Lisa Barbara Castle

Lisa CastleA new trailer for Daredevil Season 2 has been released, and this time it’s all centered on The Punisher. We see a little bit of his past as well, as a picture of him and his daughter is spotted: the girl is Lisa Castle, one member of Punisher’s deceased family. She first appeared in the original The Punisher movie, even if she was divided into two different daughters, Felice (portrayed by Holly Rogers) and Annie (portrayed by Brooke Anderson): in the movie, the girls were burnt alive with their mother in their own car in a failed assassination attempt against heroic policeman Frank Castle. She then appeared in Punisher: War Zone, this time with her right name, but she was only seen as a corpse in a flashback: just as in the comics, she was killed during a picnic after witnessing something she wasn’t supposed to see. Whether also her mother and little brother will make it to the show remains to be seen, but in the meanwhile let’s take a look at little Lisa…not that there’s much to be said, clearly.

Lisa Barbara Castle was the firstborn of Frank and Maria Castle. She was born in New York City, and her father, serving in the Marine Corps, was undergoing extensive training at the time of her birth, so he was seldomly home. When Lisa was still little more than a newborn, Frank was sent to Vietnam, where he served two entire tours: Lisa learnt to grow up without her father, raised by her mother only. After the second tour, Frank came back home, and soon Lisa was delighted to learn that a little brother was coming: some months later, in fact, Francis Jr. was born, and life had apparently become normal for the Castle family. Unfortunately, Castle didn’t come back home lisacastlecomics1entirely, as his mind was always in Vietnam; his obsession grew to the point he illegally signed up for a third turn, leaving his family again. Lisa stayed with her mother, and helped her with her little brother, at least for what a little girl her age could do. Then, finally, Frank came back home, and this time it looked like he wanted to stay: he even accepted a job as spec ops trainer, near New York in order to be with his family. Finally, Lisa had her father back with her…not that happiness was meant to last, in Castles’ house.

In the first days when the family was all reunited, things were pretty hard, especially because Frank had still some difficulties in being with his wife and children with both body and mind. Lisa knew Maria suffered from it, but all she could do was to love her parents the best she could…and that actually had some result, as Frank finally managed to overcome his PTSD and to be back whole. In order to celebrate, he decided to bring his entire family to a picnic in Central Park, an event that made Lisa and Frank Jr. more than happy. While playing with a kite, the two children arrived on the top of Sheep’s Meadow, near where their parents had prepared for lunch…but they were not alone on the green, as some mobsters had chosen that very place for an execution. Lisa and her brother witnessed the killing, and when they started screaming, Frank and Maria arrived as well. The criminals, not exactly willing to have eye witnesses, gunned them all down. Lisa got killed, along with her mother and brother, and only Frank survived. In Heaven, Lisa met her guardian angel, Gadriel, lisacastlecomics2deeply sorry for being unable to protect her and her family; Lisa, now a pure soul, asked Gadriel to keep protecting her father, despite he had become the violent vigilante known as The Punisher. When The Punisher, driven mad by the psychological tortures of the demon Olivier, committed suicide, Gadriel intervened, resurrecting him as an agent of Heaven, accomplishing Lisa’s request. Lisa’s path crossed her father’s one once again, when the mystical criminal The Hood offered to resurrect Lisa, Frank Jr. and Maria, in order to “buy” the Punisher, but when the ritual was about to be completed, Frank preferred to burn his family’s caskets, knowing that the dead were supposed to stay dead. Lisa would have rested in peace from that moment on.

Lisa Castle is a perfectly normal girl of her age: full of life and constantly happy, her smile is the only thing that allowed her father to come back to a normal life after the hell he lived in Vietnam. She deeply loves her family, including her little brother, and her world ends within the walls of her house…not that it’s destined to grow.



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