Siobhan Smythe (Silver Banshee)

Next episode of Supergirl will introduce a couple of new characters, and the one who’ll be part of the recurring cast has been already showed in promotional pics. In Truth, Justice and the American Way, following the recent events Cat Grant decides to hire a second personal assistant, Siobhan Smythe, portrayed by Italia Ricci; obviously, Siobhan immediately starts some sort of rivalry with Kara, aiming to be Grant’s only assistant. The character will be further explored in the show, and we know that in World’s Finest, the crossover episode with The Flash, she will have already donned her super alias from the comics, Silver Banshee. Smythe is The New 52 version of the character, as originally Silver Banshee was a magic-powered villainess named Siobhan McDougal, while the new one is not a bad guy at all… Let’s see together.

Siobhan Smythe was born in DublinIreland, the daughter of Garrett Smythe and his wife. When Siobhan was still little, Garrett died, and left behind a wife and two children…for a while, at least. The man, in fact, was the heir of an ancient clan possessing a dark magic, that made him come back from the grave as the Black Banshee, hungry for people’s soul. Siobhan had inherited her father’s powers, and Garrett soon started hunting her down, wanting to consume her and to add her power to his own. Thomas, Siobhan’s brother, decided he would have protected his family from his undead father, and tried to hide the Smythes on the Irish hills, but Black Banshee found them, and Tommy eventually sacrificed himself in order to allow his mother and sister to escape. Siobhan and her mother lived on the run for years, until even the woman died, leaving the girl alone. Siobhan knew she wouldn’t have been able to escape from Garrett, especially not in the same land that had given birth to his powers, so she decided to flee, emigrating to the United States of America. Looking for a fresh start, the girl moved to New York City, where she used part of her innate abilities of sound manipulation to become a famous singer, wanted in every silverbansheecomics1nightclub in the city. Once she gathered money enough, she found a nice place in Queens, and she finally started her brand new life. One day, however, while walking down Manhattan, Siobhan Smythe witnessed a heated battle between a girl dressed like Superman and four menacing-looking superhumans: they were Kara Zor-El, a Kryptonian refugee, and the Worldkillers, four warriors genetically engineered by Kryptonian scientists, Reign, DeimaxFlower of Heaven and Perrilus. After a tough fight, Kara managed to force the assailants to flee, but the National Guard, unable to distinguish good guys from bad ones, attacked her as well, interpreting all her gestures as hostile moves. Siobhan, who had the gift to understand every language and form of communication after hearing only a few words, intervened, acting as an interpreter between the alien girl and the military, but things degenerated quickly. Kara, wanting to protect her new friend, enveloped her in her indestructible cape and flew away with her. On a nearby roof, the two introduced properly, and found out they had much in common. They became fast friends.

Learning that Kara didn’t have a family anymore, nor a place to stay on Earth, Siobhan brought her to her apartment, and gave her some of her own clothes to allow her go out without being recognized as the superbeing that had created havoc in Manhattan. She even invited her to a concert that very night, and the alien, happy to be able to do something “normal”, accepted. That very night, Siobhan charmed all the patrons and her new friend with her amazing voice…but then something horrible happened, as all attendants started screaming, and fainted one after the other: Black Banshee had found his daughter even in the new continent, and was draining the souls of all the people in the club. The undead man appeared and attacked Siobhan: when Kara tried to defend her, she found the man’s powers could harm her despite her invulnerability. In the meanwhile, the man’s voice had had unexpected effects on Siobhan, triggering all her latent abilities and transforming her in the creature she was destined to be: the Silver Banshee. Siobhan started fighting her father, allowing Kara to escape, but the alien soon came back, wanting to help silverbansheecomics2the girl but ending up devoured by the Black Banshee. While Silver Banshee fought her father from the outside, Kara fought him from inside him, and she proved to be powerful enough to free herself before being totally absorbed…and, much to Siobhan’s surprise, she dragged along Tommy Smythe, who had been living inside his father since the day he had absorbed him. Now free to fight without restraints, Silver Banshee used her powers to absorb her own father, ending his threat…and finding herself rejoicing over his destruction, feeling a bloodlust the likes of which she had never experienced before. The appearance of Tommy managed to quell her, and she transformed back to her human form before losing control. When the police arrived, Kara took both Smythes and flew away, bringing them (and herself) to safety, back to the girl’s apartment. From that day, Siobhan lived with her rediscovered brother, offering all her friendship and support to Kara, who was still struggling to adapt to her adoptive planet. She even arrived to the point of arranging a date between her friend and her older brother, hoping to help Kara, now known as the heroine Supergirl, find a new home. She was given a new life by Kara: the least she could do was to reciprocate the favor.

Siobhan Smythe is a girl on the run, a normally cheerful and full of life woman who has learnt to live her life despite being constantly chased by the shadows of her past. As the Silver Banshee, she’s able to manipulate sound at will, usually channeling it in a sonic cry able to hurt even a Kryptonian or directing soundwaves to fly; she can also understand and speak fluently any kind of language, even animals’ ones; albeit she never does it (usually), she’s able to absorb the life force and even the soul of other people, trapping them in an inner dimension in which they’re slowly “digested”. After absorbing the Black Banshee, Silver Banshee is constantly struggling with the evil darkness her father brought into her, a dark force that is able to corrupt anything it touches…with any luck, and with her friends’ help, Siobhan will be able to retain her humanity despite the influence of her parent’s soul.


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