene. Once back home the Council, disappointed with his failure, cancelled his contract, and suspended his services with them. Not that it really bothered: many others were in need of a metahuman mercenary’s services.

Soon after, in fact, the crime master Johnny Sorrow recruited Adam Fells in his new formation of the Injustice Society of America, along with Count VertigoBlackbriar TomKiller Wasp, Tigress and the second Icicle: Sorrow led his team to an all-out assault on the unguarded JSA headquarters, exploting the absence of all its members…well, not all of them, since Wildcat was still inside. The veteran hero managed to isolate each villain, taking them down one after the other, Geomancer included. The team, beaten and humiliated, retreated, but only to come back soon after, this time in a better devised plan. Taking example from Wildcat’s strategy, Sorrow sent his men to attack the single heroes while they were separated from the rest of the team: Geomancer was teamed up with Killer Wasp (and later joined by Black Adam) to attack Sand and Wildcat while they were into a theatre, taking them by surprise, while others ambushed a couple of other heroes, and the rest of the team attacked the JSA headquarters. During the fight, Geomancer and his teammates got separated, and the villain took on Sand by himself wanting revenge for their last battle. The two fought in the sewers under New York geomancercomics2City, while Black Adam took care of Wildcat. Unfortunately for Geomancer, the outcome was exactly the same as the previous time, and Sand overpowered him with new powers he could now fully control. After the plan of reviving the King of Tears, the ancient god Johnny Sorrow was serving, failed, and both the King and Sorrow were exiled to a parallel dimension, the Injustice Society disbanded, with all the villains trying to find another employment…what they found, however, was Ultra-Humanite, the criminal mastermind, who abducted each and every metahuman around, hero or villain, and placed them in suspended animation to realize his world dictatorship free from every nuisance. A bug, however, prevented Icicle to be frozen like the others (obviously), and he freed himself from his canister; upon recognising his friend Geomancer, Icicle tried to free him as well, but Ultra-Humanite’s security system reacted, killing Adam Fells. Quite an unglorious end, for an unglorious mercenary.

Adam Fells is a greedy man like many others, ready to do anything in order to get some extra money; unlikely many others, however, he’s a superpowered mercenary. As Geomancer, he’s a metahuman with the power of geokinesis, the ability to manipulate earth, rocks, stones etc.; with this ability, he can create earthquakes, transform the shape of rocks and even of the ground, and to use stones as powerful projectiles. Powerful enough to level an entire city, Geomancer prefers to follow orders, doing what he’s told to in order to get his salary.


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