Rosie the Riveter

RosieLast episode of Arrow introduced three new villains, marking the live action debut of the Demolition Team. We’ll start from the leader: in Code of SilenceH.I.V.E. hires a skilled squad of mercenaries to destroy several buildings with a particular acid, the Demolition Team. The leader of the group is Rosie, portrayed by Rachel Luttrell, a deadly markswoman who fights with a riveter. She proves to be also a remarkable martial artist, managing to hold her own against Speedy and Black Canary at the same time. As well as her colleagues, Rosie is a secondary villain in the comics, but her story goes back to the 1980s nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about the woman known as Rosie, not even her surname. She was born in New Orleans, where she worked as a bartender in her own bar, Rosie’s. Apparently, the bar didn’t pay much money, and eventually Rosie decided to turn to more remunerative activities. She gathered the biggest and toughest guys among her patrons, a group of workers specialised in demolition, and she organised them so that they could use their professional skills in a more creative way; she even equipped herself with a riveter, leading her squad on the field. Along with HardhatJackhammerSteamroller and Scoopshovel, Rosie founded the Demolition Team, a band of mercenaries specialised in demolition…of people and buildings alike. At first, the Demolition Squad worked with simple working tools, making the best out of them, but then they received quite a tech upgrade when Rosie was contacted by The Monitor, a cosmic entity who was preparing an all-out war against his brother, the Anti-Monitor, and was powering up several superheroes and supervillains in anticipation rosiecomics1of the final battle. The Demolition Squad received a futuristic equipment, mimicrying their original one but much more powerful. Unaware of the cosmic forces at play, Rosie kept leading her team in the usual missions, collecting a success after the other. The first major defeat occured when a crooked crongressman, Jason Bloch, hired the Demolition Team to destroy the Los Angeles branch of Ferris Aircraft. Apparently it was an easy job, but the team found on place Predator, the brutal protector of Carol Ferris, who managed to defeat them all by himself, despite the futuristic weapons given to them by Monitor. Beaten and humiliated, Rosie and her men ended up to jail.

Of course, no prison could hold them all for long, especially considering that demolishing buildings was their primary skill: the Demolition Team broke out, and came back to business, albeit this time Hardhat preferred to work alone, leaving Rosie and the others. On their first new assignment, the Demolition Team was hired to destroy a nuclear power plant in Germany, but also this time they found opposition, meeting the newborn superhero team known as the Blood Pack. The following fight ended up with no winners nor losers, albeit the heroes managed to prevent Rosie and her men to destroy their target. Soon after, Rosie was attacked by a mysterious assailant, who stole a trait of her personality, her memories and her knowledge from her; along with five other geniuses (Axel “Brainstorm” StormEmil HamiltonFord Corrando, the robotic Automan and Doctor Cylvia Anita Cyber) she became part of the android Enginehead, programmed to use the combined intellect of the ones composing it to find and fix the flaw that was bringing reality to an end. Eventually, Enginehead decided it was the greatest flaw in the entire universe, so it ended up self-destroying. When the android ceased to exist, Rosie rosiecomics2regained her personality and knowledge, and could come back to lead the Demolition Team. Not only Hardhat, but also Steamroller had begun to work solo, so Rosie suspended the activities of her team for a while…that is, until the menace represented by the Anti-Monitor plainly showed itself. During the Chrisis on Infinite Earths, Rosie gathered her team back, and used the equipment given to them by the Monitor for the purpose it was meant for from the very beginning: to fight the forces that wanted to destroy reality itself, fighting alongside heroes and villains from the multiverse against a common threat.

Despite her vulgar appearance, manners and way of speaking, Rosie the Riveter is actually a brilliant woman, capable of reverse-engineering simple working tools to transform them into lethal weapons, and to adapt them to alien technology as well. As the leader of the Demolition Team, she’s also a skilled tactician, and she uses a hot rivet gun as her main weapon, proving to be pretty skilled with it. A woman in a world of men, Rosie is strong enough to put in line some of the toughest criminals around, earning this way the respect of her allies and the fear of her enemies.



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