Everett Kenneth Ross

Everett RossAfter so much speculation, Martin Freeman‘s mystery role in Captain America: Civil War has been revealed…and it appears that many guessed it right, as he turns out to be portraying Everett K. Ross, the one who in the comics serves as escort to “particular” diplomats in the United States. In the movie his role will apparently be a little bit different, as he’ll be a member of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, a Government agent deeply connected to the superheroes’ world (his role is supposed to be “dampening” the superhuman community’s power), but ambiguous enough to make his true allegiance uncertain. Waiting to see what the British actor will bring to the character, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

Not much is known about Everett Ross’ early life; as a child, he was close to his grandfather, nicknamed (or named) Sundance, but nothing else is known about his family. As an adult, he dated a girl named Nikki Adams, and he obtained a job as an employee at the U.S. State Department. Everett’s job was to escort foreign diplomats on American soil, a job that proved to be less boring, and definitely much more dangerous, than it seemed. His first “peculiar” task was to escort the representatives of the Savage Land, the lord of the jungle Ka-Zar and his queen Shanna. While Ka-Zar knew the “civilzed” society and how to move in American cities, everything was new for Shanna on the opposite, and she had to get used to the strnage habits of people outside the prehistoric jungle she lived in…if that wasn’t enough, the couple had brought along a friend from the Savage Land, a huge sabre-toothed tiger named Zabu, who made it all the more difficult for Ross to guide the delegation around. As difficult as escorting Ka-Zar and his companions could be, however, that was nothing compared to the assignment that changed forever Kenneth’s life: when King T’Challa from Wakanda arrived in the States to visit New York City, Ross was the one appointed to be his guide, a moment that marked the beginning of one of the man’s most durable and weird friendships ever, and also one of the most difficult and dangerous times in his life. First of all, T’Challa didn’t arrive everettrosscomics1alone, as he was accompanied by his attendants and bodyguards Nakia, Okoye and Zuri: the first impossible mission for Everett Ross was to squeeze them all in his two-seats convertible car, challenging the very laws of physics. T’Challa, moreover, was radically different from all the heads of State Ross had ever known, and had weird requests: instead of the usual luxurious hotel, he preferred to spend his time and his nights in a housing project, and wanted to try street food and takeaway rather than eating in five-star restaurants. All this changes to his usual routine disoriented Ross, who had to reinvent himself and his work in order to meet the king’s desires. The worst had yet to come, as a street punk named Manuel Ramos stole Ross’ identification while he was accompanying the Wakandan delegation. Everett needed to retrieve it…and Black Panther and his entourage offered to accompany him.

Everett Ross and the Wakandans tracked Manuel down to a local strip club…where the cultural differences between the delegation and the locals arose in the worst way possible, as Zuri was involved in a brawl that ended up engulfing the entire place, Ross included. At the end of the night, Black Panther, Everett Ross and the three bodyguards ended up arrested, and for some mysterious reason Everett was missing his pants. Freed due to diplomatic immunity, Ross came back to the housing project with Zuri, who was trying to teach him the history of Wakanda, while Black Panther led investigations on his own (a scandal involving Tomorrow Fund was the only reason he was in the States for). The man T’Challa was investigating on, Achebe, had sold his soul to the demon Mephisto…the same demon that came knocking to the house project’s door, and who was “welcomed” by Everett, who was, much to his discomfort, tasked with entertaining him until the Black Panther returned. When the devil, unexpectedly moved to pity, conjured some pants for Everett to replace the ones he had lost, the man became frightened, believing he had everettrosscomics2sold his soul for the trousers. Mephisto reassured him: he only collected pure souls, and since Ross worked in Washington D.C., he had nothing to worry about. Anyway, Everett was truly relaxed only when Black Panther returned and engaged the demon in battle: Mephisto transported both the king and Everett to Hell, where the battle continued, and T’Challa managed to defeat the demon and to free both himself and Ross from his dimension thanks to the help of Bast, the Panther God he was consecrated to. If surviving a trip to Hell wasn’t enough, Kenneth was later involved also in an all-out battle between Black Panther and Kraven the Hunter, as well as in an unexpected meeting between the Wakandan king and his former teammates, the Avengers. The many adventures they shared, however, strenghtened the strange bond between Everett Ross and T’Challa, and when the latter risked to lose his kingdom due to a coup organised by Achebe and Erik Killmonger, Ross agreed to accompany him back to his country to help him. Everett’s adventures had only begun…

Everett Ross is a perfectly normal man, dragged into totally abnormal situations. A skilled diplomat with a law degree obtained in Oxford, following his time with T’Challa Ross has become America’s greatest expert on Wakanda, knowing its history, costumes and even language, and being proficient in the use of its futuristic technology. His weird relationship with T’Challa evolved in a strong friendship, and the king trusts him so much that he even made him regent of Wakanda during his absence, once. A loyal friend and a trustworthy professional, Everett Ross does his best to survive his friend’s every day life…not an easy task when you’re friends with a king superhero.


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