Hammersmith (Jackhammer)

JackhammerTime for the second character introduced in Arrow episode Code of Silence, again a member of the Demolition Team. In the trio, there’s a hulkling brute who fights using a massive sledgehammer, and who manages to completely overwhelm Spartan during their first encounter (even if he’s tricked and defeated by him during their second one): that’s Jackhammer, portrayed by Daniel Cudmore. As well as his teammates, Jackhammer appears in a much more grounded look than his comicbook counterpart, lacking his original flashy costume and his futuristic equipment. But let’s see together who this secondary villain is.

Not much is known about Jackhammer’s early life, almost nothing actually. His surname was Hammersmith, and he was born in HoustonTexas. He grew up with a brother, Jackson, but the two of them didn’t have much of a relationship when they became adults. Hammersmith found a job as an oil rig wildcatter, something he turned out to be pretty good at, and that made him travel up and down the country quite a bit. One of his favourite places to stop, while working in the South, was Rosie’s, a bar in New Orleans, run by a woman who knew quite how to handle guys like him. Just like Rosie, Hammersmith was a greedy man, always trying to earn as much money as he could…and not necessarily through the legal way (not that working with oil corporations represented a problem with that); when Rosie offered him to become a part of the team she was gathering, a team of mercenaries not always (almost never) on the side of justice, but who earned in a pay-day more than a regular man in a life of work, jackhammercomics1Hammersmith didn’t have many doubts, and chose to join the Demolition Team. Rosie designed for him a special pneumatic drill, whose power was augmented by the remarkable size and by the sonic waves it employed; from that day on, Hammersmith was known as Jackhammer. With Rosie’s engineering abilities, the Demolition Team soon gained fame and respect in the mercenary world, specialising in both localised destruction…and total mayhem. If Rosie’s weapons weren’t powerful enough, the cosmic entity Monitor provided them soon after their debut with futuristic tech, which Rosie reverse-engineered to adapt to the weapons Jackhammer and the others were already using, making them utterly unstoppable…or close enough.

The baptism of fire for the new equipment arrived when corrupted Congressman Jason Bloch hired the Demolition Team to damage a personal financial adversary of his, Ferris Aircraft. Jackhammer and the rest of the team were sent to Los Angeles, where they were ordered to destry the local branch, possibly with the CEO Carol Ferris still inside the building. The security guards were no match for Jackhammer and his brute strength, and apparently Green Lantern wasn’t on the spot to help Ferris as he usually did, so the Demolition Team was dealing with an easy mission…that, until a new, blood-thirsty protector appeared, Predator, who was actually a manifestation of Carol Ferris’ own subconscious. Despite their new equipment and their combined effort, every member of the Demolition Team was defeated by Predator alone, and they were sent to jail. Of course, demolishing a prison wasn’t such a hard job for the Demolition Team, and they escaped soon after their arrest, coming back to business (every one of them but Hardhat, who preferred to start a solo career). The first mission Jackhammer and the others received after the imprisonment sent them to Germany, where they were ordered to destroy a nuclear power plant. Again, what would have normally been an easy job was made unusefully complicated by the appearance of jackhammercomics2superheroes, this time the newborn team Blood Pack; in the following battle, the Pack proved to be a worthy adversary for Jackhammer and his teammates, and eventually the Demolition Team was forced to withdraw. Back to the United States, Jackhammer found himself without a single job for quite a while, since Rosie had disappeared, and the team had disbanded as a result. Just when he was about to resume his old job, however, Jackhammer was summoned again by Rosie, who had come back and was ready to reunite the old team together…and this time, there was much more at stake than simple profit: the survival of reality itself was in danger, and the Demolition Team had a role to play in the upcoming cosmic battle.

Hammersmith is a greedy and brutal man, whose sole interest is money. As Jackhammer, apart from being gifted with a remarkable strength and durability, he’s armed with a high-tech jackhammer, powerful enough to level a building after a few seconds of use. Loyal to Rosie, and to nobody else, Jackhammer is an intimidating behemoth devoted to destruction and profit only.


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