Grant Wilson (Ravager)

ravagerfilmTime to see who the main villain in last week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow was. In Star City 2046, the team of time travelers is stranded in a dystopian future, where Deathstroke conquered Star City with an army of his own, cut off Green Arrow‘s arm forcing him to self-exile, and rules now as the undisputed leader of the city. This Deathstroke is not the original one, but rather his son, Grant Wilson, portrayed by Jamie Andrew Cutler. Grant apparently idolizes his father to the point of donning his same masked identity, and is skilled enough to defeat both Green Arrow and his successor, Connor Hawke, in duel (albeit it’s still uncertain how he managed to conquer an entire city with just the skills showed in the episode). The comics version is pretty similar, but he has a totally different storyline….and he’s never gone by the name “Deathstroke”. Let’s see together.

Grant Wilson was the son of military hero Slade Wilson and his wife and comrade in arms, Adeline Kane. As long as he could remember, he grew up with his mother only, and with his little brother Joseph: his father, in fact, was often away on missions in far countries, and he seldomly was home. Despite this, Grant idolized his father, and the fact that the man was always missing only increased his unrealistic admiration for him. When a mercenary known as Jackal kidnapped Joseph, Slade and Adeline left together to hunt for him, and the man’s actions led to the boy having his throat slit, becoming mute for his whole life: enraged at her husband, Adeline first tried to kill him, then divorced from him. From that moment, Grant never saw his father again, and Adeline did her best not to mention him again. Grant, however, missed his father, and refused to believe the bad things Adeline said about him: wanting to be like him, he attended military school, emerging as one of the best recruits ever. Pretty ironically, ravagercomics1during his time in the military school Grant developed a true worship for the legendary mercenary Deathstroke the Terminator…without knowing he was actually his father Slade, who had become superhuman after some illegal experiments. When he finished school, instead of coming back home, Grant ran away and started living on his own in New York City, joining the local street gangs. He met a girl, Carol Sladky, and he started dating her…although he wasn’t exactly the most faithful of boyfriends, much to Carol’s (understandable) upset. Despite the plain flaws of this relationship, Grant and Carol managed to stay together someway, at least until something quite unexpected happened: the young man’s apartment was raided by a hostile alien race, the Gordanians, who were on the pursuit of superheroine Starfire, hidden nearby. The Teen Titans managed to repel the aliens and to avoid them to hurt Grant or his girlfriend, but for Carol that was the final drop, and she finally decided to break up with Grant. Heartbroken, Grant swore revenge against the Teen Titans.

When Wonder Girl and Starfire dragged away a nearly violent Grant Wilson from Carol’s apartment, this was the final drop for him: he had been contacted while still in the army by the secret association H.I.V.E., offering him to join them. Wilson, albeit interested, always refused…but his newborn vendetta against the Titans gave him the good reason to enter H.I.V.E., and to allow its scientists to make experiments on him in order to make him superhuman. Grant asked H.I.V.E. to be made just like his idol, Deathstroke, something that the organization gladly did, experimenting on him until they managed to give him abilities similar to Deathstroke’s. Actually, Grant had his natural skills increased by 100%, opposed to Deathstroke’s 90%. What Grant believed to be a power-up was actually a flaw, since his powers were highly unstable, and his body couldn’t handle them. Calling himself Ravager, Grant attacked the Teen Titans, managing to fight them on equal ground…until he was interrupted by Deathstroke himself. The mercenary didn’t identify himself as Ravager’s father, albeit he knew far too well that his son Grant was under the ravagercomics2mask, and had come to warn him about the instability of his powers. Ravager, battle-thirsty, didn’t listen to him, and kept fighting the Titans; hoping to save him, Deathstroke allied with him. As the battle heated up, however, Ravager started resenting of the experiments’ side effects, and his body eventually gave up, totally consumed by the eccessive energies he now disposed of. Grant collapsed, and died in his father’s arms (this turned out to be H.I.V.E.’s original plan: enraged, Deathstroke joined H.I.V.E. to exact his revenge on the Titans, exactly the same result the secret organization was hoping for). Even the grave wasn’t meant to be a definitive end for Ravager, however: years later, the Titans’ new nemesis, the ninth incarnation of Brother Blood, used his magic to resurrect Grant Wilson as a minion, putting him in charge of guarding Kid Eternity. Ravager had finally the chance to face the Teen Titans without worrying about a failing body…at least as long as Blood kept him away from the grave.

Grant Wilson is a hot tempered and impulsive young man, with quite a difficult relationship with his father, whom he both idolizes as his hero and despises for his absence, and a deep admiration for the mercenary Deathstroke, not knowing that his two idols are one and the same. As Ravager, he possesses enhanced strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and durability; he also has full access to his brain capabilities, as well as possessing a regenerative healing factor that makes him impervious to most damage, aging and poisons included. Even without his superpowers (which are, by the way, killing him), he’s a formidable combatant, an expert in the use of any firearms, a great martial artist and a proficient swordsman. Despite Ravager thinks of himself as an upgraded version of Deathstroke, he still has a long way to go to reach the mercenary’s level…but his hasty attitude may prevent him from reaching it at all.



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