Paul Monroe (Jesus)

JesusThe new episode of The Walking Dead introduced another major character (in substitution of the three killed-off in the previous one, probably), and that’s one we had been waiting for. In The Next WorldRick and Daryl are robbed by a bearded man, who tricks them and steals their food truck (not that he goes far with it): that’s Paul Rovia, portrayed by Tom Payne. Despite his surname has been changed, he’s definitely an adaptation of Paul Monroe, another beloved character from the comics, called Jesus for obvious reasons. In the comics, he starts as a secondary character, but his role grows until he’s rightfully counted among the main cast…and it seems this will be his destiny in the show as well. First of all, however, let’s see who the original one is.

As for most survivors, not much is known about Paul Monroe’s life before the Outbreak. He lived in the Washington D.C. area, and it’s more than likely that he attended to some martial arts classes. Nicknamed “Jesus” because of his appearance, it’s unknown if he had any family prior to the Zombie Apocalypse. What is known is that, after the Outbreak, he wandered for a while until he reached one of the many communities scattered around the country, the Hilltop Colony: the leader of the Colony, Gregory, was pretty impressed by Jesus’ many skills, and allowed him in his community without a second thought. For a while, Jesus worked as a recruiter for Gregory, bringing in people who could be useful to Hilltop…then The Saviors arrived. These were a violent and dangerous group who attacked other colonies, and forced them to pay heavy tributes in exchange of “protection” against walkers; their leader, Negan, was a monster just as fearful as he was charismatic. The Saviors forced Hilltop Colony to enter the tribute system, soon bringing the community to its knees…but that was always better than the total destruction that awaited them if they didn’t pay. Once, Paul decided he would have followed the tribute collectors to their hideout, in order to gain some information about Negan and his followers…but he was spotted, and barely escaped with his life. Hilltop jesuscomics1Colony however wasn’t able to pay for all the tributes The Saviors asked for, so Paul came out with yet another idea, that he proposed to Gregory: he would have scouted the surrounding area, looking for other peaceful colonies they could have started trading with, so that they would have lightened their burden with The Saviors. Gregory agreed, and allowed him to proceed with his plan. It took a while to him, and often his search was frustratred by failure: most of the colonies Jesus found were either not as organised as he needed them to be, or The Saviors had already visited them, so that they were in the same condition as the Hilltop Colony. He only found two eligibile ones, until, finally, Paul found a fortified residential area that met all the characteristics he was looking for, an organised community able to become a trading partner: he had found the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Alexandrians had just survived the attack of a hostile group, The Ravagers, and the invasion of a massive herd, so they weren’t exactly ready to trust a stranger: Jesus tried to introduce himself to a scouting team, but they reacted badly to his presence, and things excalated quickly. A proficient martial artist, Paul Monroe managed to easily subdue the two Alexandrians he had met…who happened to be two of the Safe-Zone best fighters, Michonne and Abraham Ford. Having obtained “attention” by the Alexandrians, Paul managed to meet their leader, Rick Grimes, and explained to him his offer. Rick apparently trusted him, and offered him his hand in agreement…only to knock him out with a punch: previous experiences had taught him not to trust anybody. During the following days, Rick questioned him repeatedly on his intentions, until his son, Carl, convinced him that Paul plainly wasn’t such a bad guy; eventually, the two men came to a compromise, as Rick accepted to visit Hilltop Colony, but warning Paul that, if he didn’t like what he saw there, he would have killed him on the spot. The first night of travel, the small group composed of Rick, a tied-up Paul, Michonne, Glenn and Andrea was attacked by a herd of walkers: Paul used the occasion to earn the trust of his new jesuscomics2travel companions, and helped them kill the attackers and secure the area for the rest of the night. It was only a day and a half later, however, that Paul revealed to Rick that he had already freed himself of his ties, and that he had never been truly their prisoner: he told him he was testing them on their way to the Colony, and that they had passed the test. Surprised, Rick finally started trusting Jesus. They arrived in the Colony just as Gregory was attacked by one of his own, Ethan, who was acting under Negan’s orders in order to have back a friend of his, Crystal; Rick intervened, saved Gregory and killed Ethan, but at that point Jesus was forced to tell him everything about The Saviors. Surprisingly enough, Rick offered to kill The Saviors in exchange of half of the Hilltop’s supplies if they did it. Paul accepted the proposal on behalf of Gregory, and offered his help and knowledge. Finally, he had found some allies for his people to stand up to Negan and The Saviors.

Paul “Jesus” Monroe is a smart and resourceful man, a quick-thinker who proves to be also a great tactician and a wise advisor. Characterised by a strong morality, Paul is always the first one to speak for what is right, and to condemn wrong doings, and his caustic sense of humor actually hides a serious nature and a reflective mind, able to analyze any situation the best way possible in the shortest time possible. A survivor born, Jesus is also a proficient martial artist and swordsman, and also a remarkable horse-rider and escape artist, able to come out even from the most desperate situation. A man like Paul Monroe, in the post-apocalypse world, is the most precious of allies, and the worst thinkable enemy: among friends or foes, better to be on the right side with him.



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